SwapFinder Review – Everything You Should Know About It

Online dating has a lot of advantages. Just think, what options do you have to find a partner? Endless hangouts in cafes hoping that your soulmate will come and see you, long walks in the parks in search of love, or meetings on the street where people are in a hurry on their business… There is a much more convenient and faster way to find a lover. Thus, more and more people are turning to innovative dating sites. And today we will talk about one of these services. Ready to know all the truth about SwapFinder? Can it help you reach your dating goals? Let’s go into the matter!

What is SwapFinder.com?

Let’s start our ultimate guide answering a simple question “What is SwapFinder?” SwapFinder is more than a hookup site, it is a mecca of open-minded people who are not afraid to speak of their desires. This dating site was created for those whose sexual preferences are far from traditional. This is the favorite place of adventurous men and women who are tired of vanilla sex and want to get a new unforgettable experience in bed. The site is made for singles who crave hot thrills and polygamous couples looking for kinky parties. Moreover, SwapFinder is part of such well-known platforms as AdulfriendFinder and 99Falvor, so the site has gained great popularity across the world. It does not matter if you are straight or gay – you are bound to find someone to join you in bed!

How does SwapFinder work? Since the site is best for swingers, it’s obvious that you must be 18+ to use it. In general, SwapFinder works like other well-loved hookup sites. You have access to all the tools to reveal your deep sexual potential and find people who will share your intimate fantasies. All you need to do is register and personalize your account. Profiles contain information about your sexual preferences and physical characteristics. In addition, Swap Finder feels like a social network since you can post your private photos and videos. Those who prefer live sexual fun can watch video streams and join discussion groups. As you can see, there is everything to spark your sex life!

SwapFinder main page

Advantages and Disadvantages of SwapFinder Website

SwapFinder is good not only because it helps people satisfy their sexual desires. Many people choose this site because it provides more features than other hookup platforms. The platform has both pros and cons, and we are happy to tell you about them!


  • Lots of swinger couples
  • A large number of search options
  • Good for homosexual, heterosexual, transsexual, and transgender people
  • Supports many languages
  • Live streams
  • Hot discussion groups
  • Ability to share photos and videos and comment on them
  • Ability to hide your real name
  • Sex academy
  • Educational blogs
  • Kinky parties
  • Strict protective measures


  • Few features in free membership
  • Rare bugs and glitches in the mobile version

Overall Rating of SwapFinder Dating Website

It’s no secret that all decent dating websites have a high rating. But what about SwapFinder? Can it be called decent? We compared dozens of SwapFinder reviews and tested the site ourselves to come up with a fair rating.

Registration speed9.8/10
Match quality9.2/10
Ease of use9.5/10
Overall rating9.4/10

Is SwapFinder Legit?

SwapFinder is a trusted and legitimate site owned by Friend Finder Networks. This renowned company was founded in 1996 in the USA and is now one of the most widely-used sites in the world. Friend Finder Networks has headquarters in New York, Florida, California, and Taiwan and is officially licensed to provide adult entertainment and dating services. Therefore, SwapFinder is completely safe to use. Your data is securely protected, and the site has never even been hacked.

SwapFinder features

SwapFinder Sign-Up Process

If you want to start looking for sexual adventures as quickly as possible, SwapFinder is what you need. The service offers free and fast registration which will take you only about 5 minutes. Anyone who wants to create a SwapFinder account can easily cope with the registration process. Check it out now to save even more time later. Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Visit the SwapFinder.com home page.
  2. Select your search field in the registration form. You need to tell who you are and who you are looking for. There are quite a lot of options to choose from as the site accepts all genders. What’s more, you can mark as many categories as you want to get more matches.
  3. Indicate your age and location.
  4. 4Fill in the fields with your email, username, and strong password.
  5. Now, you can enter your marital status, sexual orientation, body type, and race, or simply skip this step.
  6. Finally, come up with a presentation title and a short bio, and complete the registration by confirming the link in your email.

As you can see, registration on SwapFinder does not require much of your effort. Although the site asks you to provide a minimum of information about yourself, it’s still better to fill in all the optional fields. Indeed, the more information you tell about yourself, the greater the likelihood that you will meet a suitable partner or a couple.

Fascinating Facts About SwapFinder Site

Each dating site has its own peculiarities. Developers do everything possible to create a unique brand that will attract millions of users. And SwapFinder may well surprise you. We have prepared some interesting facts about this site that you probably did not know.

  • The site has more than 110 million users from different parts of the world
  • Women post naughty photos even more often than men
  • Approximately 30 000 SwapFinder members are from the USA
  • The female to male ratio is 30:70
  • The average age of men is 35-45, while the majority of women are 25-35 years old
  • Every time you visit the site, there are at least 70 000 users online

Are Matches on SwapFinder Real?

We cannot avoid the possibility of fakes when it comes to popular hookup sites. However, SwapFinder has a rather large percentage of genuine profiles, so the likelihood that your match is real is very high. Moreover, site moderation promptly blocks users who violate the terms and conditions of the service. Every SwapFinder.com review claims that there are no fakes at all. But if you still come across such a profile, report it to the support service and ask for help. They will take the necessary measures, and you will not have any problems with this user again.

In addition to the high percentage of real profiles, it is worth noting their quality. Profile pages are not very informative but do not forget that we are talking about a hookup site. People use these platforms to find casual encounters, one-night stands, and polygamous relationships. So no one is interested about your education, cute pet names, or favorite books. Users want to know about your physical parameters, sex skills, and secret desires that they may share with you. And in this regard, SwapFinder profiles are just great.

Most accounts contain basic data about a person (age, location, gender, name, and physical appearance), a short bio, information about who the user is looking for, and of course, sexual preferences. Moreover, SwapFinder members love to not only watch but also post explicit photos – the number of naughty pictures is really great. Also, the service offers specially designed tests to determine your kink and the level of proficiency in one or another sexual skill.

SwapFinder page

SwapFinder Dating Site Usability

SwapFinder is similar to other dating sites in terms of its functionality. The main page is really attractive, it causes the desire to register on the site and hints at the polygamous nature of SwapFinder. The platform offers fairly clear and detailed instructions on how to join the community, so you can easily register.

After SwapFinder log in, you get to the home page where you have quite a lot of stuff to explore. But despite the fact that the site is a bit polluted in content, it is well-structured and easy to navigate. You immediately see your profile photo and all the options to set up your account. And the top bar contains the principal categories of the site:

  • Home page
  • Messages
  • Notifications
  • My staff
  • Search
  • Live action
  • Community
  • What’s hot

Each of these categories is well organized so you will not have any problems using SwapFinder’s features. Moreover, the site works well on different devices. Unfortunately, there is no SwapFinder app, but the mobile version of the site is even better. Thus, you can enjoy SwapFinder from your smartphone without downloading the app.

SwapFinder Cost

To enjoy SwapFinder to the fullest, you should pay for a premium membership. This will give you access to top features, such as instant messages, join contests, live streams, and more. But how much does a SwapFinder subscription cost? Let’s find out.

MembershipTermPrice per monthTotal priceSavings
Premium1 month$39.95$39.95
Premium3 months$26.95$80.8546%
Premium12 months$19.95$239.4050%
PointsCost per creditTotal Cost
200 credits$0.02$3.00
500 credits$0.01$6.00
1000 credits$0.01$10.00

What Features on SwapFinder Are Free?

SwapFinder is a paid site, but you can use it for free. However, there are certain limitations on the features that are available to free SwapFinder users. Of course, the top opportunities are offered to those who have paid for a premium subscription. But members with free accounts also have something to enjoy.

  • Account registration and customization
  • Hotlist
  • Likes and comments
  • Search filters
  • Hot or Not
  • Chatrooms
  • Groups
  • Blog posts

Account Registration and Customization

Since these features are free, you can try out the site and decide if it’s worth paying for a subscription. SwapFinder allows you to use its services with no profile photo and personal information, but it’s still better to personalize your account to spark the attention of users. Admit it, you are more willing to make contact with a person who posts their photos. Thus, you know that your interlocutor is real. What’s more, SwapFinder.com reviews show that users with the hottest profile photos are the most popular.


This is a very convenient feature for those who like to browse dozens or even hundreds of profiles every day. It allows you to “collect” users you like in order to interact with them later. Or you can add profiles to the list of your favorites so they do not get lost among millions of other hot ones.

Likes and Comments

You have a wonderful opportunity to view photos and videos of all SwapFinder members. This is a big advantage as the media content is really wild. Moreover, you can comment on photos and videos, thereby communicating with their owners. This is a great alternative to messages which available only to premium members. Our favorite likes are offered for free too. This is how you can hint to a SwapFinder member that you do not mind making love with them.

SwapFinder users

Search Filters

Advanced filters are available after upgrading your account. As long as you are browsing SwapFinder for free, you can use basic search filters. Thus, the site offers typical criteria such as location, age, gender, online users, and who you are looking for (men, women, couples, transgenders, etc.)

Hot or Not

This feature operates on the principle of swipes. Everything is simple. Swap Finder suggests user profiles that might suit your preferences and dating goals, and you tap the ‘✓’ or ‘x’ icons to confirm or reject the match. The Hot or Not feature works faster and more efficiently than regular search, so you can find a partner or a couple for a fiery swinger party in the shortest possible time.


Chatrooms on SwapFinder are open to the public. This means that you can join and participate in them without any restrictions. Just choose a room, meet other members, and discuss your sexual experience or any other hot issues. Chatrooms also differ in geographical settings. That is, you can join a chat in your area and find a threesome near you.


This is another kind of entertainment available to everyone. There are dozens of fascinating SwapFinder groups on various topics. You will surely find something for yourself no matter what kind of sexual desires and dreams you have. Moreover, the site offers a convenient search for groups based on your interests or topics. This is how you can familiarize yourself with polygamous sex culture if you are new to this kind of dating.

Blog Posts

SwapFinder blogs are similar to online journals where people share their hot life stories and impressions of various sexual adventures. Blogs are available to everyone without exception. You can write your own stories, and read and comment on the posts of other site members. This is not just a way to have a good time but also an opportunity to learn something new and acquire interesting kinky ideas to bring them to life in your bedroom.

Support Service

Users often have questions about the usage of a dating site and payment for its services. That is why high-quality support service is so important. SwapFinder cares about every member and never ignores user concerns. The support service solves all issues quickly and professionally. Moreover, those who have a premium membership can receive priority support help. A team of experienced technicians is available every day 24/7 to answer your questions.

In addition to everything else, the site offers an informative Help section with a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions. Feel free to use it to find solutions to your problems!

Is SwapFinder Good for You?

SwapFinder is a great place for those who love sex and are not shy about their desires. There is no room for vanilla lovemaking and banal wooing. SwapFinder members have specific sexual tastes and are looking for wild adventures, unforgettable experiences, and ways to get kinky with like-minded people. The site is best for straight and gay singles and couples looking for threesomes and fairy swinger parties. And SwapFinder provides all the means to fulfill the desires of its users – explicit photos and videos, live streams, groups, chatrooms, and much more. Feel free to join the SwapFinder community if you crave wild sexual fulfillment!


Are There Fakes on SwapFinder?

There are almost no fake profiles on SwapFinder. Site moderators check user accounts and block those who violate the rules.

Is SwapFinder Only a Hookup Site?

SwapFinder is best for finding hookups, one-night stands, and casual encounters. You are unlikely to meet people who use this site for building serious relationships or starting a family.

Is SwapFinder Free?

SwapFinder offers both paid and free memberships. If you want to use all the features of the site, you should pay for a premium subscription. You save 50% if you sign up for a 12-months package.

Is SwapFinder Safe?

SwapFinder is one of the safest online dating platforms for adults. The site protects its community in every possible way. The robust security system allows you to use SwapFinder without worrying about the safety of your data.

Is SwapFinder Worth It?

More than 110 million users confirm that the site is worthy and effective. If you want to find like-minded people who share your sexual fantasies, there is no better place than SwapFinder. You can learn everything about this site in our comprehensive review of SwapFinder.


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