A Trustworthy Ohlala Review

Dating has become so exciting in these recent times and so easy thanks to amazing dating platforms that are created every day. Many handsome males and females can now connect with the partners of their choice on platforms such as Ohlala. A dating platform like Ohlala is an excellent option for anyone looking to get hitched to the partner of their dreams. Whether you are looking for a long-term relationship or you simply want to connect to someone and have some fun on a couple of intense and passionate days, the Ohlala dating site will meet your needs. So what is Ohlala.com? 

This is a dating site that is very popular among the German people, but it is also accessible worldwide. If you are interested in meeting mainly people from this European country, then this is the dating site to sign up with. This review of Ohlala will shed more light on this dating platform

What Is Ohlala?

Ohlala was created in 2015 by German web developers, and initially, the site was only accessible in Germany. However, later it was changed and became accessible in other countries such as the USA, Canada, and other European countries. This has made Ohlala a diverse community of people from many countries around the world. 

Ohlala dating site boasts more than 200,000 members worldwide, and the number keeps growing every day. A great number of users guarantees you a partner that meets your preferences. Even though this site is not so popular, it has still received attention from media platforms such as TechCrunch, Bustle, The Verge, and so on. The amazing design of the site and the good reputation thanks to the numerous Ohlala reviews make this site a great place to sign up and ready yourself for an amazing online dating experience. 

Ohlala main page

The Pros And Cons Of Ohlala Dating Site

Here are the pros and cons of Ohlala: 

The Pros

  • The site has very strict privacy and confidentiality rules for its user 
  • Has an easy-to-use interface making signing up, logging in, and navigating the site easy. 
  • The site has a lot of free features, which means access without a premium membership. 
  • Female users gain more perks than male users. 
  • You can translate this platform into German if you wish to.

The Cons

  • For the users from the United States, only residents of New York City can access the site. 
  • The site has its own payment system which does not include escrow. This could be a great inconvenience to some users. 
  •  This site lacks Ohlala app, which makes it difficult for those who love the convenience of apps. 

Overall Ohlala Rating

Quality Matches8/10
Ease Of Use9.8/10
Support 9.8/10
Cost 8/10

Is Ohlala Legit? 

Ohlala is a legitimate dating site that has existed since 2015 and for these 7 years, it has been connecting singles and creating beautiful love stories that make it to many Ohlala.com reviews. The owners of this dating site work hard to ensure that a minimal number of fake profiles make it to the site and with the strict privacy rules in place scammers have a difficult time. Every dime you pay on this site is worth it because not only is the experience fun, but it is real with real connections happening that make people so happy. 

Ohlala create account

Ohlala Registration Process 

So how does Ohlala work? Ohlala has a very simple registration process that also requires you to create your profile after creating an Ohlala account. All you need to do to register on the site is visit the home page of Ohlala and then first select the language you are comfortable with. It could be English or German. You can then next click on the “Register” tab that can be found on the top right corner of the page.

Next, you will need to indicate your gender, a very important step of the Ohlala sign-up process because the females on the site have more access to awesome features than the males. 

After choosing your gender, you will need to fill in your email address and a password that you will remember. Your email must be legit and verifiable because you will not access your account if you don’t provide your real email address.

Choose a stronger password to protect your account from scammers and allow you a safe Ohlala log in. Before you click the “Next” tab, which will take you to the form, you must confirm that you are 18 years and above. You must also agree to the Terms & Conditions of the Ohlala site before proceeding. 

Successful submission of the registration form will prompt a letter into your mail, where you will need to click the link in the mail to verify your details and prove that you are a real person. With your account active, you can add details to your profile and personalize it as you wish it to appear. You can upload the best photos of yourself, and the best thing is that there are no limits to the number of photos you can upload even if you are a free-mode member. Choose a great and attention-grabbing username to make your profile attractive. 

Include as much information as you want in your profile, such as age, country, favorite music, hobbies, and so on, so that potential partners can get to know as much about you as possible. 

Some Interesting Facts About Ohlala

  • Site name: Ohlala 
  • Average sign-up time: 5 minutes to complete the whole registration process. .
  • Paid or free: It has both free and paid memberships. You can always upgrade to the paid Ohlala subscription to enjoy a better Ohlala dating experience. 
  • Paid membership pricing: The pricing is done by purchasing coins where the lowest priced coins cost $11.00, and the highest-priced coins go for $ 47.50 

Unique Facts and Figures of Ohlala:

  • Ohlala is a German-owned dating platform that was launched in 2015. 
  • This dating site boasts more than 200,000 active users, with the majority being of German origin
  • The Ohlala dating website has useful features for an exciting experience and an easy-to-use interface. 
  • Ohlala is also known for very strict privacy and confidentiality rules making it difficult for scammers or fake profiles to make their way in. 
Ohlala search

Are There Real Matches On Ohlala?

Ohlala is one of those dating websites with great quality profiles which are not so detailed but are real. The profiles bare quick facts about the user, but the features on the other hand, allow you to connect with the people of interest. 

For seven years now Ohlala has been bringing people together from different countries, ages, and cities. The platform actually has a marker to verify whether the photos users upload are verified or not. The site has put in strong measures to ensure that fake profiles and suspicious activities do not happen on the site. Each profile is carefully scrutinized by the Ohlala management team to ensure that every member of the dating platform is legitimate. Most matches are real, but from time to time, fake accounts still happen. The site management advises members to report such accounts immediately, and immediate action is taken to filter them out. 

Ohlala dating site’s goal is to always protect its users which is why verification of accounts is strongly required. The dating platform does not allow persons who are under 18 years to register. There are strict rules to protect minors from accessing the site. Some of the rules actually forbid sharing of explicit content, whether videos or photos. The platform advises members to take preventive measures to protect themselves from scam accounts or report any accounts that seem questionable. Users of Ohlala dating websites can only best protect themselves by following rules. 

To get real matches, follow the following rules: 

  • Refrain from beginning your conversation before visiting the potential date’s profile. 
  • Consider interacting with people who have uploaded a couple of pictures, and they shouldn’t be less than 3 or 5 and must be of great quality. 
  • Quickly avoid or block members who begin asking you intimate questions, especially during your first conversation. 

Is Ohlala Easy To Use?

Ohlala is a bit different from other dating websites because it doesn’t have any filters when it comes to searching. Users connect with their partners depending on their gender. If you are a male user, you will gain access to the list of females that live within your vicinity. You can send a request to one of these girls that you are interested in to begin your conversation. 

But first, you must visit her profile, and since the site does not offer a lot of personalization features, you will barely know the female unless you look at her photos. still, your interaction with the female you are interested in will only happen when she accepts your request. You must send your requests 21 minutes apart to the various girls you are interested in for them to be successful. 

Now when you are a female, meeting a partner on Ohlala is easier because you can check out the men in your vicinity and still stay anonymous. But you can’t send them any requests but hope that they will send you their requests and you can accept their offers.

The search option and filters of this dating site are only for searching for people in a certain location. The lack of filters makes interactions on this site quite enjoyable because every connection is a surprise, and it is up to you to unravel the surprise and get to the interesting aspects of your potential partner. 

When you don’t have paid membership on Ohlala, you might find your experience quite limited. 

Dating on the Ohlala website might seem hard, but it works, and it’s actually easy when you are used to the system. The website has an easy-to-use design that allows you to navigate, check out profiles and carry out all the exciting activities of the site. 

Ohlala prices

How Much Does Ohlala Cost

Registration at the Ohlala dating site is free. However, you can’t experience the full features if you don’t pay for the premium membership. You can use your PayPal, credit card or direct debit card account. 

As for the premium membership, you will experience all the above perks and still get the main perk which is the ability to communicate with other members and share photos with them.

The cost of membership will depend on how many coins you purchase. 

100 coins$11
250 coins$26.50
500 coins$47.50

The more coins you buy the cheaper it gets as shown above. 

Are There Any Free Features In Ohlala?

As a free member, there are a few perks you can enjoy such as 

  • Unlimited photo upload.
  • Free profile views 
  • View potential partners living within your location
  • Ability to send requests only if you are a man. 

Unlimited Photos Upload 

You can upload the photos you need without any limits. Apply any photos that you want and the number you want. Just make sure your photos are attractive to generate interest when youu finally meet someone you like and they get to see these photos. 

Free Profile Views 

You can view other members’ profiles for free. Without any restrictions even when you are on free mode. You can also view members who live within your vicinity. 

Request Sending Feature 

If you are a free member and a man, you can send requests to women you are interested in but you can’t interact with them unless you buy coins.

Ohlala Customer Support 

Ohlala’s customer support is one of the most dedicated ever. They are quick to address any issues members face immediately. All their contact information is on the site and they respond as promptly as they can. Responses to concerns don’t go past 24 hours. Still, Ohlala users are advised to first visit the FAQ page before contacting support because they might find answers there. 

The Ohlala customer support will always be available to listen to any complaints and they will always address an issue to satisfaction which is why the site has been successfully running and connecting people to each other for years. 

Ohlala support

Is Ohlala Worth It? 

Ohlala might be a dating site dominated by German and other European users but it does offer a great experience as we have seen in this Ohlala.com review. Thousands of people have met interesting people on this site and they have raved about it in many other Ohlala reviews. 

With the strict privacy policy, amazing interface, and affordable premium membership, the truth about Ohlala is that it is worth it. It is worth your time and money and the chances of getting you the ideal date are high. 


Are There Fake Profiles on Ohlala?

Just like with most online dating sites, Ohlala too might have fake profiles but are as rampant as the other sites. The site management has made sure that its members are protected. Measures have been set in place to ensure that fake profiles never see the light of day in Ohlala. Every profile is scrutinized and verified before it is allowed to operate.

Is Ohlala Just a Hookup Site?

Ohlala is more than a hookup site. The site not only hooks up people but it has been revered as a platform where people meet and form lifelong friendships and long-term romantic relationships. It has the perfect feel for a hookup site but is also a great site for serious dating that could lead to marriage.

Is Ohlala Free?

Ohlala has two different types of accounts. It has a free account that has limited features which can still be enjoyed. On the other hand, this dating site also has a paid membership where members get to enjoy additional perks to make their online dating experience better. The cost of coins happens to be quite affordable.

Is Ohlala Safe?

Everyone dating online always wonders whether the site they are using is safe or not when it comes to Ohlala, the dating site is as safe as they come. The site does its best to protect every Ohlala member.

When it comes to the technical protection offered, all users are required to verify their email addresses after signing up. They must click on the link as a way of verifying their account and preventing scam accounts from making their way into the site. All credit card information of the purchasers is safe because the dating platform does not collect any credit card information from its users as a safety measure. 

You do not have to worry if you purchase your membership. This site does not collect your credit card information, and hackers will never access this data.

Is Ohlala a Good Dating Site?

So, is Ohlala good? Ohlala is an amazing site with great features and a smooth user experience. It is secure and quite resourceful when it comes to connecting members with dates. Many success stories have happened courtesy of the Ohlala.com dating site.


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