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It is safe to assume that the bulk of sugar babies are in their twenties and thirties. However, they come in all shapes and sizes. If there is something that these sugar babies enjoy the most is traveling. Most of them place a higher value on experiences than material things. A recent Reality Mogul poll got carried out on ladies aged 18 to 34. The result was that 47% of respondents stated they’d like to spend their money on vacation rather than a home purchase.

It’s all right. There is no reason not to take advantage of traveling around the world while you are young. The problem is that most people cannot even afford to pay for a round-trip flight, let alone travel around the world regularly. So, as a sugar baby, what can you do to satisfy your traveling urge? Misstravel dating site is here specifically for you.

Misstravel is a platform where sugar babies meet with sugar daddies and get the chance to travel around the world. In addition, anyone looking for a traveling companion can join the site. Most people who join the platform are interested in learning about other countries and cultures. In addition, most of the site’s users desire to travel in luxury and comfort.

They’re the kind of tourists that prefer to stay in luxury hotels and dine at posh eateries while on vacation. You’ll hardly ever meet a member who can’t afford a two-person vacation because of their preference. Most male members on Misstravel are middle-aged, well-established guys looking for a traveling companion. Members of the female gender, on the other hand, tend to be younger and hence more likely to be looking for free vacations.

The site’s user base is equally split between men and women, and it boasts a vibrant, open-minded community. The United States, the United Kingdom, and Belgium account for the vast majority of the site’s visits. The following review of Misstravel will give you in-depth information about the website. 

MissTravel main page

What Is Misstravel?

Misstravel is a dating service for discerning globetrotters looking to meet their perfect travel companion. You can find friends and travel partners from all around the world on this travel-matching website. When it comes to gaining access to Misstravel’s features, women appear to be given preferential treatment. However, there is a charge for communicating on the service. A message can only be read by a female member or a paid male user. So, if you’re a male seeking a trip companion, you’d better get prepared to pay for two.

Misstravel’s profile page is straightforward to understand. Users provide an excellent mix of generic information and personal views on their profiles. In addition, the “About Me” and “Why I Travel” parts of most profiles are extensive. Most members fill out their profiles with information about their travels and interests rather than leaving them vacant. This page also includes information on upcoming travels. If you come across someone attractive who is planning a trip, you can easily drop them a line and inquire about their itinerary.

Furthermore, you can post an endless number of photos to the site. In addition, you can choose to make them public or only reveal them to certain people. Fewer people are suspicious of a person’s identity if they have at least three images on their profile. Therefore, ensure you upload as many photos as possible.

The mobile version is a suitable solution for those who are frequently on the go. You can keep an eye on your profile irrespective of where you are and at any time. The good thing is that it is easy to use on any Smartphone or tablet device. Moreover, it’s compatible with nearly every web browser out there. It is identical to the desktop version in terms of features and layout design. This version is useful because it’s easy to use, has a good user interface, and loads in a short period. You can be sure that the Misstravel website will help you live your dream.

Pros And Cons Of Misstravel Dating Website


  • It is an innovative form of online dating due to its many tours.
  • You can either pay for your travel or have someone else pay for your expenses. In addition, you can also split the cost.
  • It is a platform that is simple to utilize


  • Some people may be unfamiliar with this type of dating because it is not conventional.
Misstravel how it works

Overall Misstravel Rating

If you doubt Misstravel is an excellent dating platform to try, here is its rating to clear your doubts.

Category Score 
Quality Matches 9.5/10.0
Features 9.5/10.0
Ease of Use 9.0/10.0
Support 9.0/10.0
Cost 9.5/10.0

Is Misstravel Legit?

Yes, it is. Misstravel is one of the most reliable traveling dating sites that you can use. Many people from around the world have joined the site. In addition, many people who love to travel have benefited from its services. Do you know why so many people use the website? It’s because the platform’s validity is unquestionable. The website’s transparency in offering services to consumers has earned it the trust of the majority of its users. Moreover, it has all the necessary licenses to prove its legitimacy. Therefore, there’s no need to be concerned about the website’s legitimacy.

The Registration Process Of Misstravel

Misstravel sign up process is fun, simple, and free. You will need a valid email address to create an account on the website. To get started, you’ll need to come up with a username that other users have not already used. When you sign in to the site, you will use your username to identify yourself. In addition, when you log into your account, this is the name you’ll see. Once you’ve decided on a username, you’ll need to validate your email address. If you fail to do so, the application will not get processed.

Five minutes is all it takes to complete creating your Misstravel account. During the registration process, you have the option of providing certain personal information. Your profile will display these details, which you can change at any moment.

Interesting Facts That You Did Not Know About Misstravel

The following are some of the facts about Misstravel that will allure you to use the platform.

  • Site name: Misstravel
  • Paid or Free: Misstravel is a paid dating site. You will barely do anything as a Misstravel free member. However, the site allows women to enjoy most of the services for free.
  • Average sign-up time: The website has ensured that the signup process takes as little time as possible. Signing up will only take less than ten minutes of your time.
  • Paid membership pricing: The Misstravel subscription cost is higher than most dating sites available. If you are a man and want to use the site, you will have to pay $60 per month.
  • Unique Misstravel facts and figures:
  • Most Misstravel dating website users come from the United States, United Kingdom, and Belgium.
  • Most of the female users are in their early twenties.
  • More than half of the Misstravel users are men. Almost all men are rich people who want to have a luxurious life with someone.
  • The website has thousands of users who are active weekly.
  • The website has millions of users and thousands of others joining monthly.

Are there real matches on Misstravel?

It is rare not to find real matches on the Misstravel app due to its reputation. Misstravel has done all possible to ensure that its profiles are of the highest quality. In addition, an inactive profile or a questionable user will get blocked. It also makes certain that the site is free of all bogus profiles. Furthermore, it encourages users to put more information on their profile and upload at least three photos. In addition, the high Misstravel cost of subscription chases away any scammers on the site. Therefore, finding that your match is not real is rare.

The Ease Of Using Misstravel Dating Platform: How does Misstravel work?

According to Misstravel reviews, the website is one of the simplest platforms. The site’s design is nearly identical to other adult dating sites. However, the site’s content sets it apart from other sites. The ease of navigating through the site is unmatched. Everything on the site has been presented to make it easy for customers to find what they want easily.

To access the website’s features, you must first create an account. Signing up is the only way to access the site’s content. It’s simple and quick to sign up. Once you signup, you will use your Misstravel log in details to get into the website. You’ll get prompted to create a profile after the process is complete. Spending time and working on your profile can help you stand out from the crowd.

You will find your perfect match using the site’s powerful search engines. Afterward, you can go straight to contacting your perfect match once you’ve found them. In addition, the website provides excellent communication tools to make your conversation memorable.

Misstravel success stories

How Much Does Misstravel Cost

The truth about Misstravel is that it is not cheap. When you compare its prices and those of other websites, you will find that its prices are above average. However, Misstravel will ensure it provides you with the best services and a conducive environment to enjoy online dating. Here is a table of the prices of Misstravel subscriptions.

Duration Cost Per Month Total 
1 Month 59.99 USD/ Month 59.99 USD
3 Months54.99 USD/ Month164.97 USD
6 Months 49.99 USD/ Month299.94 USD

Misstravel is a far cry from inexpensive. The cheapest premium subscription costs about 60 dollars per month, while the most expensive one costs 300 dollars for six months of service. You may think that you do not need a premium membership. However, the constraints of what a basic user may do make a subscription vital. Especially if you are a man, you will need a premium subscription.

The website favors women, and they give them more access to the functions of the site even without a premium subscription. While ordinary members get access to a few services, they won’t be useful if you’re looking to organize events and dates. There’s no way to keep in touch with anyone on the site if you have a normal account, no matter how many requests you get or send.

Are There Free Features?

The following are some of the features you will enjoy on the Misstravel hookup site.

  • Create trip
  • List
  • Add to favorites

Create a trip

You can use this tool to announce an upcoming trip to the world. Members will be able to request to accompany you on a trip once the site’s management has approved it. To plan a vacation, you need to know where you’re going, when, and who is paying for it. For increased exposure, consider including a summary of the item and keywords in the description and the item’s tags.

Add to favorites

It is a function that allows you to keep track of the profiles you like the most. When in search mode, it’s shown by a star icon at the top of the member’s display photo.


The site includes a variety of lists for you to choose from. You can access your “Favorited you” and “Visited me” lists via little tabs on your list of favorite profiles.

Misstravel support

Customer Support

The site values each Misstravel member. Therefore, it ensures that it provides users with a reliable support team to help them with anything. Miss Travel features a comprehensive FAQ section with answers regarding joining, utilizing, and traveling with the website. The dating platform also has a support ticket function for you to use if you need personal help with something.

On the website’s footer, you’ll find a link to the help tab, and the forms are located at the bottom right of that page. The company’s With Us page has an email address where you can get in touch with customer service. You can reach the website at [email protected] right now if you need anything.

Is Miss Travel Worth It?

Misstravel is worth it because millions of members worldwide have booked over half a million trips through the site. In addition, women (Attractive Travellers) may sign up for free, so there’s nothing to lose. If you’re a male member, you can purchase a one-month subscription to give it a whirl without putting yourself in danger.

When you join Misstravel, you can be sure to meet people worldwide and travel. The membership is truly multinational, and there are a wide variety of tours taking place at any one time. When it comes to a dream vacation, Misstravel is worth looking at if you haven’t already. And it only takes a few minutes to register. Is it worth your time, money, and effort to use this dating site to meet someone? If you’re single and enjoy traveling, this is the best platform. It allows you to meet potential partners interestingly.


”What is Misstravel.com?” has been a question that most people have asked. The above review will help you know everything about the Misstravel dating site. If you are a traveling enthusiast, what are you waiting for? Misstravel is one of the best dating websites to help you fulfill your dream. Create your account today and have a taste of one of the best dating sites for traveling lovers.


Is Misstravel Safe?

Yes, it is. When it comes to keeping users safe, Misstravel has outdone itself. Most of the fictitious accounts on the website have been removed. In addition, efforts have been made to cut down on instances of fraud as well. Since the website respects consumers' privacy, it ensures that all personal information gets protected.

Is Misstravel Good?

Yes, it is. There are a lot of positive Misstravel.com reviews on the internet. It is well known for its superb services and success stories of other users. It provides a wide range of security options to enhance the safety of its users. With Misstravel, you will get to experience these stunning services and fulfill your dream.

Is Misstravel Free?

If you think of using the platform for free, you are mistaken, especially if you are a man. When compared to other dating sites, Misstravel prices are relatively higher. However, women can enjoy some services for free, but you will have to pay for a premium subscription for men. The good thing about Misstravel is you can be sure that you will get the value for your money.

Are There Fake Profiles On Misstravel?

The website has invested its resources in ensuring they do everything it can to curb the issue of fake profiles. In addition, the high prices of Misstravel discourage any scammer from coming near the platform. In addition, it does regular profile verification for every user on the site.

Is Misstravel Just A Hookup Site?

No, it is not. You can also use the website to find traveling companions.


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