Trustworthy Phrendly Review

Phrendly is one of the most original adult apps for finding sexual connections. In addition, it is also a great way to earn while chatting with hot beauties. The main feature of this adult hookup app is that when users send messages to other users, they share “sips” with monetary value. (You win money if they text you first.) Your first few sips are free, so give it a try. After that, you can continue the fun for less than the cost of the movie, but much more fun. Thus, popular members always have a solid balance that can be cashed out, which is undoubtedly a huge plus.

As dozens of reviews point out, this great adult dating app is perfect for both experienced users and newbies as it is very easy to use. You can Chat with people from the US and Canada via text, phone, or video chat. This thriving community is constantly expanding – meet the sexiest singles on the web. Sign up and get a match in just a few minutes. If you need help, you can contact the 24/7 support team. What’s more important is that Phrendly spends part of its earnings on charity, which is why many users donate to one of its 9 charitable foundations. You can also become useful if you sign up for free today and donate to a good cause.

In this article, we will share the best features of the Phrendly adult dating app so that you can learn more about it and use it effectively. In addition, you will learn the truth about Phrendly, the site’s pricing policy, and other important information on the topic.

What Is Phrendly?

What is As noted in many Phrendly reviews, this is one of the most profitable adult sex dating apps in the world. The reason for this is because the platform rewards all users who respond in a timely manner, and you will benefit from an average response rate of 90%. This adult app is available on both mobile devices and web browsers. The app allows users to search for the “perfect match” in minutes.

If you are using Phrendly on your desktop computer, the app will use the data you have on your mobile phone or on your Wi-Fi. There is also an excellent mobile app for Android, which you can download on Google Play. It is also worth noting in this review of Phrendly that the app has already been downloaded more than 500 thousand times, which once again confirms how popular the Phrendly app is among fans of sex hookups and other adult fun.

You can use the Phrendly adult sex site in many ways. You can chat via regular chat, make phone calls if you are a resident of Canada or the United States, and make video calls. It is worth noting that the Value of a video connection is about 25% higher than that of a voice connection, i.e. if the recipient of the call turns off the camera, the throat instantly slows down to the speed of the phone/voice. No matter how many times the camera is turned on or off, sips will be exchanged fairly. As for the originator of the calls, his or her camera status is not affected by the sip speed; it depends entirely on whether the recipient’s camera is on or off.

Phrendly main page

As for other great features, it is worth noting that you can take various personality tests that will determine your type with high accuracy and help you choose sex partners of the same type. Many users find these features extremely useful and efficient when it comes to finding fast hookups online. You can upload a photo, but you can also upload 3 photos at once and create a cool GIF to stand out from the crowd. Those users who are popular and write to them first receive “sips” – the currency of the site, the cost of 1 “drink” is $10. In addition, you can also upload any of your “profile pictures” from any social networking sites such as “Facebook, Twitter, Instagram” and “LinkedIn”. 

You can also select an image from any of your social networking sites, and once you’ve done that, you can start uploading it. After you upload your “profile photo”, you will be able to “Edit your profile”. You can also “Change your profile name” and also change your “gender”. To summarize all of the above, one can understand why this adult sex site is so popular among sexaholics and lovers of other perversions.

Pros and Cons of the Phrendly Dating Site


  • Fast and free sign up;
  • Lots of free games and contests;
  • It is permissible to manage page settings;
  • Responsive support staff;
  • 24/7 customer support;
  • A user-friendly UI;
  • A huge amount of positive reviews;
  • It is possible to modify page settings.


  • Insecurity of personal information of users;
  • Explicit commercialization of the system.

Overall Phrendly Rating

Value for price9.1/10.0
Quality of member9.3/10.0
Ease of Use9.1/10.0
Customer satisfaction8.9/10.0

Is Phrendly Legit?

It is critical to mention that Phrendly is a reputable and safe adult site, and people feel safe using it. Users may meet and connect with individuals who are also trying to meet someone new using the site, which is incredibly social. Many websites contain several security safeguards to ensure that the site is safe and entertaining for all visitors.

Phrendly create account

What Is The Registration Process?

Phrendly sign up is a very easy process. Simply sign in with your Google or Facebook account. Then you may upload a picture and other optional information whenever you want.

Some Interesting Facts About Phrendly 

  1. Site Name: Phrendly;
  2. Average Sign-up: under 5 mins;
  3. Paid or Free: Partially free with paid additional features;
  4. Paid Membership Pricing: all features cost “sips” site currency, the cost of 1 sip is $10;
  5. Unique Phrendly facts and figures:
  • Over 5 million + messages are sent on average every day;
  • Part of the Phrendly Network;
  • A good mix of people seeking sex hookups and other kinks.

Are There Real Matches on Phrendly?

There are actual matches in Phrendly. This successful adult platform has been in operation for many years and has over a million active members worldwide. Finding mates is a snap with such a large membership base. This is possible via the desktop version as well as the excellent mobile app, which is accessible on Android and you can download on Google Play.

To locate matches in Phrendly, rate the lady you want with the “like” button; the only requirement for your Phrendly account is an avatar. According to many of Phrendly reviews, this adult site evaluates people based on their compatibility. This rating is determined using an algorithm. The algorithm, on the other hand, includes a built-in filter. People can only be paired with others who have similar profiles.

People who are compatible with you will match you. It’s preferable than matching with the incorrect individual. You may even sort folks based on their compatibility. This allows you to determine who is the most compatible with your immediate surroundings.

The first partner is generally a Phrendly member who is open to dating. The second individual may be a lady in her thirties or forties. Then it can be given to a lady in her twenties or thirties. These folks are, in some ways, more realistic. You know they like sex and are always up for casual encounters.

Phrendly how it works

Is Phrendly Easy To Use?

How does Phrendly work? This dating site is simple to use and well-liked by individuals of all ages and nationalities. Unlike traditional methods of meeting people, such as in a bar or at work, Phrendly makes it easy to identify people who fit your dating needs among millions of users. It’s simple to find out who is online or nearby. After the first Phrendly log in, you may contact others directly using the program.

You may now select your gender as well as the sort of person you wish to meet. The Phrendly site may be used by people from all over the world to find something for themselves. You can check who is around even if you only have a few minutes to swipe right on the folks you like. You may find out who is accessible in your region by searching online. So, if you are serious about meeting individuals with similar appearances, religions, and other comparable interests in your city or neighborhood, Phrendly is the finest alternative.

How Much Does Phrendly Cost? 

Here are the basic prices for a premium Phrendly subscription.

Platinum1 Month19.79 USD19.79 USD
Platinum3 Months14.99 USD44.98 USD
Platinum6 Months11.99 USD71.96 USD
Sips1 Sip10.00 USD10.00 USD
Sips10 Sips9.00 USD90.00 USD

Are There Any Free Features? 

  • Profile Image;
  • Search Engine;
  • Carousel Feature;
  • GIFs.
Phrendly success stories

Profile Image

Because the Phrendly website values its users, you may add a profile image for free. You have total control over your profile images. You may add a logo, a photo, or anything else and select from a number of effects.

Search Engine

The free search engine is also superb. To find someone nearby, enter his gender and the maximum search radius, and the computer will automatically scan the area. You may add it to your friendliest or favorite list to get notified whenever it is online.

Carousel Feature

You may read another actual review from people who have discovered partners for sex hookups and other fetishes here thanks to this unique free service. The carousel functionality operates differently than a standard home screen or feed. Each object is represented as a card or tile. Tiles may be moved from the carousel to the home screen in any order, then pinned to the home screen in any order from there. Many people find it to be a highly handy and convenient tool.


Another fantastic free feature is the ability to profile GIFs and allow others to vote on which of your GIFs they like! Your GIFs will be featured in the next weekly voting round after they have been approved. This is an excellent strategy to gain further exposure to new acquaintances.

Customer Support

Phrendly includes a “Help/FAQ” section where you may get answers to commonly asked questions and troubleshoot typical software difficulties. You can use the website’s search box to hunt for a specific question, or you can browse the various entries that provide answers to questions. You may also contact the support team by email. Send Phrendly a direct message, detailing your problem as thoroughly as possible. The help page explains the functionality and gives further information. The request may take anything from a few minutes to 24 hours to process.

Phrendly help center

Is Phrendly Worth It?

Phrendly is definitely worth it for a number of reasons. The ability to match up with other Phrendly users is a key aspect of this great adult hookup site. This feature is common in other dating apps, but Tagged is always better for it. This innovative adult site has always strived to improve the user experience, which is why it is known for bringing consumers to its app. This is due to the distinctive user interface and the satisfaction of getting to know each other.

Because of the vast subscriber base, you will come across role players that adore sex, free sex, and a wild lifestyle. It’s like a sex fetish fan club grouped together for amusement purposes. You are free to do whatever you want because this is the most democratic sex forum for people looking to have fun while still generating money. If you’re looking for a pair or just want to speak, is a wonderful place to start. Sign up and discover a group of like-minded individuals to join you in traveling to the most exciting music events, having sex on the street, enjoying life, and partying.

The Phrendly app has thousands of users, and this is one of the main reasons why people continue to use this fantastic adult dating network. You can see where people are and who they want to contact. You can give them a short message if you like what you see. It’s also worth noting in this Phrendly review that it’s made it easy for everyone to find sex partners, and you’ll quickly find your perfect sex partners.


Are There Fake Profiles on Phrendly?

Due to strict registration monitoring, the chances of bogus profiles are reduced. This legit adult website boasts a large user base, with most of them being genuine folks searching for someone to have real sex hookups with.

Is Phrendly Just a Hookup Site?

Yes, this is one of the top hookup dating services that has been around for a long time in the adult dating sector. You may have genuine live matches with the sexiest beauties in your area around the clock, thanks to the large network of local hookup aficionados. This fantastic hookup network is notably popular among users from the United States and Canada, but because of its large membership base, it is also simple to locate people from other countries. A location search is the simplest method to discover people nearby. In fact, you can utilize the helpful "nearby" option on a website to bring up a list of individuals in your neighborhood and all the sites they're on.

Is Phrendly Free?

The Phrendly dating website is partially free, in addition, it also provides an excellent opportunity to earn good money. You can do this by advertising this great site, inviting friends, clicking, or simply being the first to write to you direct. Each message costs 1 sip - the local currency, which is worth $10. You get The amount you earn for each engagement is determined by the type of interaction. You will keep $0.35 per volley for chat, 70% of phone and video call earnings (after the $0.20 per minute connection fee), and 90% of gifts.

Is Phrendly Safe?

It is one of the most secure adult dating platforms, with artificial intelligence safeguarding users' location privacy. Moreover, the site downloads data via the HTTPS protocol, which ensures that all data is protected from unauthorized access. The Phrendly Android software also saves the connection in the device's memory, which was found. This means that your email is completely protected as long as you have root access.

Is Phrendly a Good Dating Site?

Is Phrendly good? This fantastic adult hookup service is widely acknowledged as a market leader in the online dating industry. Visitors may register quickly, communication is lively, and all of the components for a fun activity are there. The platform's premise is similar to that of other such organizations in that it promotes genuine interactions with sexual connections. As a result, it's safe to say that the Phrendly is an excellent venue to meet new people.


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