Reliable Review Of Matchbox

Today we present to the reader a truthful and detailed review of one of the best matchmaking sites on the Internet. You will get answers to the most common questions, for example, “how does Matchbox work” or “is it a hookup website” and much more. We will consider the advantages and disadvantages of the platform compared to competitors and share our observations on the various functions of the resource. This review is definitely worth your attention if you are a serious relationship seeker.

What Is Matchbox.com?

In our modern world, where people have many travel and dating opportunities, men and women find it challenging to start a family. After all, work and career-building take away all the time. This trend is especially evident among single Muslims. Today’s urban world, with its fast pace of life and the identically fleeting acquaintances, is not conducive to building strong relationships.

More and more people are paying attention to the decline in marriages and the high divorce rate among young Muslims. It became more difficult not only to find a suitable partner but also to maintain the existing relationship. Many believe that the problem lies in the poor selection of a potential spouse.

And it is one of the reasons for the emergence of the Matchbox site – to find a partner who will be ideal for a happy family life. Common religion is the essential condition for a strong relationship. It is why Matchbox is so popular among people who profess Islam.

Matchbox main page

Another reason for the emergence of Matchbox was the desire of site developers to create a potential partner search convenient tool. At the same time, single people in search of love should not feel limited to the country or region of residence. Nowadays, the whole world is available to search. The situation is similar to a potential partner’s nationality – the website offers a wide selection of candidates from different locations. In 2023, the list included candidates:

  • Indian
  • Somali
  • middle eastern
  • Turkish
  • Arab
  • South Asian 
  • Pakistani
  • Moroccan
  • Iranian/Persian
  • African
  • Indonesian
  • Malaysian
  • Caucasian
  • European
  • Afghan
  • Algerian

And as a primary filter, two branches of Islam can be chosen. Whether you are Sunni or Shia, Matchbox will help you find love.

Pros And Cons Of Matchbox Dating Website


  • Tens of thousands of users;
  • User-friendly website;
  • Individual approach with clients;
  • Simple registration;
  • Clear pricing policy;
  • Consultations with Islamic scholars.


  • No Matchbox app;
  • No free services.

Overall Matchbox Rating

Ease of Use10/10
Profiles Quantity8/10
Real Profiles10/10

Is Matchbox Legit?

The Internet is not the safest place, and various dating sites often do not have the best reputation. So it’s a fair question, “is Matchbox safe”? We spent a lot of time and effort looking for an answer to it. We studied a lot of reviews and comments, checked the address at which the website is registered, made sure of the legality of the activity and many other nuances. Therefore, in the end, we can confidently say that the Matchbox is safe to use and completely legal. It will be equally important for religious people to know that the site actively cooperates with Islamic scholars and organizations. Sharia law is also respected and not violated when using the services of this site.

Matchbox Sign Up Is Easy

Matchbox registration is twofold. On the one hand, the registration form is quite simple and takes a few minutes to complete. But on the other hand, before filling out the basic form, you should study the differences between different service packages. After all, during registration, you need to specify your choice. The service package price and time savings depend on the client’s choice during registration. Customers can also receive a variety of reports and statistics on potential candidates. And many more. Therefore, before completing the registration and having the first Matchbox log in, spend a few minutes studying and choosing a package of services.

If you have decided, proceed to the common process of filling out the registration form. This process is typical and includes:

  • entering your first and last names
  • specify email
  • create a unique password
  • indication of the country of residence
  • phone number
  • sex and date of birth

Of course, you should specify the selected service package, as mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Matchbox create account

Interesting Facts About Matchbox Website

  • Name: Matchbox
  • Free or Paid: Paid with individual customer support
  • Pricing: From 75 USD to 500+ USD
  • App and Desktop Version: Only the desktop is fully functional. App is unavailable
  • Matchbox Facts and Figures: 
    • Matchbox is one of the biggest Muslim dating platforms in North America
    • Founded in 2016 in Toronto, Canada (25 Liberty St, Toronto, ON M6K 1A6)
    • A new office opened in New York, USA (348 Coney Island Ave Ste 2021 Brooklyn, NY, 11218)
    • Has 99,9% real user profiles

Are Matchbox Users Real?

A Matchbox account is unique because it can only be created by a real person. Wise creators of the site, from the start, saw the benefits and threats of the modern Internet. Therefore, to avoid the emergence of fake accounts and various bots, the platform developers decided to go through a labor-intensive but very effective way. Namely, an interview is conducted with a newly registered person before adding a new profile to the database. It happens through a face-to-face meeting, a phone or video call.

In addition to verifying the reality of the person, the interview has several equally important tasks. During the conversation, the matchmaker learns additional details about the new client and his / her desires for a potential partner. All interviewers are experienced psychologists, so they can help identify desires and needs not mentioned in the registration form. The user becomes not only confident in the real existence of users but also receives high-quality personalized service.

Matchbox how it work

Is Matchbox Good For New Users?

The use of Matchbox can be divided into four stages. Each is equally important and indispensable but has a different duration and complexity. However, compared to many other similar resources, we must recognize that the site administration has a highly customer-oriented approach. Even the identification and indication of preferences are made with the help of a platform consultant. Such a focus on the client’s needs is achieved thanks to a team of experienced professionals with extensive work experience. Conventionally, the process of finding a spouse can be divided into the following four stages:

  • registration and selection of a service package; 
  • appointment with a personal consultant (matchmaker);
  • candidate search;
  • meeting with a potential husband or wife;

Many years of work in the matchmaking industry have brought the search process to automation on the one hand. On the other hand, each client receives an individual approach.

After years of working in the industry, many sites conclude that the search engine, like the filter system, is not always effective. It is not due to errors in creating the site but to human psychology and social prejudices. After understanding the problem in more detail and talking to customers, the site’s creators found that many users do not know what they want. And sometimes, under pressure from society, they think they know their desires, but they don’t.

Thus, to avoid such inconvenience, the project developers decided to interview users. Such appointments occur with both new and regular customers. In a personal conversation, employees of the site determine the true desires of each man and woman. Priorities in choosing a partner and fears related to the relationship are determined. Such a conversation can simplify the search for a potential partner and allow clients to decide on their desires or learn something new about themselves.

Another advantage of this way of doing business is the feeling of being chosen. After all, the user feels an individual approach when communicating with a real person. It is especially important for sometimes conservative Islamic society. After all, some clients are parents in search of a bride or groom for their daughter or son. However, we must mention that the number of entries depends on the selected package of services. And the more expensive the service package, the more sessions you can hold.

Matchbox testimonials

How Much Does Matchbox Cost?

Package NamePackage Price
Basic75 USD
Premium300 USD
Premium+500 USD
Platinum500+ USD

Are There Any Matchbox Free Features?

Matchbox is a fully paid site, and features depend on the selected package of services. However, the extremely high level of service and the availability of unique offers is worth noting. This site is famous for its approach to each client. Consequently, seemingly ordinary functions are performed more meticulously and perfectly.

Among a variety of services, it is necessary to allocate four fundamentals:

  • registration;
  • interview;
  • candidate search;
  • meeting.

Registration is a basic function and, at first, does not differ from similar ones on other sites, but in Matchbox, everything is much more interesting. At the end of data entry and confirmation of completion of the process, the information is processed by the site’s employee, which is very cool. After all, it demonstrates how Matchbox works individually with each client.

An interview in the age of ubiquitous automation is a rare and pleasant bonus from the site to a new customer. It all starts with the appointment, which is carried out at a convenient time and way for the client. Then experienced and professional employees during the conversation determine the main desires and needs of the user of the site.

The search for a candidate is an important step and is carried out in the internal database of the Matchbox. This base has a staggering few thousand single Muslims, mostly from North America. But if the site user has purchased a platinum package of services, the search will also take place in the region from which the client wants to meet a partner.

The meeting is the fourth and most exciting moment. It is when a potential couple will finally see each other. After both users get acquainted with each other’s profiles and express interest, Matchbox organizes and supervises the meeting.

Matchbox upgrade profile

Customer Support

The customer support on this site differs from similar resources by more contacts and ways of communication. Most Matchbox reviews mention two options to contact customer support, but there are already five such ways at the time of writing this review (summer 2023).

Of course, the most common is a call to the phone number: +1 (905) 9193552 (keep in mind that the number is registered in Canada, so in the case of a call from abroad, the price of the call may be expensive). You can also write a message on the site, leaving your contact information, and will later be contacted by an employee. The other three options for feedback are social networks: Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. All of these social networks have a page on the site. Therefore, a Matchbox subscription to social media pages is an appropriate step.

In general, user comments, as well as other personal experiences, confirm the high qualification of the site staff. The feedback on the platform takes place in the shortest possible time. And it is not surprising, because the customer support service works 24 hours a day, without breaks and weekends.

What Is Matchbox Worth As A Site?

Matchbox is one of the safest online dating sites in the industry. And there are many objective reasons for such a statement. One of the main ones is multi-level protection from Copyscape. This system protects data from various viruses and encrypts input and output data. Such security is especially relevant when conducting various financial transactions, such as service package payment.

Another important aspect of protection is the security of customers’ data. Thus, the phone number, address, and other important information will remain a secret. By the way, during the site’s entire existence, no cases of leakage of customers’ personal info on the black market have been recorded. It once again confirms the reliability of the platform.

And there is one unobvious type of protection that is rarely mentioned in other site reviews. It is preventive protection against fraud. As we all know, scammers are present in the real world and large numbers inhabit the Internet. They use the naivety and trust of people looking for family happiness.

On most dating sites (especially free ones), users do not need to prove their identity. And this is used by fraudsters. But at Matchbox, each client goes through an individual interview after paying for the service package. This practice eliminates 99.9% of potential scammers.


Are There Fake Profiles On Matchbox?

Matchbox is a unique resource for many reasons, and one of them is the reality of 99.9% of all profiles. This outstanding feature is the result of combining two important site components. First of all, paid registration protects the platform from many spammers and fraudsters since they do not want to spend money on registration, which is great. Secondly, each Matchbox member, after registration, is interviewed by a site specialist. Most of these meetings take place via convenient video calls or in person. In this way, the site's employee has the opportunity to personally see the reality of each user and his / her person.

The result of applying such solutions when creating a site was an unprecedented level of relevance for users. The move has also made the website one of the safest platforms in the matchmaking industry. That is why most Matchbox.com reviews highly appreciate the work of this resource.

Is Matchbox Just A Hookup Site?

Matchbox is one of the Internet's most reliable and successful matchmaking sites. The database of many thousands allows Muslims worldwide to find love and start a family. The developers of the platform have created a truly unique service. The truth about Matchbox is simple - for relatively little money, the site can change the lives of single people forever.

This platform is definitely more than just a dating or hookup site. And the mission set by the creators of Matchbox is noble and life-changing. This distinguishes a website from a large number of similar projects. In addition, specialization in helping the younger generation (mostly) of Muslims narrows the boundaries of competition. Therefore, the specialists of the platform have the opportunity to fully focus on the quality of their duties in a comfortable environment.

Is Matchbox Dating Site Free?

Matchbox is a paid platform, and there are several good reasons. First of all, a large number of employees work on the website. It distinguishes the site from many other dating sites and online marriage agencies. After all, unlike others, creators of the Matchbox mostly rely on interpersonal communication rather than machine code. Secondly, such an individual approach requires the involvement of specialists in psychology and family relations. Their services are not free. Thirdly, because Matchbox occupies a serious relationship niche, the services of Islamic scholars are very often used. Fourthly, administrative costs in Ontario, Canada, are pretty significant. And these are just a few of the most basic and obvious reasons.


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