A Trustworthy TGPersonals Review 

For years transgender individuals have experienced what could be called segregation in the dating industry. There have been sites for all the other people of different sexual orientations, but transgender dating websites were few, and the existing ones did not offer the great online dating experience they were supposed to. 

This is until reputable platforms like TGPersonals sprung up and changed the dating prospects of transgender individuals. For once, transgender individuals are able to meet and interact with like-minded people without getting judged. TGPersonals has made this possible. In this review of TGPersonals, great aspects of this platform will be highlighted. So what is TGPersonals.com?

What Is TGPersonals?

TGPersonals is a completely free dating platform for transgender individuals. Mike Kasper, a resident of New York, founded TGPersonals, and his unpleasant experience as a transgender person is what inspired this. He faced bullying and humiliation when he was in college after his dating preferences became public knowledge. The harassment went on even outside the campus, and this strongly prompted him to come up with a safe online platform for transgender people so that they could be themselves and not get bullied because of who they are.

Such strong conviction prompted the launching of the TGPersonals dating site in 1999, and since its launch, the site has grown in leaps and bounds. The site offers free services, and users can access all the features without paying a dime. In this TGPersonals.com review, all questions about this site will be answered, and all features will be reviewed. Every doubt will be quelled, and by the time you sign up, you will know exactly what to expect and how to enjoy the features and have the best online dating experience as a transgender person. 

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The Pros And Cons Of TG Personals Dating Site 

Here are the pros and cons of TGPersonals.com

The Pros 

  • TGPersonals is completely free to use.
  • It has a user-friendly and simple interface perfect for users who are not tech-savvy.
  • The platform offers members various ways to interact with one another, and even though it was initially created for transgender people, you will still meet other people of various sexual orientations here. 
  • The TGPersonals website is responsive and can be accessed via mobile devices, making it easy to use the platform on the go. 
  • You can send unlimited messages to people you like for free since all users are free users and with unlimited access to all available features.
  • The site also offers the “crush list”, where they can add all the users they like on a match list, making it easier to identify the ideal partner.
  • TGPersonals have a very efficient filtering feature that helps every user meet the kind of partner they prefer. They can even view as many photos as they want to of other users. 

The Cons 

  • There is no way to prove the users’ authenticity because the users of the site are not verified before entering the site. No registration or verification is needed 
  • The platform lacks the voice call or video call feature
  • The platform shares the users’ database with other sites. 

Overall TGPersonals Rating

Quality Matches8.7/10
Ease Of Use9.8/10
Support 9.5/10

Is TGPersonals Legit? 

TGPersonals dating site happens to be one of the oldest transgender dating sites. It has been in operation since 1999, and since then, it has been connecting transgender singles with their right partners. With its great number of transgender members and other interested parties, it is safe to say that this dating site is legit. A few scammers might exist, but this platform has managed to maintain its purpose and, therefore, genuinely connects people looking for love, long-term relationships, and fun.

Most users of this site are between the ages of 18-44, and the site boasts hundreds of thousands of users, making it possible for you to easily connect with the ideal partner. If you love casual sex, friendships, or one-night stands, this is the right platform. The perfect place to meet amazing transgender people. 

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What Is TGPersonals Registration Process 

So, how does TGPersonals work? The TGPersonals sign up process is easy. All you need is some basic information like your email address, display name, age, username, gender, and preferences. It is also important to indicate the sexual orientation of the partner you intend to meet. State the kind of relationship you need, whether it is friendship, sex, love, one-night stands, or roommates. 

You will also have the option to create a headline that will describe you and give anyone who comes across your profile an idea of the kind of person you are. After you are done filling up the information, you can then agree to the terms of service of the website by ticking the agree button, then enter a captcha, and your profile will go live. You will then need to verify your email address in order to successfully activate your account. 

Here are the steps to guide you to that easy sign-up. 

  • Visit TGpersonals.com and click on the “Register” just under the “Login” button. 
  • Enter the username, email address, and password that you will easily remember.
  • Write a headline that describes you in the “About Me” section of your profile. 
  • Next fill in the date of birth, gender, and the gender of the partner you wish to date, along with your zip code, country, and city. 
  • You can agree to the terms and conditions, enter a captcha and then select “register”.

After completing the signup procedure, you must verify your email for your account to be activated and you can access other profiles through q flawless TGPersonals log in. 

Some Interesting Facts About TGPersonals 

There are features and perks that make this transgender dating site unique, and they are as follows:

  • Site name: TGPersonals 
  • Average sign-up time: 3-5 minutes for completion of the whole signup process.
  • Paid or free: this transgender site is completely free with no premium membership. 
  • Gender proportion: the gender ratio of the site is actually equal since the profiles consist of both genders. The platform was created for the transgender or transsexual, but on the platform, you will find different sexual orientations like gay, lesbian and straight singles looking for love. 
  • Age Distribution: The users of the website are between 18-35 years, and the majority of the male users are between 24-44 years of age. 

Unique Facts And Figures Of Tgpersonals

  • TGPersonals was created in 1999 by Mike Kasper from New York with the aim of creating a platform for transgender people to connect. 
  • The platform boasts more than 200,000 members, with the majority of members from the United States and hundreds of log-ins and signups daily. 
  • TGpersonals has existed for more than two decades and offers one of the best experiences for members looking for casual dating opportunities and don’t want to pay anything, which explains why it is free.
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Are There Real Matches On Tgpersonals 

This is a site with an equal gender proportion and where both genders are available in equal numbers? According to numerous TGPersonals.com reviews, there are indeed real matches on TGpersonals. Even with the fact that it is free for all dating site with no dime required of the members, the platform has remained genuine, and most profile signups are actually real with real people behind them who want genuine love. 

Most members fill in real information because they want to find themselves the ideal partners. 

Though there are a few fake profiles, most members have relied on this platform for a long time to find hookups and there are many others who have found fulfilling long-term relationships on this site. The features and perks on this dating site remain free, and the platform continues to offer amazing connections for those seeking relationships with people of their preferred sexual orientations. 

Is TGPersonals Easy To Use?

This is an easy dating platform to use with very simple features such as the instant messaging feature, the favorite list feature, the amazing chat feature, and a very user-friendly interface. Signing up is easy and finding partners is a piece of cake too. You only need to write a compelling description of yourself in your profile and upload attractive photos. 

You can then easily check out the profiles of the partners you are interested in and even go through their photos. You can then create a favorites list where you add the profiles that have caught your attention and you find attractive.

There are no complicated features on this site to confuse you. Everything is very simple right from the sign-up process to the moment you link up with your partner. 

It is no doubt an easy-to-use platform that will give you a wonderful online dating experience. 

How Much Does TGPersonals Cost 

This is a free site with no charges, as was the intention of the creator, Mike Kasper. You only need to sign up for a TGPersonals account and create the most attractive of profiles. You will not need to pay to chat with anyone you are interested in. You will not need to pay anything to browse through profiles and all features are available to all members who are all free members. There is nothing like premium members on the TGPersonals dating site. It is free for all site that offers great experiences. 

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Are There Any Free Features In TGPersonals?

All the features in TGPersonals are free, and they are as follows: 

  • Free profile customization 
  • Free advanced search tool 
  • Free chat feature 
  • The blog feature 
  • The photo gallery feature 

All members on this site are equal and you don’t need to pay anything to access any special features. 

Free Profile Customization 

TGPersonals dating site offers the option for every member to write their profile according to their needs. They can upload photos and put as much information as they want to reveal about themselves and the kind of partner they require. It is up to every member to write whatever they want to allow others who might be interested to make contact and begin the desired relationship. 

Free Advanced Search Tool 

TGPersonals narrows down search results when members make searches through options like education, location, body type, hair type, ethnicity, and so on. This is why during profile creation members are encouraged to put as much information about themselves as possible. This is to make it easy for the search tool to match you up with the ideal partner according to your preferences. 

Free Chat Feature 

Making contact after meeting someone you like is important because it helps fire up the chemistry between the two of you. The free instant messaging chat feature makes communication easy. The beauty of this feature is that members can use it even before being matched with anyone. You can chat up with anyone you are interested in and decide how the conversation goes. 

The Blog Feature 

TGPersonals site has this free blog feature where members have the space to express themselves through writing blog posts. The posts could be in question and answer form or just a story about how they find TGPersonals or just what kind of partner they want. The blog feature allows those who would to say something to say it, and it also has the option for other members to respond to posts. 

The Photo Gallery Feature 

This is another feature that is amazing and gives members such a wholesome experience of viewing those hot, sensual, and sexual images. There are GIFs in this section too, and members are able to view the images and choose the profiles that they like. Anyone can access this feature and get to enjoy some good eye candy. 

TGpersonals FAQ

TGPersonals Customer Support 

Despite this site being free in every aspect, the site runs well thanks to efficient customer support. You can always contact them when you encounter any issues that you feel need to be addressed. There are also questions and answers to help users with their issues, and if your issue happens not to be addressed in the question and answer section then you can always contact the customer support team, who will always respond to your issues. 

The customer support team of TGPersonals also works hard to ensure the smooth running of the site ensuring that all fake profiles, suspicious activities, and scammers are stopped. The site has remained legit since 1999 to date thanks to their efforts 

The customer support is effective and is always ready to help TGPersonals users in any way, and when fake profiles are reported, they are immediately dealt with. 

Is TGPersonals Worth It? 

This transgender dating platform was first operated in 1999, and since then, it has brought joy and amazing online dating experiences to transgender people and others of different sexual orientations. The website might be a bit behind the times in design wise, but it is straightforward and easy to use with a great population of eager users willing to mingle and form new relationships. 

There is also a TGPersonals app version that is available for both iOS users and Android users, and this makes it easy to access the platform on the go. The site offers a great experience, and the truth about TGPersonals is that it is worth signing up for.


Are There Fake Profiles On TGPersonals?

Just like with all online dating sites, fake profiles will always exist, and this platform is no exception. There are many profiles that are inactive, and there are profiles that have scam intentions. Still, the majority of the profiles are genuine, with real people behind them. The platform gives warnings to its users about the romance scam artists who are, in reality, criminals looking for a gullible TGPersonals member. 

There is actually a warning about sending anyone money or any personal information. 

Is TGPersonals Just A Hookup Site?

Well, on this platform, a lot of hookups happen, so it is safe to say that it is a hookup site. Still, many users have managed to find partners here where they have had meaningful long-term relationships. It is an amazing platform for people of all sexual orientations and a great place to meet someone not only for hookups but for a serious relationship.

Is TGPersonals Free?

TGPersonals is a free site with all free features and no premium subscriptions. Many users have taken advantage of the free amazing features to make their online dating experience special. It is indeed free for all and free-feature transgender site with an amazing experience. With no TGPersonals subscription, it is absolutely free.

Is TGPersonals Safe?

This platform is as safe as most dating sites. The site management has taken measures to ensure the safety of its members by encouraging users to report any suspicious activity or suspicious profiles. However, safety begins with users, and it is always up to the user to ensure that they protect themselves by not giving out too much information to people they just met online. Take time to know someone and establish a relationship before sharing any personal information with them.

Is TGPersonals A Good Dating Site?

So is TGPersonals good? TGPersonals is a great dating site because everything is free, and the users are many. The experience according to numerous TGPersonals reviews by actual users, this site has been a source of joy, great relationships, hookups, and long-term relationships that led to many happily ever afters.


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