Trustworthy OurTime Review

Modern dating sites aim at connecting singles worldwide. Thanks to the Internet, we don’t feel lonely anymore. However, not all websites are equally good. That’s why people should read reviews before they use various services or products.

This review of OurTime aims to lift a curtain of mystery shielding the dating website OurTime. Some people are aware that it’s a senior dating site. However, it’s not enough to know that the platform is for people over fifty. Check out this detailed and comprehensive review before downloading the app or creating an account.

What Is OurTime?

So, what is OurTime.com? One might recognize this amazing website as the senior dating platform. Our Time is aimed at people over 50 who want to fall in love and meet loyal partners.

Our Time offers a safe place to date. The best thing about the dating platform is that it is owned by a big corporation with dozens of other similar networks. People Media which owns OurTime shows members’ profiles on other platforms without any additional charge.

Amazing OurTime users have better chances of finding loyal and attractive partners. The idea of the site is to connect members with similar interests. Another amazing fact is that the Our Time dating website has almost 2 million users! The website operates in different countries and is available in at least a dozen languages.

OurTime main page

A beautiful OurTime member specifies what they want to achieve. For instance, some people want to meet friends. Other amazing singles wish to fall in love. At the same time, some members are interested in casual romantic relationships. No matter what type of relationships you want to establish, OurTime will help you achieve the goal.

The fascinating OurTime dating website has various features making it more interesting and fun to use the platform. If a person is more of a smartphone user, they may download the app on the Play Market or the App Store. Yes, it is available for users of Android and iOS phones. 

Users may wonder how does OurTime work and how the system matches people. The website aims to learn more about the amazing member by asking various personal questions. Not to worry, this information is protected and won’t be shared with anyone.

Once the beautiful new member of the Our Time community fills out the questionnaire, they receive a list of potential love matches. Members also notice that all of these profiles have something in common with them.

Suppose you love to go to the theater every Saturday evening, want to travel to Europe, and love healthy food. Most of the profiles you see in the featured list match these interests. So, you have a pool of choices among compatible people.

That’s why it’s so easy to fall in love when using OurTime! The OurTime website aims at connecting seniors who want to meet like-minded individuals. And the website is successful in its endeavors. 

Pros And Cons Of The OurTime Dating Site

Every dating website, service, or product has advantages and drawbacks. Even the amazing Our Time has some disadvantages. But let’s start with checking the amazing bonuses and benefits of using this dating site. 


  • The dating website is owned by a popular and reliable corporation, People Media.
  • Members’ profiles are shown on most other dating websites owned by People Media. Meaning each member receives more reach and better chances of meeting love.
  • Easy to use the dating website, even if you are a tech rookie.
  • The awesome and convenient OurTime app is available on the Play Market and the App Store.
  • Precise and fun matchmaking.
  • Friendly and passionate community.
  • Reasonable pricing.
  • Fun and valuable features that help members to meet love. 
  • Relatively good ratings of the app. 


  • Lacks identity verification system.
OurTime features

Overall OurTime Rating

Before we dive into the detail of the site’s functions, check this short OurTime.com review. 

Ease of usage4.9/5
Support & help4.8/5

Is OurTime Legit?

Yes, the OurTime site is legit and safe. Most Our Time reviews are positive. However, some people weren’t satisfied with the services offered by OurTime. It’s a normal situation when not everyone is satisfied. 

Our Time is a legit dating website since Internet users can download the official app on the Play Market and the App Store. If the platform were a scam, it wouldn’t be available on these platforms with strict rules. 

Another great thing about the platform is its safety. OurTime has a protected connection to the Internet through the SSL protocol. The owner of the site, a company called People Media, has a great reputation. It owns many great-quality websites. Moreover, the company has a lot of experience in connecting loving hearts. 

What Is The Registration Process?

The OurTime sign up process is simple and takes about two or three minutes to get started. The new amazing member should complete the following steps:

  • Click on the OurTime log in button.
  • Fill out a short form.
  • Complete the registration process.

The Our Time dating site enables new amazing members to postpone the completion of their profiles. Instead, members of the friendly community may check out other attractive members nearby.

Profiles are available to view once you create an account. However, check out your mailbox to find the verification link. Click on the link to become a full member of the awesome Our Time community. 

OurTime tips offline meeting

Some Interesting Facts About OurTime 

Every good-quality dating site has a history. Our Time is a quality website with experience in connecting hearts. Check out some interesting facts about this cool dating site:

  • Free or paid: offers a paid subscription but also has OurTime free features to test.
  • Average sign-up duration: around three minutes, not including the time to set up one’s profile.
  • Membership prices: start at $34.96 per month. The prices go lower or higher depending on the membership type.

Here are other interesting facts to get you acquainted with this fascinating dating website for seniors:

  • The owner of the website, People Media, has operated since 2000. The company has a lot of experience in the online dating industry. The company owns more than one dating website. Typically, all the sites under the People Media umbrella cover niche requests. For example, it enables seniors to find partners, caters to international dating communities, interracial relationships, etc. 
  • People Media family includes such websites as Our Time, BlackPeopleMeet.com, SingleParentMeet.com, and other amazing websites.
  • Around 20,000 new awesome members join People Media daily. 
  • Our Time has around 2 million active members.
  • Our Time is one of the most balanced and quality websites. It has around 48% of men and 52% of women.

This amazing dating website was created and launched back in 2011. Since then, Our Time has managed to connect thousands of single seniors who were seeking partners, love, or friends. This awesome dating website is one of the most trusted dating platforms for seniors in the world. 

Are There Real Matches On OurTime?

Yes, all matches are real and of great quality. Amazing members of the OurTime community have two basic options when it comes to finding compatible people:

  • using search;
  • using matchmaking.

The matchmaking option is subtle and effective. Users receive a list of potential quality matches. Amazing people from this list have something in common with the person who requests matches. As a result, it’s a lot easier to fall in love.

Instead of dating whoever you meet and find attractive, date a compatible senior. OurTime search offers additional matchmaking features. It enables amazing Our Time members to be more active. Once a user finds attractive and compatible matches, they can send a message or use icebreakers to make it easier to start a conversation. 

Is OurTime Easy To Use?

So, is OurTime good in terms of ease of usage? It sure is! This fascinating website has a beautiful and trendy design. Using OurTime is like browsing on social media. You have great quality filters to specify the search. 

Creating an account takes a few minutes, so the process is easy. The owner of the platform, People Media, has also created a nice and convenient app for both Android and iOS users. It takes a few minutes to figure out how everything works. For instance, new users of this amazing website can choose to boost their profiles to get more attention. Or they can opt for the search filters and quickly message all attractive individuals nearby. 

OurTime app

How Much Does OurTime Cost?

Membership TypeDurationMonthly PriceTotal PriceHow Much You Save
Standard Subscription1 month$34.96$34.96
6 months$15.96$95.76$114
Valure Subscription6 months$19.96 $119.76 

And here are some token data:

Token NumberPricePrice Per TokenHow Much You Save
Tokens55 credits$2.99$0.05
110 credits$5.99$0.05
280 credits$9.99$0.04$2.8 

Are There Any Free Features?

Luckily, Our Time has a few features that enable new members to understand better how to use the site before they pay. Here’s a short list of features to test:

  • Creating an account.
  • Filling out the profile and questionnaires.
  • Using match functions.
  • Using search filters.

Once a member creates an account, they can see other awesome profiles on Our Time. Users may be wondering what is the truth about OurTime? Can we use the website free of charge? No, it won’t be possible to answer messages. It’s a precaution mechanism to ensure real users aren’t bothered by fake profiles.

The amazing news is that using Our Time is inexpensive. You can choose from two subscription types:

  • Standard subscription.
  • Value subscription.

It’s possible to meet the right person and fall in love by using the Standard membership. However, people get nice bonuses when paying for the value subscription:

  • Receive notifications when a user reads a message. This function enables users to immediately log in as soon as someone they desire answers their message. It’s a nice option since people fall in love with the right people sooner.
  • Get a different profile color background. Members with an amazing background profile color stand out from the crowd. This subtle function enables users to attract more attention and fall in love sooner.
  • User’s messages have a different background color. If such a user messages someone, the receiver immediately is curious to see who’s it from. 

This amazing OurTime subscription isn’t much more expensive. Take a look at the table above to see the price difference. By paying just a tad more, members receive great value. Our Time also has a Token system, but it’s optional.

Members of the amazing Our Time community may receive other great individual perks by using tokens. These tokens are rather affordable. Here’s how beautiful members of the awesome Our Time community may use them:

  • Purchase and send virtual gifts.
  • Receive a visibility boost to get people’s attention.

Note: if you activate the trial period, the subscription may be automatically renewed to a Standard one, monthly membership. Members can easily cancel their subscriptions by deactivating them in the settings section. 

OurTime contact us

Customer Support

Amazing OurTime account owners can rest assured that the support team is there to help whenever necessary. The awesome Our Time website offers a few contacts for users’ convenience and comfort.

Typically, beautiful OurTime users prefer contacting the support team via a quick chat button. It’s convenient, and support team members are always very polite. However, if you have suggestions on how to improve the website or its functions, you may send your suggestions via email.

Overall, the support team creates a good impression. The team is effective and responds quickly. All members are polite and kind.

Is OurTime Worth It?

Yes, OurTime is worth using. This awesome website has a great friendly community. All the features of the platform aim to help people fall in love. Moreover, attractive users of the community can specify what they want to achieve by using the website.

The good news is that the OurTime cost is affordable. Awesome OurTime users can choose what subscription type to purchase. They may start by using a monthly plan and proceed with the six months subscription if they like using this awesome dating website. 

The amazing OurTime dating site is a godsend for older singles. The interface is nice and user-friendly. It’s a great advantage since some seniors aren’t used to online dating as younger people. Some amazing Our Time users don’t have much experience in using such apps. Luckily, Our Time is very user-friendly and caters to the interests of seniors. 


Are There Fake Profiles On OurTime?

OurTime doesn't have a good verification of identity system. However, the dating website seems to handle fake profiles as straightforwardly as possible. Messaging other users requires buying a subscription. Without a proper membership, real members of the amazing OurTime community can't be contacted. So, even if you find fake profiles on OurTime, it's unimportant. All amazing and attractive people who want to fall in love purchase a subscription.

Is OurTime Just A Hookup Site?

No, OurTime is everything a senior needs at a specific period. If an amazing older person wants to hook up, they can find compatible and awesome individuals. So, what is OurTime? It's a dating website where members specify what they want from using the app. The options may include falling in love, having casual romantic relationships, meeting awesome people, etc. Awesome OurTime community members prefer to use this website as a place to meet amazing and like-minded people.

Is OurTime Free?

No, but OurTime does offer a few cool free features. Our Time also enables amazing users to test this great website. New members of a friendly OurTime community can create accounts and check out profiles of other attractive members. They can check whether it's possible to find attractive seniors nearby. It's also possible to test OurTime's fascinating matchmaking and search systems.

Is OurTime Safe?

Yes, it seems OurTime has all necessary precautions in place to ensure members' safety. Most OurTime reviews of other amazing members of the community are positive. People claim the dating site is protected against phishing attacks thanks to the SSL protocol. Moreover, the support team members react to all concerns of OurTime members. The website employees conduct regular checks to ensure all files are safe and users are protected.

Is OurTime A Good Dating Site?

Yes, and most OurTime.com reviews prove this fact. The website has an amazing and friendly community. Members feel at home when they seek like-minded individuals. The support team knows their job and always helps members of the amazing Our Time community. Moreover, OurTime belongs to a reliable and trustworthy company People Media. It owns other amazing senior websites and features profiles on these platforms without any additional payment.


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