Trustworthy Spdate Review

As the internet becomes ever more integrated into our daily lives, people started looking for new ways to have safe sex hookups with others. Spdate is the best solution for those who still long to meet new people online, but simply can’t. As dozen reviews note, this is an exciting adult hookup platform that offers the modern young woman and man who are tired of meeting strangers through tedious matchmaking sites or even in person.

Spdate is the future of adult dating, and it’s in the early stages of making that a reality. And if you really want to get serious about dating, Spdate offers a unique way to meet up in real life – something you don’t get with other online dating sites. No more fake profiles or awkward messages. In this review, you will find out the truth about Spdate, furthermore, we will reveal about its prices, pros, etc.

What Is Spdate?

What is This is a popular adult dating service. This adult hookup site is free to browse and also free to use. The only condition is that you must be at least 18 years old. As many Spdate reviews point out, members of this great adult hookup site are generally looking for a nice, fun, no strings attached meeting.

The features available on Spdate include a messaging system, cam-to-cam technology, and advanced search options, which help users find the perfect partner for tonight. The search engine on Spdate allows users to browse through a selection of the latest members, choose from a directory of sexy categories and select the level of member interest that suits them best. The adult site has gained a reputation as one of the most trusted and visited sites in the online dating and hookup community. With thousands of unique members, the search engine is one of the most frequently used and trusted online dating sites on the web.

When you Spdate log in, you’ll immediately receive access to a selection of premium features, including the ability to view profiles, send winks and chat with other members. You can also sign up for a profile upgrade and upgrade your account to premium in order to receive additional features, including unlimited photos, the ability to send private messages, cam-to-cam functionality, and a detailed user feedback system.

When you have upgraded your account to premium, you can go to your profile and select the “Send me premium feedback” button. This option will enable you to let other members know about your level of membership and feedback you have received from other members and to rate your cam-to-cam performance.

Spdate main page

Pros and Cons of the Spdate Dating Site


  • Real profiles;
  • Unique technology for profile suggestion;
  • A lot of registered women of any age;
  • VIP support.


  • Outdated layout.

Overall Spdate Rating

Value Score
Value for price 9.4/10.0
Quality of member 9.0/10.0
Ease of use 9.3/10.0
Customer satisfaction 9.1/10.0
Safety 9.2/10.0
Overall 9.2/10.0

Is Spdate Legit?

Spdate is a legit adult hookup site that is used by people from all types of backgrounds, ethnicities, nationalities, ages, and sexes. More than half of the members are from the United States, but you can find people from all over the world using Spdate, including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, and many more. 

The adult directory allows you to find and connect with other members who share your exact sexual interests. You can filter the content according to a range of characteristics, such as age, gender, ethnicity, and location.

By clicking on the specific category that interests you, you can browse through the profiles of a large selection of users. You can view and search through the photos and find the perfect adult partner for you tonight. You can also view the user’s bios, rate their photos, send a message to them and then contact them for free. That’s why this legit and reliable adult hookup platform is so popular among those who are seeking a safe and worthwhile spot for sex hookups.

Spdate features

What Is The Registration Process?

Spdate sign up takes a couple of minutes. Please fill out the form below to join the world’s largest sex community:

  • Name;
  • Email;
  • Gender;
  • Age.

Then click the “Create an account” button. By registering, you agree to this adult hookup site’s terms of use and privacy policy, subscribe to the newsletter, receive sexual communications, and agree to the transfer of your personal data to our third-party partners.

Some Interesting Facts About Spdate

  • Site Name:;
  • Average Sign-up: under 5 mins;
  • Paid or Free: paid;
  • Paid Membership Pricing: monthly membership costs $39.99;
  • Unique Spdate Facts and Figures:
  • Every second contact leads to a new dialogue;
  • Active user makes up to 100 contacts per day;
  • A safe spot for seeking hot girls and guys who prefer kinky fun and other sexual fetishes.

Are There Real Matches on Spdate?

As many reviews point out, this adult dating site is designed to bring you people who want to meet you without any strings attached. It’s actually meant for friends of friends (not creepy people) who want to explore their sexuality together. Think of it like a dating app or adult “match” service.

You can search for “people interested in finding someone to do something with” in your area, and it lists both casual and serious encounters. Here are some other key things you should know about Spdate website:

  • You can register for free. Most of Spdate’s features are completely free. I found the site to be safe and I am very friendly so you should have no problem finding someone on this site. There are several advanced options available if you wish to pay to improve your experience;
  • Registration in Spdate is free. You do not need to pay or register in any way, so you do not need to share any sensitive information with AdultFriendFinder. You can create your profile (included in the free version) and search at your leisure;
  • You can add friends. You have the option to add friends to your account if you hope to do something with them. You can also send instant messages, read your message, send private show invites, and more;
  • You don’t have to pay a monthly fee. You can register and search for your pleasure at any time. No need to ever upgrade or pay a monthly fee. Of course, this capacity is available, and at any time, you can upgrade your standard subscription to premium. Premium Spdate subscription costs $39.99 per month.
SPdate woman profile

Is Spdate Easy To Use?

Spdate is free to join, and you get to use it completely without spending a dime. The site is easy to use with a simple membership and no special skills required. There are no complicated options or steps to complete before you can become an active Spdate member and go on to create your own profile. However, there are some basic steps that you need to understand so that you can create an account. These are listed below for your information.

How does Spdate work? To get started, you just need to create a Spdate account, it’s free and simple. When you have completed the registration process on Spdate, the user name you choose will be sent to your email address. Simply click on the link that comes in your email. After you have successfully registered for your free account with AdultFriendFinder, you are free to create your own profile. From here, you can create your own personal profile, browse other profiles and initiate a conversation with members. For one thing, Spdate offers a lot more features for users to use on the site. In this review of Spdate, it is worth noting, that this great adult hookup site also offers features that other adult dating sites do not have. You can use it on your desktop computer, tablet, mobile phone, or even in the browser on your mobile device. You can also use your mobile device to chat with other members.

Creating your profile on Spdate site is easy to do, and you do not need any special skills to do it. The only requirement is that you have a photo to display on your profile. The same goes for the other requirements, and they are:

You can choose to display your real age on your profile. You can add your age to your profile, but it is not compulsory for you to use your real age. This means that you can specify any age you wish to. You can add your height, body type, color, hair, and eyes. Other optional details you can add include your gender, sexual orientation, and other preferences.

Once you have completed your profile on Spdate app, you will receive a message from the site saying that you can now view other members’ profiles. You will also be given a short introduction and an option to contact the person. You will also be given a small menu to add a new message.

How Much Does Spdate Cost?

Membership Duration/Quantity Price per Month/Day Total
Gold 1 Month $39.99  $39.99 

Are There Any Free Features?

  • Discovery;
  • Search engine;
  • Chat;
  • Top Users;
  • Search;
  • Activity.


Spdate uses “Discovery” – the feature where people can search for their matches. It is simple on this site just by swiping the login profiles. On the discovery page, the Spdate users can view other users captured pictures, names, and ages, with these details, users can swipe on.

Search Engine

The Spdate search is powered by a combination of Google search technology and machine learning algorithms to provide recommendations. By building on the search capabilities of Google, it can make better use of your friends’ activity to provide intelligent, relevant, and personalized search results. These results are based on friends and people who are already on the platform’s user base.

SPdate girl profile


Once you’ve met someone on Spdate, you’ll be able to chat with each other through the chat tab on the smartphone and tablet apps. These instructions are the same for iOS and Android versions. If you immediately match with another user by swiping to their profile, you may be presented with a full-screen message prompting you to message them. If you see one of these notifications, just click on it to start composing a chat message right away.

Top Users

This is a feature that celebrates the most popular and most frequently rated users of this adult hookup platform. To become a top user, you need to be an active member and post the best photos, and it is recommended to become a premium user. Because premium users are more likely to appear in the search feed, thus they have a greater chance of being noticed and appreciated.


This feature allows you to browse member profiles. When you search for a member you are interested in, you will be directed to their profile. You are able to contact a member by clicking on the message link. You are able to send and receive messages and a member will be able to send you messages.


The communities on Spdate allow members to find people in their area who share a common interest. You can search for people who share a specific type of interest by browsing through the different communities. You will be able to send private messages to people in the communities you choose.

Customer Support

Spdate dating website has 24/7 customer support. If you have any questions regarding your user experience or problems with the dating app, Spdate customer support is available 24/7 to help you. Spdate’s user support is very extensive and full of details, so you won’t have any trouble finding answers to all your questions about your account. Spdate has a good customer service department. You can create an online chat through the in-app messaging section or call the support number. If you have an account, visit the user support page to access comprehensive FAQ support, including sections on app features, tips, and account security.

Is Spdate Worth It?

Spdate is an adult dating site that caters to those looking for a more intimate experience than other sites may offer. It is one of the most well-known adult dating sites around, and has been featured on a number of mainstream media outlets. It is worth noting that most of the reviews about Spdate are enthusiastic, some users leave very kind and sincere reviews about the site.

As a service for those seeking a casual sexual encounter, Spdate focuses on connecting users who are not looking for a committed relationship. With that in mind, the site tries to be very open about its policies and its fees.

The site has many different features. Like most dating sites, members can view profiles for free without registering. In order to become an authorized member, it is enough to go through a simple and free registration. You are allowed to create a free profile, or you can pay to upgrade.

The site offers both free and paid membership options. In order to become a paid member, you will need to sign up for a premium membership. Free members can only view other member profiles, send and receive email messages and chat in a few selected chat rooms. Premium members are able to view more profiles, send and receive more email messages, chat in many additional chat rooms and get special access to certain areas of the site.

If you are just starting out on the adult dating scene or you are looking for a second date, you may have decided to join a free or paid dating site. So, you have to know that one of the most well-known and worthwhile online dating sites is Spdate.


Are There Fake Profiles on Spdate?

In this review, it is worth noting that most of the profiles belong to real people, so there are practically no fake profiles. This became possible thanks to the excellent work of the moderators in this great adult dating online resource, as well as the responsible audience of this spot.

Is Spdate Just a Hookup Site?

This is a hookup site for those looking for a one-time hookup or just someone to get to know, while also providing a safe and discreet dating environment for both the members and those who use it.

Is Spdate Free?

Basic features are free, the rest are paid. The cost of a paid subscription is $39.99 per month. For this amount, you get access to all the functionality of the network.

Is Spdate Safe?

There is no shadow of a doubt about this. This spot is absolutely safe. As many reviews note, this adult hookup network uses the most advanced data encryption technology, so all actions, such as sending private messages, and paying for services, are completely safe.

Is Spdate a Good Dating Site?

Is Spdate good? This is a good online resource that has users from more than 190 different countries, and the members are diverse in all of the ways that we use the termβ€”age, ethnicity, relationship status, etc. And like all other online spots, you can have sex with whoever you want, and you can do it as much or as little as you want, depending on your preferences.


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