Trustworthy OutPersonals Review

There has been a plethora of gay sites springing up all over promising the best experience, but there is one that has been consistent, and many positive OutPersonals reviews has been done thanks to its growing network. It is one platform that has a thriving community of gay people out to welcome every gay person who would love to be part of a community where they are not judged. But what is OutPersonals.com dating platform? This review of OutPersonals will shed more light on this dating platform. 

What is OutPersonals?

OutPersonals.com is a dating platform that meets the needs of a large gay community. This is a dating site that has the ideal environment for gay men looking for long-term relationships or a few days and nights of adventuring and fun. OutPersonals has this system in place that allows users to create appealing profiles and find their ideal matches.

OutPersonals was open to the public in 1996 and has now been connecting people through amazing relationships for more than two decades now. OutPersonals boasts a huge userbase of 1.5million and counting from the USA, the UK, Canada, and many countries around the world. It is a site that offers many features for both free and subscription members. 

The users in OutPersonals are more interested in casual dating, easy hookups, one-night stands, and intimate long-term dating. It is a diverse community of gay and bisexual men from all around the world who are interested in meeting their own sexual desires. There are many members here who want to settle down and are looking for serious individuals for a long-term relationship leading to marriage. 

This makes OutPersonals a platform that meets the diverse needs of one of the largest online gay populations.It is also a platform where gay men can share their thoughts on blogs, discuss crucial issues affecting them and even feature in the site’s popular magazine. 

OutPersonals main page

Pros and Cons of the OutPersonals Dating Site

Here are the pros and cons of this platform. 

The Pros 

  • The site has a huge user base making it easy to find the perfect match. 
  • OutPersonals is rich in unique features that make the dating experience on this site amazing. 
  • The site works so beautifully making it enjoyable for users, it is one site in top form. 
  • The membership prices are very affordable. 
  • There is an OutPersonals app that is very convenient.

The Cons 

  • The homepage could be a bit confusing for new OutPersonals users who are not familiar with online dating. 
  • The design of the website is a little outdated. 

Overall OutPersonals Rating 

Quality Matches8/10
Ease Of Use9.8/10

Is OutPersonals Legit?

OutPersonals website stands out from many others because it has this system where each member is easily identifiable. This reduces the risk of fake accounts making their way into the site. Scam accounts will also not thrive in this community. OutPersonals is very legit, but there might be some individuals who might join the site with the intention of committing fraud. Fake users intent on fleecing unsuspecting members may give red flags which as a user you must note and give such characters a wide berth or report their accounts. 

A good example is when on meeting a person for the first time, they bombard you with forceful phrases like, “I love you” yet they know nothing about you. Also, if you even suspect that you are being lied to in any way, the good thing would be to break ties with the person and report any suspicious activities that you might have noticed.

Overall, OutPersonals is a legit gay dating site that has great promise and is home to millions of fun-loving gay people who enjoy being members. 

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What Is The OutPersonals Registration Process?

So, how does OutPersonals work? The OutPersonals sign up process is very simple. All you need to do is create your profile and include as much information as you can about yourself. The process is very basic and straightforward. You only need to visit the OutPersonals home page, where you will need to select your orientation from a drop-down menu and indicate the kind of relationship you are looking for, whether long-term or short-term. 

Next, you will need to provide further details about the kind of partner you are looking for and a bit about your personality. You can describe your physique and have a supporting attractive profile picture. Let your potential matches know your sexual preferences, your way of life, your personality, and perspectives about certain issues. 

When you give details about your character traits, physical appearance, and what you expect in a partner, you are likely to land the ideal match. Ensure that you have filled in all the relevant details like email address, name, appearance, and preferences during your sign-up process. Don’t forget to verify your account by clicking on the link that is sent to verify your email. 

Signing up will take you less than 5 minutes, and you will have the account. An OutPersonals log in is not possible without creating an OutPersonals account. But because the process is so easy, you won’t have any problems.

Some Interesting Facts About OutPersonals

  • Site name: OutPersonals 
  • Average sign-up time: 5 minutes to complete the whole simple registration process.
  • Paid or free: It has both free and paid memberships. You can always upgrade to the paid OutPersonals subscription to enjoy the OutPersonals features and amazing dating experience. 
  • Paid membership pricing: The pricing is very affordable with monthly rates as low as $8 and as high as $29. 

Unique Facts And Figures of OutPersonals 

  • OutPersonals is a gay dating platform that was launched in 1996. 
  • This dating site boasts more than a 1.5million active users majority being of the gay community, and could be ranked as one of the largest gay dating sites. a
  • OutPersonals boasts useful features and users from countries around the world such US, UK, Canada, and more countries around the world. 

Are there Real matches on OutPersonals?

Most profiles on the OutPersonals site are legit. The profile pictures alone make this site so rich with legit and real matches. When you describe yourself well in your profile and post the perfect picture of yourself, and indicate the kind of partner that you want, there is no doubt that you will find the ideal match. Add more personal information about yourself such as your occupation and whether you want a one-night stand or a long-term relationship.

The matches are real and what you put out there is what you will get. You could be someone’s match, and you are always likely to meet the perfect match out of the millions of active users all set for some great fun. Just remember that the more effort you put into filling in your profile the better your chances of snagging that ideal match are. 

OutPersonals meet gay

Is OutPersonals Easy To Use?

As per the numerous OutPersonals.com reviews out there, the dating website has a very basic design with a very simple interface. Everything is clear and easy to figure out. The sign-up process is so simple, and hardly anything could go wrong. It is a simple site to explore and navigate. The features on the site are easy to use, and they make using the site a lot of fun. If you understand English navigating through this site is not a problem. The only drawback is that it cannot be translated into other languages and might alienate members who want to join to join Ouutpersonals from a non-English speaking country. 

The tabs on the page give direct access to a user’s profile and allow you to edit and add any necessary photographs or details of your profile. You can also access the site’s features through easy tabs that could take you to online journals, chat rooms, magazines, live webcams, and many other features. The easy navigation makes it easy to enjoy all OutPersonals have to offer and more. 

How Much Does OutPersonals Cost? 

OutPersonals has a free membership that comes with a few limitations and some good perks too. With a free membership, you can search and get matches. However, you cannot speak with other members until you pay. For you to enjoy the great features of the site, you must pay for the upgrade. 

A free membership will not allow you to send messages or winks to any interesting matches you find. OutPersonals prices are determined by the duration that you intend to pay for. It will cost you less to buy a 3-month subscription compared to paying for the subscription each month. 

Here is the OutPersonals pricing:

Duration/Credits/CoinsCost Per MonthTotal
1 month$29.96$29.96
12 months$10.42$125.10
12 months$8.95$107.40

Are There Any Free Features? 

There are various free features, and they are as follows: 

  • Profile customization 
  • Photo upload
  • Advanced Search 
  • Crush List 

Profile Customization 

A free membership allows you to customize your profile in the manner you wish to. This option allows you to edit your profile to suit your needs and help you find the ideal match, and also look attractive to other potential partners. 

Photo Upload 

With a free membership in OutPersonals, you can upload an unlimited number of photos to make your profile as colorful as possible. 

Advanced Search Feature 

You can use the search feature to find the ideal match by specifying certain qualities that you need. This tool will find you your ideal matches, but the problem is you can’t send a message or wink at your match unless you upgrade. 

OutPersonals support

Customer Support 

The customer support of OutPersonals is top-notch. There is a team in place that is ever-ready to address the issues that every OutPersonals member faces. Any cases of concern by users are addressed promptly, and solutions are given within 24 hours. The site also has a Q&A section where users can always check whether their issues have been highlighted in the section. In case an issue has not been highlighted in the Q&A section, the customer support team is ever ready to address it. 

The customer support team also encourages users to report any suspicious profiles or activities to ensure that everything goes smoothly. 

Is OutPersonals Worth It?

After this OutPersonals.com review, there is no doubt that this platform is a great haven for the LGBT community. We have looked at its amazing aspects, the interactive features, and the affordable pricing. The huge client base of OutPersonals speaks volumes and indicates a thriving community that meets the needs of the people it serves. It is a professional, reliable, and fun dating site that is every gay man’s dream. 

It offers life-changing experiences for gay men, especially for those who live in countries that have still not accepted the LGBT community. The amazing chat rooms, video chats, web journals, online stores, sexual photo displays, and so on make OutPersonals special. The chances of finding the perfect partner on this site are high, which is why it is worth signing up.


Are There Fake Profiles on OutPersonals?

Every online dating platform has a few fake profiles due to certain reasons. Even with the highest precautions, fake profiles still find their way into the site.OutPersonals is not an exception and might have a few fake profiles. However, as a user, you can guard yourself against falling for such profiles by being vigilant and taking precautions. Avoid giving too much personal information about yourself that could be used against you.

Is OutPersonals Just a Hookup Site?

It is mainly a hookup site for gay men interested in one-night stands, casual dating, quickies, and other short-term arrangements. However, gay men interested in long-term relationships can still find love on OutPersonals as long as they indicate their intentions on their profile along with a description of the kind of partner they want.

Is OutPersonals Free?

OutPersonals has both a free and paid membership. There are great features that come with the free membership, but better features can be accessed with paid memberships. Having a paid membership is better, even though you could still find matches with a free membership. The catch, however, is that you cannot interact effectively on the site on free membership.

Is OutPersonals Safe?

The truth about OutPersonals is that it is a safe site because the site owners have taken serious measures to ensure that all their members are safe. The OutPersonals dating website has also taken time to educate its members about their own protection. They have cautioned users about posting personal data that could be used to harm them. They also encourage users to report anyone who is trying to fish for information or indulging unlawful activities like fraud. 

OutPersonals dating site is so far straightforward and has all their servers protected to prevent unauthorized access to payment information. It is a safe dating site but users must also play their own part in ensuring their own safety not make themselves vulnerable to harm. 

Is OutPersonals a Good Dating Site?

There is no doubt that OutPersonals is a great dating site. It has the features to make your online dating experience amazing. If you are joining a gay online community for the first time, you will find this platform quite enlightening and feel that important sense of community. You will love meeting fellow gay or bisexual men who are comfortable and are not afraid to express their feelings. If you are coming out of the closet or planning to come out, you might want to join this community first and get to experience just how someone can be so comfortable in expressing what they feel and seeking the kind of relationship they want. So is OutPersonals good? There is no doubt.


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