11 Best One Night Stands Dating Sites In 2022 That Will Amaze You

It is no secret that love is a beautiful thing, and relationships are great and all. However, at one point in your life, you may not need to have any attachments. All you may need is breathtaking sexual experiences. 

If you are yearning to feed your sexual fetishes, what better way than to engage in one night stands with random people? Allow yourself to have one night of fun, passion, and naughtiness with a hot sexual partner.

Lucky for you, you do not have to worry about where to find a one night stand near me. Thanks to the internet, you can find numerous one night dating sites and have yourself even one of those late night hookups. These one night stand dating sites will give you a memorable one night stand near me in no time. Once you choose any of these platforms, you can be sure to find local one night stands near me.

One Night Stands Dating

10 Best Worthy Dating Platforms To Find one night Stand Near Me

If you want total sexual satisfaction without any hustle and without having any attachments with your sex partner, these one night stand websites will provide you with that. They range from one night stand no membership sites to one night stand subscription sites. They are as follows: 

1. AdultFriendFinder

AdultFriendFinder home page

A trendy website for real one night-stand dating is Adult Friend Finder. AFF, commonly known as Adult Friend Finder, is one of the best one night-stand sites recognized for its successful singles and swingers community. As you may imagine, this group is very welcoming and receptive to all kinds of hookups. It is a great hookup website if you’re starting online hookups and one night stands.

AFF is easy to use. After registering, you can look through the user profiles of single people and couples. The website isn’t your standard dating app with a swipe feature. Instead, you’ll be perusing profiles to discover who else is available. To make things a little simpler, you can narrow down your search for possible hookups by location. You can start messaging someone once you’ve connected with them. Then, you can start the fun by suggesting a one night stand if the chemistry is there. With just an email, password, and username, you will quickly finish the sign-up process on AFF.


  • This online dating site is great for couples looking for a threesome
  • Massive user base


  •  It contains Inactive profiles

What Users Really Think About AdultFriendFinder

“I have been on AdultFriendFinder for years, and I love it. I have met countless genuine hookups that have really worked for me. I am glad I stumbled upon this amazing hookup site.”

Chris. J

“I have been frustrated by numerous hookup sites, but this one came through for me. I found the best hookups of my life here, and I am one elated user who will forever speak highly of AFF.” 

Mandy C. 

2. Ashley Madison

AshleyMadison main page

You may be familiar with Ashley Madison due to its daring approach to online dating, which has generated considerable media attention. There are few sites like AdultFriendFinder, but Ashley Madison is a worthy competitor. The folks trying to find someone to have an affair with should use this website. Ashley Madison is for people who want to have sexual hookups outside of marriage.

Having stated that, different people utilize Ashley Madison for various purposes. Some people are looking for committed, long-term relationships, while others want a one night stand. With over 54 million users, finding things online or offline is simple.

Ashley Madison matches users based on shared interests using a dating algorithm. Additionally, you can take advantage of the mobile option for singles looking for one night stands. Overall, this is one of the most well-liked dating websites for married people.


  • This one night stand dating site prioritizes privacy.
  •  Excellent matching algorithm


  • Some features require payment

What Users Really Think About Ashley Madison 

“Long live Ashley Madison, because I can now have various one night stands in a week! Isn’t that something for someone who would have dry spells for months? My evenings, especially weekend evenings, are never the same again thanks to this site which has given me countless one night stand opportunities.” 

Maya D. 

“I found this site through a friend who was using it. It is as genuine as claimed, and I am so grateful I have an account there. All I need are a few clicks, and I have different people on different nights to warm my bed and have fun!” 

Tanya O. 

3. SugarBook

SugarBook main page

One of the oldest and best one night-stand websites for sugar daddies and mommies is SugarBook. You should know that this website is mainly for people interested in a sugar relationship. In this kind of connection, there is a sugar baby and a sugar mommy. Even though most users seek a sugar relationship, this service has one night stands available.

SugarBook is a surprisingly good alternative if you want to find casual sex. The high success rate of finding matches is the cause of this. You don’t have to be concerned about wasting your time because most users on this site are pretty specific about what they’re looking for. Additionally, the ratio of women to men is extremely high, which benefits everyone.

You must first undergo a financial verification process if you’re a sugar daddy or sugar mommy looking for hookups with a sugar baby. It guarantees that everyone is committed to the procedure. Many sugar babies are trying to connect with financially secure older couples. The application process for sugar babies is quick and straightforward. Both parties can relax knowing that the website will keep all personal information safe.


  • On this online dating platform, it is fast to find a match.
  • Numerous female profiles


  • There are limited free features

What Users Really Think About SugarBook 

 “This is an amazing platform that has always given me amazing one night stand opportunities. I have met cool people through Sugarbook, and I have zero regrets since I joined.” 

Melissa F. 

“I only wish I had signed up with SugarBook earlier because I can’t imagine all the fun i have missed over the years. This is one of the best one night stand sites if you really want to meet genuine people ready for a night or two of fun!” 

Gilly P.

4. Nuitapp.com


Nuitapp.com is a brand-new dating app focused on women looking for one night stands. Nuit is built on an intriguing and amusing idea. In essence, Nuit employs astrology to assist local singles in meeting like-minded individuals. This software will be ideal for you if you are interested in astrology. Given that Nuit is a newer choice than the others on this list, you might find that there is an unlimited number of users in your neighborhood.

You ought to have a respectable range of profiles to choose from if you live in a larger city. To improve the diversity of its membership, Nuit includes various features suitable for straight and LGBTQ individuals. Overall, check out Nuit for your next late night hookups if you’re searching for a fun alternative to dating apps or if you are one of the women looking for one night stand adventures. 

Nuit bases its primary matching standards on astrology to find compatible matches. The app will ask you for specific information when you fill out your profile, such as your birth date and location of birth. Then, the program will generate a birth chart using those data. You can find a complete astrological information list in your birth chart.

Once you have a complete profile, the app will make match suggestions. You may view each user’s traditional dating profile and astrological information. You can arrange hookups and one night stands by matching with other individuals.


  •  Excellent for all sexual orientations
  •  App available


  • It does not have a large User Base

What Users Really Think About SugarBook 

“I can now say that my life is divided into two. Life before Nuitapp and life after Nuitapp. I must say that I love life after Nuitapp so much that I wish it began earlier. I have had unforgettable one night stands courtesy of this platform.” 

Blake Z. 

“Nuitapp has made all my dreams come true. I have experienced the best sex of my life through the platform. The hookups are quality and nothing short. One of the best hookup apps out here.” 

Samara T. 

5. Reddit R/r4r


One of the most widely used social media platforms worldwide is Reddit. It’s also one of the top dating sites for one night stands. Reddit is a pornographic free-for-all website perfect for people to find sex. You may discover anything from nudes to dates on the numerous adult Reddit subreddits. Of course, you can also locate simple one night stands near me if that’s what you’re after.

It would be best to use the r/r4r subreddit if you want to locate a casual sex partner quickly. The subreddit is committed to facilitating communication between single Redditors. In addition, most people use subreddit to discover friendships and friends with benefits, among other things.

Reddit is an easy-to-use website to find single girls to hook up with. It is modeled after online forums where users can “upvote” their preferred remarks and posts. You may browse r/r4r without creating an account if you’re looking for instant hookups on Reddit.

It would be best to write your post if you want to take issues into your own hands. However, you must register for a free account to accomplish this. Your article should include your age, gender, and search criteria. Make it known to the group that you are searching for straightforward real one night stands.


  • Reddit hookup website is free
  • It has an available mobile app compatible with all mobile devices


  • No advanced search

What Users Really Think About Reddit R/r4r

 “Reddit R/r4r is a very simple platform where I have met exceptional people for one night stands. As long as you make your intentions and views clear on Reddit, you will find the right kind of people, I love the experience so far.” 

Melanie V.

“As a one night stand lover, I love how Reddit works. I wrote my first post and received a long thread of interesting responses. My one night stand list is long and I intend to complete it! :)” 

Mila D. 

6. BangWild.Com

BangWild main page

One of the best websites for one night stands is BangWild since it was made mainly to make it easier for real people to find dates fast. BangWild is still a fantastic alternative, even though it may not be as old as some other dating websites. You may quickly and easily establish a profile to look through other members.

Bangwild is a real one night stand site that also ensures it maintains extreme simplicity. According to the site reviews, you will only need an email address, a username, and a password to start. 

You can then create your user profile afterward. You are free to include as much information as possible in that section. To increase the chance of success, be sure to have a couple of decent profile images.

The good thing about the app is that the free version allows you to match with people right away. However, you must switch to a premium account if you want unlimited matches. In addition, to use premium features, you should upgrade your membership.


  • The one night stand website has Lots of tips for one night hookups
  • Explicitly made for casual sex


  • Less famous than other online dating sites

What Users Really Think About Bangwild

“The first time I encountered that name, I new I wanted to be part of it. The site has not disappointed me, and I love all my wild one night stands, which have really made me look forward to every encounter.”

Jamie M.

“I joined Bangwild a few months ago, and I feel it is the best thing that has happened to me and countless others. I am a free spirit and believe in hooking up most nights. Bangwild has delivered beyond expectations!” 

Lizzie U.

7. Asiandate.Com

AsianDate main page

AsianDate is a dating site for a mature one night stand designed specifically for Asian dating. However, you can also use the website to find long-term relationships. Millions of users use this site to find hot Asian women seeking one night stands. This hookup website is specifically designed to cater to men who adore women of Asian heritage. 

This dating service connects numerous Asian women with men worldwide interested in dating each other. The fact that this is an international dating website is a crucial consideration right now. As a result, you can find other users from other countries like China, the Philippines, and Thailand on the site.

AsianDate is a good app that allows users to sign up for free, but you’ll find that the free options are severely constrained. Fortunately, the paid plans are reasonably priced. Once you’ve registered and upgraded your membership, sending messages is not limited. 

You can go through user profiles and send as many messages as possible. In addition, this best one night stand website has a helpful option specifically to help in finding Asian women who are only in the United States. It will make it simple to those seeking one night stands near me for fast gratification.


  •  Free registration
  • Affordable premium packages


  • Limited free features

What Users Really Think About AsianDate

“I am Asian, and I love casual relationships with people from both my ethnic background and other cultures. I have met amazing people who have given me the sexal gratification I seek. Definitely a top tier platform among casual sex sites.”

Lily C.

“I was quite skeptical at first when someone recommended this platform to me. I have always loved Asian babes, and this online space was a dream come true. I have loved my experiences here and would recommend it to anyone who loves Asian babes.”

David K.

8. Daddyhunt.Com

Daddyhunt main page

One of the unique one night stand websites is Daddyhunt. It is the perfect place where you can easily find someone looking to have something with no strings attached. Therefore, if you want the best sex life and satisfy your fetishes with your fellow men, Daddyhunt is the site to use. The best aspect is that it is accessible on all mobile devices as an app. Daddyhunt is essentially an app best for older homosexual guys, sometimes known as “daddies,” and the men who adore them.

It is one of the best one night stand websites for homosexual men to locate internet hookups with “actual men.” The website has millions of users, and new people still join monthly. Therefore, finding a match will be simple due to the large pool of users. To the LGBT community, it is unquestionably one of the most excellent hookup services around.

Daddyhunt functions very similarly to any other traditional dating service. Up to six public profile images can be added to your profile so that visitors can see how you look. This program makes it incredibly easy to hunt one night stands online. Unlike an original swiping app, on Daddyhunt, you can freely browse through profiles rather than swiping through suggested matches. 

In addition, you can send someone a message using instant messaging and start flirting with them as soon as you locate someone who piques your interest. Overall, this is one of the best dating websites for singles of all ages looking seeking a one night stand.


  • Millions of active users
  • Excellent for gay guys who identify as “daddies.”


  • Limited features

What Users Really Think About Daddyhunt 

“I hate string-attached relationships, and this platform has served me well. I have had my fair share of exciting one night stands for months now, and I am not stopping soon. Highly recommended site.” 

Javier M. 

“It is a great place to meet a lovely partner and have your needs met.I love being a member of daddyhunt because I rediscovered sexual passions that I never thought I had.”

Montana B.

9. Bumble

Bumble main page

If you want the best one night stand site where you will meet someone who will take your sex life to another level, try bumble.com. Bumble is undoubtedly one of the top hookup platforms out there in the world of online dating. This dating app has had tremendous popularity because of its original take on conventional dating services. 

Bumble essentially provides women the upper hand in online dating. Therefore, women looking to experience a one night stand will benefit from this website. However, one downside is that the platform’s layout can take a little longer to locate a quick hookup.

Users scroll through profiles in search of a match on most hookup apps. Once a match has been made, either user may initiate communication at any moment. To achieve a better experience, the site provides users with exciting features like instant messaging, video calling, super search engines, etc. 

When a match is formed on Bumble, the woman is charged with sending the first message. After that, she has 24 hours to communicate with her mate before it vanishes forever.

This tactic empowers women and removes the unsolicited communications that clutter up inboxes. It might not be delightful if you’re a male user. Therefore, you should stand aside and let the women initiate the conversation.

The site has done an excellent job of removing fake profiles; thus, you can be sure that you will talk to real people. Overall, Bumble is a fantastic alternative to engage in cougar dating and enjoy one night stand local without restrictions.


  • Gender parity
  • Online dating is secure and safe


  •  Male users may become impatient while waiting to hook up.

What Users Really Think About Bumble

“Bumble is a great place to meet one night stand partners. I had to wait a while before I landed the ideal partners. I actually met someone I liked on the site. Bumble is a great place to seek partners.”

Sue G.

“I can rank Bumble as one of the best places where all the great sexual connections happen. I found my match on Bumble, and since then, I always rely on this online space to find the right people to have fun with. A great place!”

Marie Q.

10. OneNightFriendFinder


OneNightFriendFinder dating site gets right to the point. This website’s goal is to get users off their phones and meet and have one night stands. Then, you will press a button by six o’clock to express your want to go out that evening.

Then, the app displays others who share your interest in getting out. OneNightFriendFinder platform has awesome features and many profiles to choose potential partners from. It is an amazing hookup site that has countless success stories. 


  •  You will find like-minded people who want to have one night stands
  •  It is easy to use thanks to a user-friendly interface. 


  • Other features must be accessed through premium membership

What Users Really Think About OneNightFriendFinder 

“OneNightFriendFinder has come to my rescue many times on cold nights when I needed a good lay. This site connected me to the best partners over the months, and I have been happier since then.” 

Meg A.

“I have spent hundreds of dollars on scammy sites until I stumbled upon this site. When I landed my first match, I was impressed because I landed a real deal. A real person and had the best sex I have ever had in a long time.” 

Juan M.

11. BeNaughty

BeNaughty main page

Those who want to meet new people to carry on casual sexual relationships or hookups, BeNaughty is at your service. It is a free dating site that helps local singles to find sex partners and experience on-night stands, swinging, threesomes, fetishes, affairs, and many more.

Communication on this platform is 100% free to all members. So anyone can hookup and flirt with whoever they wish and as long as they want. BeNaughty takes security seriously, which is why you will never have to worry about your private information being leaked.

Every profile is verified, and the chances of connecting with a fake one are slim. You can exercise your naughtiness on this platform freely without any issues.


  • Millions of active profiles on this platform.
  • Interesting features to enhance the experience.
  • No charges to interact with members.


  • Fake profiles exist.

What Users Really Think About BeNaughty

“I really wish people knew what an awesome hookup site BeNaughty is. I have had great hookups through this site and formed lifelong friendships with amazing people. This will always be my preferred site when I need quick hookups.”

Jason B. 

“BeNaughty remains the best hookup site to anyone interested in quick sex. I can attest to that because within minutes of joining, I received requests, responded to them, and my sex life was running full throttle to date.”

Clarice M. 

How We Came Up With These one night Stand Sites Points 

We actually tried out and reviewed hundreds of no charges dating sites and apps during our search and created this list of hookup options that will allow you to meet the best partners to enjoy one night stands with.

We were thorough in our research and singled out only genuine sites because there were hundreds of scammy sites posing as genuine ones. We actually created accounts with these sites and even messaged potential partners and experienced great success. 

These sites and apps really help people meet their matches, whether to achieve long-term relationships, casual sex, or one night stands. 

Top One Night Stand Sites Reviewed [Which Actually Work?]


If you want to find one night stands near me quickly, it would be best to be clear about what you want on any website for a one night stand. It does not matter what your needs are. You can be sure that the above nightstand sites have something to offer everyone. 

The best site for one night stands depends on your preferences and what fits you best. The good thing about these nightstand websites is that they have many singles who want to meet someone who will satisfy their sexual fetishes. With these sites, you can be sure to fulfill all your sexual fantasies.


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