Trustworthy LoveStruck Review

Today, we can use dating platforms to track partners. We may choose casual relationships, one-night stands, and exclusive romantic dating. Some dating apps offer a better experience for their users. For example, LoveStruck takes care of everything love-related while users enjoy their life.

This article aims to reveal more facts about the Love Struck dating platform. Check the prices, features, and other details in the following review. 

What Is LoveStruck?

LoveStruck has been in the online dating industry for quite a few years. But what is LoveStruck.com exactly? It’s one of the most popular dating platforms in the U.U and some other countries like the U.S, Australia, and Singapore. The app developer is Love Group Global, one of the most reputable developer companies.

The office of the company is located in London. People worldwide prefer to use this app as it has one of the most precise and subtle matchmaking features. One of the best things about LoveStruck is its efficiency.

LoveStruck main page

The website notifies users if they have matches nearby. But how does LoveStruck work exactly? It asks for your permission to access your location. It also requires downloading the app. Even if you are offline, the app will notify you if there is a match nearby once you are connected to the web.

One of the most fascinating features of LoveStruck is its app. The mobile app is like your personal matchmaking assistant. Once it locates a member who matches your tastes, your phone will start shaking. 

Some awesome people using the app claim they were walking down the streets while the app started shaking. One of the best feelings is when you make eye contact with the person who triggered the app. It’s extremely fun to use LoveStruck because of this incredible feature!

Pros And Cons Of The LoveStruck Dating Site

Most users leave positive reviews about Love Struck. However, each product has advantages and disadvantages. Let’s see what LoveStruck offers. 


  • The dating site offers to join a friendly community.
  • The website has profiles of extremely attractive, well-educated, and successful people.
  • It’s easy to use the platform.
  • The mobile app has an amazing notification feature. The phone will shake when the app spots an attractive match nearby.
  • It’s fun to use all LoveStruck features. 
  • The site offers a great level of security.
  • All profiles are verified to ensure a positive experience. 
  • The dating platform has a blog with interesting articles.
  • The site requires linking one’s social media account as means of proving user identity. 


  • The website is expensive. 
LoveStruck find love

Overall Example Rating 

Check out this useful table below to better understand what to expect from LoveStruck. 

Ease of usage4.7/5
Support & help4.9/5

Is LoveStruck Legit?

Yes, the current review of LoveStruck reveals many good facts about the app. If you keep reading the article, you will learn about some fascinating rewards this app has won! This dating platform offers a perfect solution for people with busy schedules. The dating platform creates conditions where users can enjoy their life, work on their careers, and meet those people Love Struck choose for them in the evening.

Love Struck takes care of everything love-related while you can enjoy yourself. The website is safe, thanks to amazing protection measures. The Love Struck is amazing and friendly. It’s safe to use the dating platform since everyone is friendly and helpful. 

This amazing dating platform has more than twelve years of experience in the online dating industry. The website belongs to a reputable and trustworthy company. Moreover, Love Struck has mainly positive reviews and high rankings. 

LoveStruck how it works

What Is The Registration Process?

The LoveStruck sign up is simple and comprehensive. It takes around two minutes to register a profile. The good news is that you can skip the setting profile step and proceed with checking other users. This feature enables members to check if they see attractive matches nearby. The availability of attractive individuals nearby positively influences their opinion about using the online dating platform. 

Creating a profile on Love Struck requires having a mailbox. Check the mailbox upon creating a profile. Your mailbox should have a verification link. Click on the link to verify a newly created profile on Love Struck.

However, if you are more of an action person, consider using your Facebook account to create a profile. If you allow the site to access your Facebook data, it will fill out most of the information on your behalf. As a result, you’ll save time setting up your amazing Love Struck profile. 

Some Interesting Facts About LoveStruck

People can learn some of the facts by checking the website. However, some facts will pleasantly surprise most users. Moreover, awesome members of the LoveStruck community will be glad to find out that the prices on using Love Struck features are justified. Here are some common facts about this fascinating dating website:

  • Paid or free: Love Struck has several awesome free-to-use features. However, users get full access to all amazing features upon paying for a subscription plan.
  • Average sign-up time: it takes around two minutes to create a LoveStruck account. New amazing users of the dating site can postpone setting up their fresh profiles and upload their beautiful photos later. Users can see profiles of other attractive members nearby when creating an account. 
  • Paid membership prices: one month’s subscription starts at $87.99, or $164.00 for a Platinum membership. The cost of using the dating website is high. 

Yes, it’s clear that a LoveStruck dating site aims at people with a stable income. The website caters to the interests of attractive and busy people who are working a lot. These amazing people don’t have much time to date, so they need some extra assistance. Love Struck gives this extra assistance by offering invaluable matchmaking services. Here are some other interesting facts about LoveStruck:

  • The Love Struck dating site was launched in 2010 in London. However, its popularity quickly spread to other countries, including the U.S, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, Australia, etc. 
  • The LoveStruck website won several awards in 2014. These awards include Dating App of the Year, Dating Website of the Year, and Singles Party of the Year.
  • LoveStruck also won 
  • In 2015, the Lovestruck site also won the flagship “Online Dating Brand of the Year” award.
  • The fonder of LoveStruck is Brett Harding, who is also considered one of The Courvoisier The Future 500.
  • The primary goal of the Love Struck dating website is to aid busy and successful people. Typical users of this amazing dating site are businessmen and businesswomen who want to engage in serious romantic relationships. 

The Love Struck dating website has incredible experience in matching compatible individuals. It’s where successful, beautiful, educated people find their happiness. You will meet the most intelligent, interesting, and good-humored individuals on the amazing LoveStruck app.

LoveStruck app

Are There Real Matches On LoveStruck?

Yes, all matches on the website are real. In fact, the truth about LoveStruck is that people with serious intentions use the site. This online dating platform aims at connecting singles who want to fall in love. These amazing people are professionals and work a lot, so they don’t have time to find partners for serious romantic relationships. 

Most members of the amazing LoveStruck community are young or middle age professionals. A typical LoveStruck member is in their mid-twenties or early thirties. However, people in their early twenties and even early forties also use this amazing dating platform.

Attractive LoveStruck dating website users prefer exclusive relationships over casual hookups. This awesome dating site attracts them because of the precise and subtle matchmaking. Moreover, beautiful users of the website value LoveStruck because it saves their time.

Members of the amazing Love Struck community may choose a Platinum membership to get even better chances of finding a great partner. The Platinum subscription isn’t necessary, but it offers more assistance in finding the right partner. 

The good news is that the amazing Love Struck dating website also caters to the interests of the LGBT community. So, if you want to find a loving partner of the same sex, you can benefit from using LoveStruck. 

Is LoveStruck Easy To Use?

First, LoveStruck is available only if you are 18 and older. But is LoveStruck good in terms of ease of usage? Yes, Love Struck has a user-friendly interface with easy navigation. Note: the company offers a desktop version and a mobile app. Do not confuse the LoveStruck dating app with a gaming app. 

The first impression of the Love Struck dating site is positive. It has a beautiful design and a well-structured website. Finding the LoveStruck log in button to create an account is easy. The site allows switching to a different language.

LoveStruck has a convenient and easy-to-use menu. Amazing members of the LoveStruck community can choose from different dating types. For instance, some may choose speed dating and quickly find partners nearby. If an amazing member wants to date Asian people, they can choose the “Asian dating” option from the menu. 

This awesome website also offers to read several guides to dating. Moreover, the site also features happy couples and their stories. Overall, it’s easy to use all the functions of the dating platform. Some LoveStruck reviews claim it’s as easy to use the app as to navigate any social media. 

LoveStruck features

How Much Does LoveStruck Cost?  

Membership TypeDurationMonthly PriceTotal PriceHow Much You Save
Gold1 month$87.99 $87.99 
3 months$51.66 $154.99 $108.98
6 months$34.17 $204.99 $104.97
Platinum1 month$164.00 $164.00
3 months$98.33 $294.99 $197.01
6 months$66.67 $399.99 $190.00 

Are There Any Free Features?

Yes, free features are available. The good news after finding out the LoveStruck cost is that the app has several free features. Users must purchase a subscription to unlock all other features, but they can get a glimpse of what Love Struck offers. 

Some of the most fascinating LoveStruck free features include the following:

  • Set up a profile. Awesome new members can upload as many photos as the system allows, create autobiographies, and add interesting facts about their lives.
  • Like other members’ profile pictures
  • Use the search mechanism. New amazing Love Struck community members can even choose to see matches nearby.
  • Use the matchmaking system. Once you create a profile, you can see other people and whether you match.
  • Read messages. Members can reply to these messages after buying a LoveStruck subscription. 

Yes, Love Struck doesn’t belong to an easily-affordable dating website type. However, prices decrease when users buy subscriptions with longer usage periods. Moreover, the free features of the amazing app enable users to decide whether they want to use the website. 

As for paid features, they include:

  • Unlimited messaging. Users can read and send messages to anyone they like and find attractive.
  • View all photos. This fascinating dating site allows seeing profile pictures for free. However, the site also allows us to upload entire albums with our beautiful photos. You can view these pictures after buying a full membership. 
  • Track who views your profile. It can be encouraging to know someone you like was viewing your photos. It boosts confidence and makes people contact the person they like. 
  • Check who added you to the favorites list. It’s another encouraging feature that also boosts confidence.
  • Use the app in incognito mode. People who are shy may check someone’s profile without being noticed. 
  • Personal matchmaker consultation. Available for Platinum membership owners. An experienced person may help you find someone who matches your amazing personality. 

The good news is that prices go down once you buy memberships with longer periods of use. Check the table above to compare prices. 

LoveStruck success stories

Customer Support

The support team is always polite and eager to answer questions and help users in need. As mentioned, the Love Struck community is very friendly, and the support team belongs to this awesome community. It takes a few hours to get a reply. Users may even contact support via WhatsApp and get their answers within minutes. 

Is LoveStruck Worth It?

So, what is LoveStruck, and is it worth paying for its services? The app is worth it if you have a busy schedule but want to start serious romantic relationships. LoveStruck is a platform for people who want to fall in love. Overall, Love Struck fully takes care of finding compatible matches. Moreover, it even offers a personal human assistant to find the right person to date! 


Are There Fake Profiles On LoveStruck?

Yes, but most LoveStruck users are real people. Love Struck is rather expensive, which comes with various hidden bonuses. One such bonus is the need to pay to message other people. As a result, scammers and people with fake profiles can't bother real users. The company which owns this amazing online dating site has other means of securing users' safety, so they don't have to deal with fake profiles.

Is LoveStruck Just A Hookup Site?

It depends on the person's intentions. Typically, members of the amazing Love Struck community seek partners with serious intentions. Most users of the app are busy professionals who don't have time to find a date. Love Struck is helping these people by tracking compatible individuals based on their interests. Users don't swipe left or right; they simply get recommendations and are notified if someone compatible is currently nearby.

Is LoveStruck Free?

Love Struck has a lot of free features, but it's a paid app. Most LoveStruck.com reviews claim that the app is very helpful and has amazing features but is rather expensive. The only comforting thing about using Love Struck is that the price goes down depending on the longevity of a subscription plan. For example, instead of paying almost $90 per month, users pay around $35 once switching to a six-month plan.

Is LoveStruck Safe?

Yes, given the app's price, it's logical to assume the company guarantees the safety of data and privacy. This awesome dating platform meets all the requirements related to safe data storage. The owners of the app don't sell, share, or leak personal data. Love Struck also uses SSL protocols to secure members' data when they are connected to the web.

Is LoveStruck A Good Dating Site?

This LoveStruck.com review reveals a lot of positive information about the dating platform. The main flaw of the dating platform is its price. However, it is justified given all those advanced features. The website notifies users about nearby events where they can meet love. The platform has precise matchmaking and even offers the services of a human assistant to do the matchmaking. So yes, it's a great app.


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