7 Best Sugar Baby Apps

Most people are seeking partners for sex relationships on various adult hookup sites because this is the easiest and most effective way to find the right one. One of the growing types of relationships people are seeking online is adult sugar dating. Sugar dating is when a successful adult male “sugar daddy” is seeking young sexy “sugar baby” girls for hookups and other adult fun. In turn, these wealthy adult men become mentors of these hot chicks, give them gifts, and money, take them to resorts, etc.

In this review, we look at the top 7 adult hookup female sugar babies websites, their prices, rates, etc. We will also answer the most frequently asked questions to make it easier for you to find sexy babes for sex fun and other kinks.

Sugar Baby Apps


RichMeetBeautiful is one of the most easy-to-use adult hookup sugarbaby apps. With the RichMeetBeautiful adult hookup sugar baby app, you will have more choices. You can customize your profile, find your ideal sexy baby, chat, share pictures, and more. You will find a lot of fun attractive sugar baby profiles with this great adult hookup app. As for security, which is extremely important for rich and important people, we hasten to please you because this great adult hookup app is considered one of the best in this indicator. To be the best in terms of security, it uses 256-bit encryption, Amazon web services, and Norton by Symantec.

The main thing that sets RichMeetBeautiful apart from other similar adult hookup apps is that girls will be able to connect with the richest and the most successful men. Furthermore, this great adult hookup sugar daddy app has a good search feature to help you find your ideal sugar baby. Signup is free, like all basic features. It is worth noting that if you want to become a premium user, you can upgrade your account anytime you like. The service starts from $39.99 per month. By purchasing a premium membership, you get access to all advanced functions. So if you are seeking a really worthwhile, reliable adult hookup sugar babies app for finding the sexiest babes, then RichMeetBeautiful is a perfect choice.


  • Quick acquaintances;
  • Android and iOS applications;
  • User rating.


  • There are a lot of sketchy women on the site.


Membership/CreditsDuration/QuantityPrice per Month/One CreditTotal
Basic1 Month$69.99 $69.99 
Premium Bronze3 Months$59.99 $179.97 
Premium Gold6 Months$49.99 $299.94 
Premium Platinum12 Months$39.99 $479.88 
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WhatsYourPrice is one of the most popular adult hookup sugar daddy sites that serves as a matchmaking service for those who want a more “arranged” sugar relationship. Every sexy baby use WhatsYourPrice for two main reasons. Firstly, they want to meet adult successful mentors in an “arranged” situation, whether for marriage, the sharing of finances, living together, or anything else that would make it easy for life. Secondly, they want to meet a “match” for their lifestyle, i.e., someone seeking someone just like them.

The main benefit of using this great adult sugar baby site is choosing who you want to hook up with. A few minutes on WhatsYourPrice will show you how easy and quick it is to get a match from any of the site’s categories. You get to pick who you think will be the best match for you, and the same goes for the other party. It is a nice way to meet someone you can have fast flings or even start a serious relationship with quickly.

The majority of people are there to find mutually beneficial relationships. However, the more people sign up for the site, the more it changes, and you can now create your own family from within the site, which is a big benefit. Furthermore, you are given a great deal of help and advice when it comes to creating such connections. Either way, you get everything that you need. To sum up, we can claim that WhatsYourPrice has also become a part of the online dating scene with a fantastic matching system. Many people have become obsessed with this and use it to find dates with someone they know will be perfect for them.


  • Real profiles;
  • There are interesting features;
  • Powerful search algorithms;


  • The majority of functions are paid.


Membership/CreditsDuration/QuantityPrice per Month/One CreditTotal
Credits100$0.50 $50.00 
Credits1000$0.25 $250.00 


SecretBenefits is a well-known adult hookup sugarbaby site where rich men seek girls for money. Every sugar baby on the site is referred to as “Arrangement” and “Cup” You can sign up for free if you’re new to the site. You’ll get access to all the features and have to write a short bio. There are ways to earn credits, buy stuff, and talk to women. You can also do “private” chats.

You’ll get an email with instructions when you sign up for the site. You’ll be asked who you are and what you’re seeking on your profile. Then you’ll get a lot of messages from women who are interested in talking with you. When they do, they’ll ask you to write a letter describing what you’re seeking.

If you like someone, you can click on a button that says “wanna talk?” and they’ll get a message from you. When you get a message from someone interested in a date, you’ll also get a message from them and have to respond. There are two ways you can match with a sugar baby on this adult site. One is “like” a baby if she’s a good fit. Another is by looking at interests.

If you click on a baby’s pics you like and the right arrow button, you’ll see a list of girls who look like her, and you can click on one. In addition, you can search for a sugar baby by name or location. You can also use the “similar person” feature to find a woman who’s close in age. So, if you want to signup on to easy and effective adult sugar daddy app to find sugar daddies, then SecretBenefits is worth it.


  • A significant number of free features; 
  • The capability to pick a perfect partner;
  • Sharp design.


  • Many women don’t use proper English.


Membership/CreditsDuration/QuantityPrice per Month/One CreditTotal
Credits100$0.59 $59.00 
Credits500$0.34 $169.00 
Credits1000$0.29 $289.00 
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EstablishedMen is a very popular adult hookup website for young singles. On EstablishedMen, users can find “new friends” who may or may not be a match for them based on mutual “likes” and interests. This great adult site also allows users to message and chat with other users to talk about their favorite interests, hobbies, etc.

The website features many social media-like apps for sugar babies, including a news feed, chat rooms, blogs, social media pages, and photo albums. The user profile page also includes a location, favorite books, interests, education, age, and a list of people that have contacted them. Users are also allowed to add friends to the website. The user profile page also includes a blog, as well as a “personal message” function that allows users to message and chat with others. The website allows members to add videos and links to personal pages on YouTube. The users can also post about their profile on a member’s “news” feed.

This great adult hookup site has an algorithm that can recommend who one should talk to based on their interests. The algorithm also suggests new friends that are most likely matched based on the users’ interests and other information, such as physical appearance and age. Users can browse various “profiles,” but only with the approval of the owners of the profile. The users also must accept the terms and conditions before they can “register.”

A “community” on the website includes a message board. The message board can also contain questions about anything, ranging from relationships to relationships. One of the more popular features on the site is the “date a sugar daddy” feature. This feature allows a baby to send her own photos and messages to a potential male sugar daddy to try to get him to invest in her. Many women advertise the fact that they are seeking a sugar daddy on EstablishedMen.


  • Easy way to find rich men for sex hookups;
  • No fees or hidden costs;
  • A friendly, welcoming community.


  • The service is a little expensive.


Membership/CreditsDuration/QuantityPrice per Month/One CreditTotal
Intro1 Month$79.00 $79.00 
Executive3 Months$49.00 $147.00 
First Class1 Year$25.00 $300.00 


Elitesingles is one of the best adult sugar baby apps in the world. This spot is perfect for a sugar baby who is seeking a long-term relationship with a rich man. In the dating industry, EliteSingles is widely considered to be one of the most visited elite adult sugar babies websites, with 381,000+ new users monthly. This great adult hookup site was launched many years ago and is still gaining momentum. Today, the platform includes various features designed to make it easier to browse and find the perfect match.

EliteSingles also allows people to share their experiences and learn from them. With an active forum where individuals can chat with each other, the platform provides a free zone for communication and an opportunity for meeting others who share similar interests. EliteSingles users can access the features when they create their profiles and when they log in. The website also has a chat room that you can access when you want to communicate with other singles. If you are seeking other single people to date, EliteSingles has a dating community where you can share your interests with others who are in the same position as you.


  • Great user experience;
  • 24/7 support;
  • The app is easy to use.


  • No mobile app for iOS.


Membership/CreditsDuration/QuantityPrice per Month/One CreditTotal
Light3 Months$37.95 $113.85 
Classic6 Months$21.95 $131.70 
Comfort1 Year$19.95 $239.40 
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SeekingArrangement is a personal business and popular adult sugar baby site that connects wealthy people with financially tight singles and helps them keep their “bad boy” reputation in check. So how exactly does the CEO and staff do it? They have an attractive model for what they say their service can do for others. First, the company allows singles to apply as independent potential matchmakers.

Once accepted to this adult sugar babies site, you can use a series of profile questions to help adult sugar babies dating site SeekingArrangement learn everything about what rich dads love, from their personal habits to their personality and favorite food. After that, you can browse hundreds of members to find the right baby who’s for you. According to CEO Brandon Wade, users can usually find dates within 24 to 48 hours. This is one of the best results among all adult hookup sites. If both parties wish to keep the agreement, SeekingArrangement will work with them to find the best solution.

The profile section of the website is the same as many other similar adult dating services. The vast majority of participants are young sexy girlfriends who dream of luxurious life and want to find mentors who can make their dream come true. When it comes to the men who use this adult hookup site, it’s all about the money. They don’t want commitment, they want a short-term fling with the sexiest babes, and they’re willing to pay handsomely for it.

Seeking Arrangement has one more thing that most other dating sites don’t offer. He will match you with someone on your terms. The site works on the principle of “match”. Once the successful daddy fills in the information, the program will match it with the sugar baby it thinks he’ll be compatible with.


  • There are thousands of potential matches;
  • Lots of features and options;
  • Easy to sign up.


  • Expensive.


Membership/CreditsDuration/QuantityPrice per Month/One CreditTotal
Premium1 Month$99.99 $99.99 
Premium3 Months$89.99 $269.99 
Diamond1 Month$249.99 $249.99 


SecretBenefits is an adult hookup sugar babies website that facilitates introductions between people of the opposite sex who desire to form mutually beneficial sex or other kink relationships. As a member of sugar dating sites, you will have the possibility to introduce yourself to someone else in a casual setting and have the ability to find out if that person is interested in real sex hookups you outside of this adult website. You can view pictures, messages, and profiles of other Members of SecretBenefits. This great adult site has 40 million+ users from more than 130 countries, so you can easily find your perfect sugar baby.

To make introductions with a sugar baby on this adult hookup site, you must first make a profile and create a user name and password (more info about how to do this is available when you are logged into an official website). Members will be notified of introductions they receive based on mutual interest. In addition to introducing yourself to potential new friends via the website, you may also be able to introduce your friends to our site. Members of this sugar babies application may be able to contact your friends and acquaintances, and if they are interested in learning more about you, you will be able to contact them through this great adult hookup website.


  • Unique match algorithm;
  • Perfect reputation.


  • There is no possibility of becoming a VIP member.


Membership/CreditsDuration/QuantityPrice per Month/One CreditTotal
Credits100$0.59 $59.00 
Credits500$0.34 $169.00 
Credits1000$0.29 $289.00 


In conclusion, it is worth adding that thanks to the top adult hookup sugar baby websites that we have presented in this review, every sugar daddies has an excellent capacity to find her ideal dad. The main advantage of best sugar daddy apps is that everyone here clearly understands why they are here and is always ready for a mutually beneficial relationship. Therefore, everyone gets what they want, suger daddies get the sexiest girlfriends, and girls get gifts, money, etc., for communicating with these men.


What Is the Best App for Sugar Babies?

In this review, we have reviewed the top 7 sugar baby adult hookup apps. Therefore, you can be sure that by choosing any adult hookup site from the list, you will be satisfied with the result.

Can You Be a Sugar Baby Online Only?

Theoretically, this is possible because there are those daddies who love the virtual sex, but it is worth noting that their percentage is minimal. Therefore, it is better to be a full-fledged sugar baby in order to get the maximum profit from this relationship.

What App Do Sugar Babies Get Paid?

WhatsYourPrice pays every sugar daddies for a date with daddy. The cost of a date is negotiated personally, so it may vary.

What's a Normal Allowance for a sugar daddies?

There is no definitive answer to the issue of "how much allowance do newborns get," although most babies require between $2,000 and $6,000. And it's unusual to come across a sugar daddies who demands more than, say, $8,000 each month.

Can I Be a Sugar Baby Without Meeting?

The first time you chat on adult hookup sugar baby sites, you can be a sugar babies without a rally. As time goes on, your mentor will probably want to meet all the "things" in real life, so you should decide whether to end your relationship at the stage of online dating or continue it in real life.


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