SpiritualSingles Review – Updated Info (2022)

SpiritualSingles is an amazing place to explore new sexual frontiers. SpiritualSingles.com reviews indicate that this great sex platform has a place to be in demand and reliable. Referring to verified SpiritualSingles reviews, the following hookup service is a good dating site for all horny adults who consider themselves to be the hottest and sexiest. Moreover, the review of SpiritualSingles has a good effect on its adult users and helps to set up a perfect one-night stand.

SpiritualSingles dating site accepts all kinds of hookups from old to young, gay, straight, and much more. What matters is how SpiritualSingles users accept the terms of use of this unparalleled adult site.

Is SpiritualSingles good? Many adult users love the dating site for its excellent all-inclusive benefits. Therefore, we need to take a look at what the site had to offer. This unique hookup site is geared towards bringing together those who are deeply interested in spirituality, sexually conscious lifestyle, and creating positive emotions through the use of the SpiritualSingles dating website.

What is SpiritualSingles.com?

If your goal is to fuck someone in the virtual space, then check out our trusted SpiritualSingles site review to see what the website has to offer. From the cost of a site to its features, we compare everything to see if a site is truly worth it.

What is SpiritualSingles? This is a great and high-quality dating website that has been around for many years. The general opinion about the service has changed over time. SpiritualSingles website has a very high score and its adult users are thrilled with the changes they have made to update the site. Professional developers made the platform more modern, easy to use, and comfortable to have everyday hookups.

How does SpiritualSingles work? Users love that the site puts so much emphasis on match compatibility. Furthermore, it provides free users with plenty of good options to try out on this original hookup platform. All in all, SpiritualSingles is worthy for anyone with a passionate and lustful side. It is the best place for those who want to promote it in their new relationship.

SpiritualSingles main page

SpiritualSingles Pros & Cons

SpiritualSingles is a real temple for single people seeking sexual adventures by practicing spiritual and conscious exercises. According to many positive reviews, you will find many benefits of using this hookup site.

One way or another, you have a great chance to get acquainted with the pros and cons of the site. It’s important to connect with people who share the same beliefs and values especially when it comes to dates and one-night stands. Desire and passion play a significant role in finding perfect interaction. This sex platform will help your open heart to every SpiritualSingles member who wants to try this particular service.

Join this amazing adult community to find out who shares your interests and intimate lifestyle in your area. A huge number of users guarantees your success. You can find whoever you are looking for: a tantric partner, a conscientious friend, or a poly partner.


  • SpiritualSingles free basic members have full access to many of the site’s features;
  • The platform is open to the very best people of all ages and sexual orientations;
  • The cost of premium membership is affordable even if you are a novice.


  • Some of the extensive features are for premium members;
  • It may take some time to complete your profile and match questions to your potential sex partners;
  • Limited number of messages you can send to other users;
  • No SpiritualSingles app.

Overall SpiritualSingles Rating

Quality Matches9.8/10.0
Ease to Use9.5/10.0

Is SpiritualSingles Legit?

Adult sex site SpiritualSingles is legal throughout Europe, separate US states and some Asian countries. One way or another, using the services of the site permit the processing of your personal data. The truth about SpiritualSingles is that using a legal site you get security and know the quality of this web portal.

After finding someone worthy of attention and satisfying your sexual preferences, you may start communicating with this perfect person. You can show your interest by clicking the “interested” button. The main way to get closer on this great legal site is through messaging.

SpiritualSingles users

How to Sign Up On SpiritualSingles?

The registration procedure is short and detailed. To SpiritualSingles log in the process ensures the best quality of matches and more attention to the goals of the platform. How to provide SpiritualSingles sign up? The first thing you will know is that the site can use the legal age of 18 to be able to register. In addition to general information such as your username, valid email address, age, gender, preferences, etc., you will fill in up to 26 fields. These fields will describe you as accurately as possible. Make sure you put in enough effort to answer all the questions provided. One of the interesting things is the title that will be displayed under your username. The header is similar to the Facebook status.

Becoming SpiritualSingles member is a fast process. So it is better to get ready to spend only 10-20 minutes filling in the required information. The algorithm for finding the perfect match is based on an advanced filter system and preferences. The first method is pretty standard among dating sites these days. All you have to do is tick the various boxes with your preferred criteria and click on the search button to find the best candidate. In a moment, you will receive results with all eligible profiles matching the selected criteria.

The matchmaking system analyzes your information, test scores, and responses to recommend the most suitable profiles. It calculates your match percentage according to the data provided. Quick search includes general information about members: age, location, and gender. Thanks to the advanced search, you may apply an ocean of filters. Anything you have set in your profile can be used as the best search script. Thus, you can seek people by their lifestyle, habits, political views, signs, and more. You can also try fetish or kinky sites.

Some Interesting Facts About SpiritualSingles

Site Name: SpiritualSingles.com

Paid or Free: a paid site that offers SpiritualSingles subscription with additional features and a limited trial;

Average check-in time: from 10 up to 20 minutes;

Paid membership cost: $12 per month.

Facts and figures about SpiritualSingles:

  • The site has an excellent rating on TrustPilot;
  • The site has more than 20 years of experience in the selection of ideal sex partners;
  • The site hosts real events in the course of meeting foreigners and excursions around the world;
  • About 57% of the website’s users are from the US.

Are There Real Matches on SpiritualSingles?

Most of the profiles on the site are sane and real. Also, there are a significant number of people who have found their ideal sexual partner there. Once you have registered on this awesome site, you have a complete profile with lots of personal information and details about you.

By visiting your SpiritualSingles account, other adult members will be able to view all of your sexual content. What exactly can they see? Let’s start with some general characteristics. Any profile contains the following information: body type, other physical parameters, zodiac sign, spiritual beliefs and many other interesting facts about you. In addition, you can write a description to tell something special about yourself in relation to the intimate sphere.

Stay positive, honest, and creative. It’s important to grab people’s attention if you want more suitable matches. Keep your description short and illustrative to be more successful. Also, your profile can contain up to 3 photos and a short video with explicit content. The last section is an essay about your ideal relationship. Answer questions about your hobbies, preferences, and priorities.

After answering the questions, you can take several tests to find out what you want to see in your future partner. Ambition is an attractive trait. No matter what you have already achieved. Imagine that you are an aspiring author of your first erotic novel. Even if you are an accountant who dreams of settling down in a small town, talking about it will help attract people who have similar interests.

SpiritualSingles free or paid

Is SpiritualSingles Easy to Use?

SpiritSingle has well-thought-out features and is pretty easy to use. Site navigation and interface are two important elements of the best sex site. This helps you quickly find someone to have intimate conversations and keep in touch with. Being easy to use means a quality indicator of the simplicity of a website. Usability is evaluated according to several qualitative criteria:

  • Ease of learning: how easy it is for new website visitors to perform basic actions i.e. they get a clear picture of usage thanks to navigation, pop-ups, otherwise, it’s an ad or a porn video;
  • Memorability: how easy it is for a user to navigate the site after they return a month or a long time later;
  • Efficiency: how quickly the user can navigate the site and perform the necessary actions with hidden sexual overtones;
  • User Satisfaction: the level of enjoyment of using a hookup website. It is influenced by many aspects including history, navigation, presentation, and others.

There are other qualitative criteria but we consider usefulness to be the key. And yet, usability and usefulness are at the heart of practicality.

Let’s take a look at them in more detail:

  • Usefulness – whether the site provide what the user is striving to get; 
  • Usability – how easy and convenient the site is to use;
  • Website usability = usability + usefulness.

Why is usability so important? If the site is easy to use, then the visitor will continue to use it. If the main page answers the questions “what exactly is offered here?” and “does this look like what I was looking for?”, then the user will be interested. The visitor will try to understand the interface. He or she has already opened many sites on the same subject in neighboring tabs. Just remember one simple rule: if a user can find the best product, then he can buy it at any price.

How Much Does SpiritualSingles Cost? 

Membership LengthMonthly PriceTotal Cost
1 month $23$23
6 months$12$72

Are There Any Free Features?

Free Membership Features

The list of features available to free members is quite extensive. On this unparalleled website, you will find many useful features for flirting and chatting. Here’s what you can afford as a new member:

  • Create a complete member profile which consists of 3 profile photos, essay responses, a short video, relevant questions, an “About Me” section and other personal information;
  • Create new essay questions yourself;
  • Browse and view all profiles without limitations;
  • See who’s online;
  • Add members to your favorites list;
  • Make notes on the best potential partners;
  • Read messages and reply to them even if they were sent by a premium user;
  • Chat in instant messaging with premium members;
  • View the percentage of a match with a specific member based on answers to questions about the match;
  • Select one of the pre-written messages to use as the Hello message;
  • Accept invitations to live broadcasts.

Premium Membership Features

It is recommended to update your account if you want to initiate contacts yourself. This update expands your options and increases the likelihood of finding the best match. Using the sex platform as a premium member is more enjoyable. Here’s what a premium account offers:

  • Send private messages to other members: limit of 50 messages per day;
  • Make your conversations more exciting by attaching images to your private messages;
  • Start a new unlimited chat using instant messages;
  • Upload 20 more profile photos with adult content;
  • Upload two more videos.
SpiritualSingles support

Customer Support

With the help of feedback from the support specialists of the SpiritSingles site, the 24/7 customer service takes on any issues and resolves them. Thanks to the promptness of a professional team, the support team is able to find a reasonable solution to a request sent to the support service. 

Each service request is automatically escalated. Thanks to the highly qualified specialists, 80% of all issues are resolved at the first level, and 95% of all requests are resolved by the service manager. If a higher level of support is required, the issue will be escalated to the Reliability team as a matter of urgency and if necessary to the Product Development team ensuring that the customer’s issue is resolved. 

Providing customers with the highest level of support is the main goal of the company. SpiritualSingles offers email customer support. Instead of submitting all your concerns in a single customer support email, SpiritualSingles has some good options to where direct your requests. If you have a question about your paid account, then send a request to the billing support team. This means that your money issues will be answered faster and more accurately.

Is SpiritualSingles Worth It?

SpiritualSingles website is a unique project that deserves positive feedback. The conditions offered by this great platform are worthy. Even though there are no competitors, the prices are still reasonable. The advantage of this amazing website is its optimization and advanced functionality. Everything seems a little slow at first but after a while, you get used to this mode.

Using this service is a pleasant and comfortable process. So this original adult website will suit you best if you are an attentive single seeking passionate and laid-back sex with some light flirting to boot. Short-term relationships are the main idea of ​​the hookup platform. The community is very friendly and the atmosphere is cozy. If you are part of this extraordinary culture, you will be inspired by all these things. You can start your journey to explore the word of spiritual people. Try the dating site SpiritualSingles and let us know how successful it is in practice.

SpiritualSingles success stories


Are There Fake Profiles on SpiritualSingles?

There are many verified profiles on the website so the level of security on the online service is pretty good. One way or another, you will meet the most diverse contingent.

Is SpiritualSingles Just a Hookup Site?

The website is mainly intended for short-term relationships, virtual sex, and casual communication. You can send candid photos and videos to your chosen ones who want sex just like you. There is also a separate part of users who are seeking a serious relationship on this diverse dating platform.

Is SpiritualSingles Free?

SpiritualSingles offers a free package of services as well as additional services in a premium account. You can purchase a paid subscription to unlock more features.

Is SpiritualSingles Safe?

It is very important to feel safe while using the platform. First of all, read about the Privacy Policy. It ensures the protection of your personal information. We can say that the website is completely safe.

Is SpiritualSingles a Good Dating Site?

SpirirualSinles is a good platform if you are seeking casual communication and flirting. You may find an excellent companion and even mutual love. All likes are saved in your profile and what's more, you can add users you like to your favorites list.


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