Trustworthy TasteBuds Review

For many people, music, and sex is more than simply a hobby, it is a way of life that requires time, energy, and excitement. Obviously, many people wish to meet companions who match their aims and interests, and many singles struggle to locate like-minded people who share their love of music.

TasteBuds is an adult online hookup service where members may look for sex partners among music aficionados based on their region. Sexy girls have the option of viewing only the profiles of people in their area, or they may browse all member profiles on the site. Several TasteBuds reviews state that it is a useful adult hookup site where musicians and music fans alike may find sex partners and other kinks.

This adult hookup service has been in business for over ten years and brings together the most skilled and talented artists with exceptional musical taste. It is also worth noting in this TasteBuds review that this adult hookup platform offers its members a variety of search tools to help them find potential companions. Furthermore, TasteBuds users may discover sexual partners using geolocation, which is beneficial when riding a bicycle, for example. This review will go over all of the benefits of this adult hookup site as well as the truth about TasteBuds. So, if you enjoy music and sex and want to learn more about this sex community, stay reading.

What Is TasteBuds?

What is It is the web’s largest specialty site for fetish adult sex dating, with a focus on music as well as sexual proclivities. Dating is an important component of this adult website, and you will undoubtedly meet like-minded individuals, sex partners, kink parties, and so on.

In this review of TasteBuds, it is worth noting that this adult app is operated by a reliable company, Tastebuds Media Ltd. The company’s creators attempted to join people who are dissatisfied with the typical “vanilla” relationship and want to broaden their sex life, and this topic is just what you need. Because the word “music fan” refers to a communal phenomenon, the topic encompasses a wide range of topics.

An important aspect of thematic relations is psychology and sexuality. Thus, the different types of role-playing games associated with music are very diverse. For those who no longer have new thematic relationships, the so-called practical topics, there is a great opportunity to discuss with the same experienced users the aspects of applying various practices. For convenient communication, the site has a TasteBuds forum and personal user diaries. In addition, you can share photos of actual TasteBuds sessions in the private photo gallery. Also, once a day, each user can use the unique feature “Message Bomb” for free. This feature gives a great opportunity to send your favorite music video to the sexy chick she likes. It’s like rating photos on other adult hookup sites, only more advanced and efficient. Since the users of this adult hookup site are real music lovers, when your musical tastes match, real matches are quickly formed.

TasteBuds main page

Also in this review, it is worth noting that registration and all the main features are completely free, which makes this adult site even more attractive for every TasteBuds member. As with other top adult platforms, in addition to the free services, there is an excellent opportunity to upgrade your membership to a premium one. The “Backstage Pass” service allows send and receive private messages, remove ads, visit profiles anonymously, and hide your online status. The cost of a “Backstage Pass” varies depending on its duration and starts from 5.00 USD/month.

From many reviews, it became known that this adult platform has an excellent mobile app for iOS devices. You can download it for free on the App Store, an app size of 68.3 MB. It is also worth noting that the TasteBuds app has a rating of 4.2 out of 5, which confirms the fact that most sexy users are satisfied with its quality and usability.

Pros and Cons of the TasteBuds Dating Site

  • Free and fast signup;
  • Private mailboxes and messenger;
  • Excellent reputation;
  • All members have instant access;
  • Superb profile offer technology;
  • Modern interface;
  • Top-notch usability;
  • Many positive reviews;
  • A set of tools and functions for communication;
  • Сheap prices.
  • Available only for iOS devices, an Android app is under development.

Overall TasteBuds Rating

Value for price9.1/10.0
Quality of member9.3/10.0
Ease of use9.1/10.0
Customer satisfaction8.9/10.0

Is TasteBuds Legit?

This is a superb legit adult service where you may discover the ideal partner for your sexual desires and other preferences. According to several reviews, this is also intended to keep you secure online. This is one of the few adult hookup sites that you should utilize since it is risk-free. Tastebuds Media Ltd. handcrafted with love by musicians in London, the UK has been running this adult site for many years and has a good reputation among both specialists and regular users. As a consequence, accessing this pornographic site is both safe and legal cause all rights are reserved.

What Is The Registration Process?

Members of this adult site are encouraged to sign up for a free TasteBuds account to join the site. TasteBuds sign up is easy and takes a couple of minutes. You can sign up quickly using your Facebook account or Google account. Also, to create an account, you need to fill in the following fields:

  • Email;
  • username;
  • Password;
  • City;
  • Gender;
  • Age.

Once completed, check the box that you’ve read and agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Then click the “See your music matches” button. Next are optional fields such as your payment, photo, etc, which you can skip, or fill in later.

To determine possible matches, free site members can use many complex search options such as hair color, ethnicity, age range, and state. They can also search for possible matches based on personal information such as location, gender, and relationship status. Members of the free site can also read other members’ success stories to learn about other members who are looking for sexual obsessions and other quirks.

Every TasteBuds member can create a free account and create a profile to showcase their looks and hobbies. Site members can use the site’s social media features to promote themselves and their personal information to potential partners. Site users can also receive email notifications of new posts and can use the site’s messaging system to communicate with potential partners.

TasteBuds features

Some Interesting Facts About TasteBuds 

  1. Site Name:;
  2. Average Sign-up: under 5 mins;
  3. Paid or Free: the site is partially free, premium features are paid;
  4. Paid Membership Pricing: $5.00 per month;
  5. Unique facts and figures:
  • This website is operated in the UK. by Tastebuds Media Ltd.;
  • The site was founded in 2010;
  • Over 5 million + messages are sent on average every day;
  • Type of site: online dating service, social network service;
  • A good mix of people seeking interracial hookups and other kinks.

Are There Real Matches on TasteBuds?

Members of the TasteBuds dating website are offered a number of options and tools to help them locate real sex partners based on their fetish interests. Sexy girls and guys are welcome to use their free membership tier to access the site and their member profiles. Members can also use sophisticated search parameters to find potential mates based on personal information like relationship status, race, age, and hair color. They may also use the site’s email system to send messages to potential partners.

Users can also purchase a premium membership to access more genuine matches. Members of the site get access to a range of benefits, including first access to new hookup matches, access to all videos, 24/7 help, and so on. It’s also worth noting that all paying users are always listed first in user contacts, enhancing the chances of a real match.

Is TasteBuds Easy To Use?

How does TasteBuds work? Most people are drawn to it because it is so simple to use. This adult hookup site has also been translated into 10 other languages, allowing everyone to understand how it works. So, if you’re looking for the highest quality substance, you should absolutely go with

As soon as you TasteBuds log in for the first time, you’ll know which features are best for using this sex hookup app. You may change the previously selected settings at any time in both the PC version and the great mobile app. If you’re looking for sex obsessions, you can include this relationship type in your profile. With this adult hooku[ app, you may choose your friends and interests or go directly to your location.

How Much Does TasteBuds Cost? 

Here are the basic prices for a premium TasteBuds subscription.

Silver Membership

DurationCosts / MonthTotalSaving
1 Month10.00 USD10.00 USD
3 Months6.66 USD 19.98 USD33%
6 Months5.00 USD 30.00 USD50%

Are There Any Free Features? 

  • Send song;
  • Message Bomb; 
  • Get Lucky;
  • Searching Engine;
  • Icebreaker;
  • Filters.
TasteBuds app

Send Song

This one-of-a-kind, and absolutely free, the function allows users to share their favorite tunes with sexy girls or guys. This tool offers a wonderful opportunity to locate folks who share similar musical tastes and then plan hookup matches.

Message Bomb

This is another cool free feature that each member has access to once every day. The function works as follows: you choose one of the popular questions from the list, and it is immediately delivered to 8 gorgeous girlfriends chosen by the software based on your musical interests and location. Thus, this feature helps to start chatting with sexy girlfriends in a playful way, as well as the organization of the local sex hookups.

Get Lucky

This free feature offers you a random sexy user with a brief description of his/her musical preferences. You can write to him/her, rate pics, send a song, etc. With mutual sympathy, a match is formed.

Searching Engine

This adult hookup site was intended to assist you in finding someone who is suitable for you, whether you want to meet someone nearby or search for sex hookups. You may filter your results by age, gender, distance, and other criteria. Swiping up from the bottom of the screen on a smartphone allows you to access a person’s details. When using a desktop computer, you may view match information by clicking the arrow in the top left corner of the screen.


Make the most of your conversation starters by sending them as a group – even if you’re offline. tracks your preferences and only sends your icebreakers to people that fulfill your criteria.


Instead of requiring users to search manually, provides free easy filters (location, gender, and age) via which they will pick the individuals you will view. Using this function really aids in the first selection of applicants. Users rapidly acquire accustomed to the TasteBuds site and its simple action (grading a photo), and their use becomes a habit.

Customer Support

TasteBuds has created a “Help/FAQ” section where you can get answers to commonly asked questions and troubleshoot typical software difficulties. You may search for a specific question using the website’s search box, or you can browse the various entries that provide answers to inquiries. You may also contact the support team through email. Send a direct message to TasteBuds, explaining your situation as thoroughly as possible. The help page explains the features as well as other important information. The request may take anything from a few minutes to 24 hours to process.

TasteBuds FAQ

Is TasteBuds Worth It?

Tastebuds Media Ltd., the reliable company that operates this fantastic adult hookup site, has been doing so for more than 10 years. This is a wonderful venue for sex junkies since it gathers the entire music scene in one area. You will become a member of this large community by enrolling. You may be certain that it will be rewarding if you are a fan of music and sex.

This adult hookup app connects people who want to pay for sexual activities. Due to the wide membership base, you will come across role players who enjoy sex fun, love rock festivals, free sex, and the real punk lifestyle. It’s like entering a specialized industry, especially if you have a passion for one of the fetishes listed above. You can be as seductive or casual as you like. Whether you’re looking to find a partner or attend a music event, is the perfect place to start. You don’t have to do anything except register and create your TasteBuds account. Sign up and find a group of like-minded people to travel to the most driving music events, have sex outside, enjoy life, and rock it to the fullest.


Are There Fake Profiles on TasteBuds?

This is a reliable adult hookup site for serious people who love music and sex. Therefore, almost all profiles are real, which makes this platform one of the most popular among music fans from all over the world.

Is TasteBuds Just a Hookup Site?

Yes, this excellent adult platform concentrates on local sex encounters. You may develop a wide range of contacts and possibly locate a partner with whom to start a family with such a huge membership base. However, it should be highlighted that the vast majority of users are true sexaholics who like depravity, one-night stand, and other kinks.

Is TasteBuds Free?

TasteBuds app provides a plethora of helpful services, most of which are free. Free registration, a search bar, message sending, profile browsing, and other services are available. You may also use our adult resources in private mode on a regular basis, and all free services will be available to you. It's also worth mentioning that you can upgrade your basic membership; this service isn't cheap, but it comes with perks like VIP help, your profile always showing at the top of search results, and unlimited photo and video gallery browsing, among other things. When compared to the sophisticated choices provided, a premium subscription starts at $5.00 per month.

Is TasteBuds Safe?

We are certain that this is a secure and legitimate adult service with many years of successful online dating experience. Tastebuds Media Ltd. operates this secure Internet site and employs modern security methods to encrypt users' personal data, allowing users to be confident that any transactions conducted here are secure. Furthermore, the site contains a privacy statement that explains to you, as an individual, what information this adult hookup site collects and how that information may be used. TasteBuds also recommends that consumers read our Privacy Policy completely before using the Services. By using the Services, users acknowledge and agree that they have read, fully accept, and will be bound by this Privacy Policy.

Is TasteBuds a Good Dating Site?

Is TasteBuds good? In the adult industry, the site is considered a market leader. Visitor registration is swift, communication is active, and all conditions for a fun activity are in place. The platform's philosophy is similar to those of other similar businesses in that it helps organize actual meetings with sexual connections. As a result, it's safe to say that the TasteBuds website is an excellent dating resource.


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