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Every person can make mistakes. Sometimes the path of life can lead us to the wrong choice. But also, each of us should get a chance to correct and return to normal life. The legal system implies that a person must be punished and start over with a clean slate. Moreover, all this is much easier to do if there is a loving heart next to you. Statistics show that among former prisoners who have found a soul mate, the return to criminal life is several times less.

In addition, many women are also sure that a crime is not a reason to refuse to communicate with men. And they are ready to start relationships with former criminals, help them re-socialize, and find a new meaning in life. But the beginning of communication is the most difficult phase. After all, prisoners do not have the opportunity to go outside, invite a girl on a date, etc. However, this problem can be solved thanks to modern technologies.

Today, dozens of dating sites offer their users online communication with charming ladies. Moreover, there are even services that specialize in working with prisoners in prisons. And men or women in prisons can get the tools to find a partner. But it is important to cooperate with the dating site that offers the best conditions to clients and understands their needs. Thanks to our review, you can find out what is Meet-an-Inmate.com, as well as the important features of the service.

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What Is Meet an Inmate?

First of all, the review should tell about the history of the Meet an Inmate dating site. This service started almost a quarter of a century ago (in 1998). At that time, it was a small social network that allowed prisoners to correspond with girls. Also, women wishing to fulfill the social mission of resocialization could also communicate with the men they liked.

Over time, this project has become very popular, and today thousands of users are registered here. An important distinguishing feature of the service is that many Meet an Inmate users are very active. They are available for communication almost every day, and the service allows you to exchange messages or emails. However, it is also necessary to note the special security measures for this site. Due to the specifics, messaging takes a long time because the correspondence is controlled in order to comply with the law.

Pros and Cons of the Meet an Inmate Dating Site

To understand is Meet an Inmate good, you need to conduct a thorough analysis and pay attention to the features that are important for the user. Because ideal services do not exist, each company has its own advantages and options. A thorough analysis of each factor can take a lot of time, and we decided to help you. In this section of the review, we have compiled a list to help you draw conclusions.


  • This is a good dating site with an important social mission;
  • Thanks to the service, many prisoners were able to start communicating with like-minded people and find a soul mate;
  • The company offers a simple and fast registration procedure, which is clear even to an inexperienced user;
  • High-quality functionality makes communication with other users comfortable;
  • The site has a good reputation – on the Internet, we have read many positive Meet an Inmate reviews about the company;
  • Additional features allow you to make matchmaking more efficient;
  • High-quality and professional support service, ready to help at any moment;
  • The service is as safe as possible because it is important to ensure the privacy and protection of users.


  • Meet an Inmate dating website design is outdated and needs to be improved;
  • Many features become available only after replenishment of the deposit;
  • The company does not offer a mobile application.
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Overall Meet an Inmate Rating

Each user himself answers the question of whether this service suits him. If yes, then he can open a Meet an Inmate account and start chatting online. If not, look for other alternatives. Because some features may be critical for him, and the benefits are not so obvious. But we will help you rank based on additional criteria. This section of the overview contains estimates for different segments of the company’s work.

  • Convenience – 9;
  • Reliable and safety – 10;
  • Customer base – 7;
  • Prices – 6;
  • Functionality – 8;
  • Search algorithms – 9;
  • Reputation (based on Meet-an-Inmate.com reviews from real users) – 9.

Is Meet an Inmate Legit?

The question – “is Meet an Inmate legit” is a very common question among potential clients. It is important because you will communicate with the prisoners. And users need to be confident in their safety. First of all, it is worth noting the legal status of the company. The service has been operating since 1998, according to official documents and US laws. The company is officially registered in Winchester, Oregon, and has a mailing address Arlen Bischke P.O. Box 845.

Also, security is one of the top priorities of a dating site. So we will answer “Yes” to the question “is Meet an Inmate safe.” Because all customer profiles are carefully checked, there are no fake pages here, and all the information is correct. Moreover, the company uses the most modern programs to counter Internet scammers. For example, the SSL protocol has a dynamic code structure, which allows for the maximum level of confidentiality and anonymity.

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What Is the Registration Process?

In this section of the review, we talk about the Meet an Inmate sign up process. This option is available free of charge to all adult users. But this stage is different for prisoners and ordinary users. A person in prison must prepare an application for consideration. It indicates the name and surname, number, address of the prison, religion, position, activity, and term of imprisonment. Also, it is possible to add two photos and a description of 250 words. All information is checked by the security service, and a decision is made within 72 hours.

Penfriends must not register on the site and do not Meet an Inmate log in. This service is only used to get information about prisoners. Here, a person views the profiles and details of a potential pen pal. And, if he is ready to start communication, then you need to take a pen and paper, write a letter and send it to the indicated address to the right prisoner (the number is indicated in the profile).

Some Interesting Facts About Meet an Inmate

Obviously, this is not just a hookup site but a completely different platform that allows people in prison to communicate with pen-pals. And this company has many important features. In this Meet-an-Inmate.com review section, we want to talk about these factors.

  • Best for: prisoners looking for a pen pal and people who want to communicate with those serving time;
  • Customer base: tens of thousands of US users;
  • Main age: 25-34 years for women and 25-34 years for men;
  • Gender proportion: 19% females and 81% males;
  • Mobile application: no app available for iOS or Android.
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Are there Real matches on Meet an Inmate?

To answer this question, it is important to understand how does Meet an Inmate work. After all, this is not just a dating site where you can find a partner for online communication. The main goal of the platform is to help prisoners feel needed and more socialized. The company works with dozens of prisons and thousands of men and women.

Moreover, we recommend that you read the rules of communication on the Meet an Inmate website (FAQ section). Here you can learn more about the rules of communication with prisoners and security measures. The company emphasizes that you only help the criminal to socialize and improve his emotional state. But meeting in real life can be dangerous for both parties. Therefore, the service does not recommend dating in real life. However, we also found positive examples when people found a soul mate thanks to such an acquaintance.

Is Meet an Inmate Meet an Easy to Use?

We continue to tell the truth about Meet an Inmate in our review. User convenience is also one of the company’s top priorities. That is why the page contains only the most necessary information. We highly recommend reading user tips (the link is at the top of the page). Here you will learn important things about how to correspond with a prisoner, what items are prohibited, etc.

Moreover, you can use the search by age – this makes it much easier to find a like-minded person. It is worth saying that the site has a good design, and light shades allow you to perceive all the necessary information well. So the experience of interacting with an adult service will bring positive emotions.

How Much Does Meet an Inmate Cost?

A paid to Meet an Inmate subscription is an additional option offered to inmates. Having a premium account will give you access to additional features because now this page has a higher rating. This means that the chances of finding a like-minded person become higher. What’s more, the premium membership opens up the option of email correspondence, which is very convenient. Meet an Inmate cost depends on the subscription period: 1 year – $35 (standard Ad), 2 years – $50 (standard Ad), and $90 (featured Ad).

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Are There Any Free Meet an Inmate?

In the review, we talked about the cost of a subscription to the site and the opportunities for the user. But there is also some Meet an Inmate free options. For example, viewing profiles is absolutely free. Here you can learn a lot of important things about a potential pen pal: his term, crimes, character traits, and other factors. Also, you can start communication by writing a letter to the address indicated in the profile. Moreover, now you know his number and the address of the prison, so you can make a phone call and start a conversation. But, for security reasons, do not indicate your number – after all, this is only the first conversation, and your communication should be as comfortable and safe as possible.

Customer Support

Another important parameter is user convenience. Adult service tries to create the most comfortable atmosphere for customers. The page has a user-friendly layout, so Meet an Inmate member can quickly find the right section and see information about prisoners. Also, at the top of the page, there is a “FAQ” section with answers to the most popular questions.

Moreover, the dating site support service is ready to help if the client has a problem. Two methods are available. This is sending a letter to an email address. Here, the response time is slightly longer (10-15 minutes), but it is possible to attach documents and screenshots.

Meet an Inmate FAQ

Is Meet an Inmate Worth it?

Well, now you know what is Meet an Inmate dating site, thanks to our review. Now you can make this important decision. The service allows you to find a pen pal, as well as support him and help in the process of socialization. The main goal of the company is to help people who have made a mistake in their lives. The dating site allows prisoners to register a profile and wait for communication. Moreover, it is also a chance to find a like-minded person and a soul mate.

Of course, the service has many limitations related to the principles of the company. Because all letters are carefully examined and checked. Also, the range of communication options is not wide, and the Meet an Inmate app is not offered, as prisoners are not allowed to have a phone, so there is no need for an app.


Are There Fake Profiles on Meet an Inmate?

The good thing about the Meet an Inmate site is that there are no fake profiles here. Because ordinary people should not register on the page, they use the information here only for informational purposes before starting a pen pal communication. And the criminals who are in prison fill out a special application indicating all the necessary data (term of imprisonment and article, name, and other features). All information is checked by the security service and only then published on the site. So you can be sure that you are communicating with a real person whose biography is indicated in the profile.

Is Meet an Inmate Just a Hookup Site?

This is not just a hookup site, and it is a special social platform that allows prisoners to find pen pals. This approach helps them to feel more comfortable, not to lose social skills, and to believe that their life will improve. Moreover, we have seen examples where prisoners found a partner and even loved ones thanks to such sites. But you must be very careful and follow all safety measures.

Is Meet an Inmate Free?

The company offers a paid subscription. We have provided detailed pricing information in the review of Meet an Inmate. The customer can pay $35 for one year or $50/$90 for two years (standard and advanced). But also, many users can find out information from the profile for free and start communication at any time. So you can enjoy texting, finding like-minded people, and even a soul mate without using credit cards. Also, you can use the special search option and specify additional factors, which allows you to quickly find the right pen pal.

Is Meet an Inmate Safe?

Safety is one of the company's top priorities. Nobody wants to become a victim of scammers, so the service has taken care of this aspect. The dating site has an international McAfee Secure security certificate, which confirms the reliable protection of customers. Also, the SSL protocol is used to counter scammers. Moreover, all profiles are verified, and the user can be sure that he is communicating with real people whose data is indicated in the profile.

Is Meet an Inmate a Good Dating Site?

On the Internet, we read a lot of Meet an Inmate dating reviews, where users talk about the effectiveness of the service. The reason is that the new client is accessing a large database. The company is also concerned about the safety of users, so it conducts a thorough verification of all profiles and verification of information. This is a really reliable way to find a pen pal. But you must answer this question yourself. Register, become a client of the company, find like-minded people and start communication. May luck be on your side.


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