The Best 11 Legit Hookup Sites In 2022 To Try 

You may find some people have a particular sexual fantasy, but they cannot find someone who wants the same thing. Thanks to advanced technology, finding a temporary lover to hook up with and satisfy your fetishes is now easy. You can find many hookup platforms that will provide you with casual hookups. There are actually legitimate hookup sites free of charge.

If you do not have time to go on dates, you can use casual dating sites to find a compatible partner for an online hookup. When you correctly approach casual encounters, they can be empowering, fun, liberating, and pleasurable. The critical thing is to know what you want and what you are up against. 

If you do not know where to start with your journey of seeking casual sex, you can be sure that the following legit adult hookup sites will help you meet your goals. So keep reading to know the legitimate hookup site that will fit you. 

legit hookup sites

11 Legit Hookup Dating Sites That Out Can Trust

Try out these tremendous legit hookup sites if you are yearning for the best sex hookup that will leave you fully satisfied.

1. BeNaughty

BeNaughty main page

This is one of the simplest hookup platforms. On this adult hookup site, you only need to submit your age, email address and gender preference to be accepted. Choose a naughty and eye-catching username to attract potential fuckmates and you will be in and ready to search for dates within your location. Imagine getting laid anytime you want? Well this platform will do that for you.

The carousel feature is awesome especially if you want to spark connections quickly. Swipe through photos and send any like to any attractive profiles. Within a short time you will be having the naughtiest conversations you have ever had in your life. 

This platform is the horny singles paradise and many have landed hot romances and casual hookups here. The best thing is that it lives up to its name as a place where you can be as sexually naughty as you want. You can turn all the naughty things that you have been thinking about into a reality on this site. 


  • Easy to sign up
  • Has a great number of legitimate profiles 
  • Great features to ensure an exciting experience. 


  • Existence of fake profiles 

What Users Really Think About BeNaughty 

“I have been on BeNaughty for years now and always I get what I need depending on my fantasy of the day. This site is the best thing that has ever happened to my life.”

Cynthia K. 

“I love it that I have the opportunity to meet sexy and naughty people whenever I wish to. The best part is getting laid by a naughty person and tremendously enjoying it!. BeNaughty is simply the best” 

Bill R. 

2. AdultFriendFinder

AdultFriendFinder home page

If you want the best legit cougar hookup sites, Adultfriendfinder tops the list. It provides everything that will satisfy any of your fetishes. You can find hookups from one-night stands to friendly flirting on this one of the best legit hookup sites in USA. It is more like Ashley Madison but better. 

Adult Friend Finder is ready to fulfill all your fantasies, whether you’re a swinger or want to have the most popular fantasy, a threesome. Being one of the oldest online dating websites and having been around for 25 years proves they know what they’re doing.

Thanks to this fantastic platform, you can find local partners interested in the same things as you, such as sex dating. Free registration and account creation are a bonus on this website.

Visit the website and take advantage of the free trial to see what you’ve been missing all this time. You can find a lot of open-minded people that are willing to try new things there.


  • It consists of a reliable mobile app
  • It has a vast user base


  • It contains a lot of ads

What Users Really Think About AdultFriendFinder 

“I have only been here 2 weeks, and my oh my! I am getting hot girls left, right and center. I don’t know who to bed first. I want to bed them all, and they are all willing. I have met two already and they are real! Am thinking of having a threesome! This is my best hookup place so far.”

 Gibby J. 

“I would love to tell anyone reading this to sign up with AdultFriendFinder quickly if they want to get laid within no time. I have met quite interesting people here. People I thought existed only in my fantasies. Wonderful and legit hookup platform.”

Maya C.

3. OkCupid

OkCupid main page

If you want one of the best legit hookup websites, OkCupid should be at the top of your list. This trendy LGBTQ-friendly online dating site has captured the hearts of liberal millennial singles by focusing a percentage of its profile-building prompts on the current political climate. 

In addition, the need for voting and open pronoun and orientation options all assist in reeling in an informed, respectful, and sex-positive population. 

Although a subscription plan gives you access to this casual dating site’s full potential, you may still use its free search tools. Making a note of the kind of connection you’re seeking in your profile settings is much simpler, with options including “new pals” and “hookups.”

On a website that is more relationship-oriented, it’s still simple to meet others looking for the same casual hookup as you. Enjoy this platform since it is closely similar to one of those hookup sites free legit no membership.


  • This adult hookup website allows users to enjoy a premium membership with many features
  • Signing up on this adult dating site is free
  • OkCupid is a hookup platform with a great support team


  • This dating platform contains many ads

What Users Really Think About OkCupid

“I have been on OkCupid for years and I met the love of my life there. I met several potential partners on the site and settled with one. I can’t imagine any better way to find hookups and find true love.”

Arthur Y. 

“OkCupid has been my go to site for all hookups, and I loved that I have always found a hookup everytime I had the itch. It is an amazing platform.” 

Brandon J. 

4. Hinge

Hinge main page

Hinge is among the best real legit hookup sites that combine the contemporary, immediate sensation of swiping applications with the relationship-focused environment provided by websites like eHarmony or Match. 

Hinge calls itself the “anti-Tinder,” which I prefer to refer to. Instead of swiping, you scroll like on Instagram, which has a smoother and less judgmental vibe. So for singles looking for a hookup but would rather see how things develop with the right person, Hinge is the best laid-back alternative.

On Hinge, you may choose preferences like age, ethnicity, and religion and send up to eight likes daily (unlimited with the subscription version). If you’re searching for someone of a certain height, does drugs, or has other preferences, you may filter by even more criteria with a paid membership. 

However, this level of compatibility might not be necessary if you’re only looking for potential hookups. Therefore, the free version should work for you.


  • This adult hookup website has a simple interface
  • It has high confidentiality
  • This popular hookup site has free registration


  • This sex app is a bit expensive

What Users Really Think About Hinge

“Hinge made all my hookup dreams come true. Hooking up with people in my social circles proved to be a challenge but since I joined Hinge, hooking up is no longer a problem for me.”

Franchesca H.

“I am not social, I am an introvert and love my privacy. Since I don’t go out often, there was no way I could meet a partner. Hinge came to my rescue. My sex life has been revamped, and I can now meet whoever I want at the comfort of my home and shag them whenever the craving strikes.”

Carl R. 

5. Tinder

Tinder main page

Although Tinder may not wish to promote itself as such, its image as a hookup app is not unjustified. First it is a safe hookup online legit platform. There are indeed more success stories of happy couples who met on Tinder but finding a date for a one-nightstands is far simpler than finding a long-term partner.

Furthermore, in most cases, people engage with other like-minded users on Tinder to find hookups based on their profile images. Therefore, it makes sense that getting laid would be the primary objective for most users.

Even the most hesitant and reserved people will use Tinder since it’s quick and straightforward. Of course, frequent swiping can give you carpal tunnel syndrome, but it’s practically difficult not to locate other DTFs who share your views.

Furthermore, you can feel safe even while swiping for nothing serious because profiles with a blue checkmark indicate that the person has been confirmed with a video selfie.


  • This one-night-stand website consists of millions of users worldwide
  • This free dating site provides its users with a mobile app that is compatible with iOS and Android devices


  • The mobile app might be slow since it is used widely

What Users Really Think About Tinder 

“Tinder is a dream come true. I have met hot partners here, and I am one happy user. I love that it has people from diverse cultures all around the world. I always meet beautiful women who have made all my fantasies real. Tinder is the best.” 

Jabari S. 

“I say Tinder is the mother of all hookup sites. It is the best place to meet any kind of partner. I am gay, and I met the most amazing partner here. I am a permanent camper at Tinder.”

Timmy T. 

6. Pure

Pure main page

 If you want a hot sex partner that will satisfy your fetishes, Pure is among the best free legit hookup sites. Pure is the place to find a booty call that won’t try to text you before midnight if you’re sick of having your signals confused or dread being questioned, “What are we?” by a friend with benefits. 

According to the app’s guidelines, the only game in town is no-strings-attached sex and “act like you’re strangers afterward.” When compared to other legit free hookup sites that try to persuade you that you’ll discover your soulmate, the rise of overt sex positivity on Pure is a breath of fresh air.

Your posted pictures, private information, and interactions with others automatically expire after 60 minutes, encouraging impulsive and anonymous connections. There aren’t even any profiles; instead, all you can see is a feed of personal ads that will help you find what you’re searching for. 

Since most users aren’t shy, you can exactly put what you’re looking for in a hookup and anticipate receiving some responses.


  • It has an easy registration
  • It is accessible to anyone


  • It lacks a mobile app

What Users Really Think About Pure 

“Pure is indeed a pure hookup site that connected me with such an exceptional female whose bedroom skills haunt me to this day. That was 4 years ago. Even though I have met other interesting and special people, I will always be grateful for meeting that particular female years ago. Pure is just amazing. Still active on the site to date.” 

Malcolm G.

“Pure made me love hooking up. It is my new hobby since it is so easy to do on the platform. I love that I can choose who I want to meet and when. I actually have a hookup diary now thanks to pure. Such an awesome hookup space!” 

Jenny A.

7. Plenty Of Fish

Plenty of Fish main page

You would think Plenty of Fish is more relationship-oriented based on the sign-up questionnaire. However, it is also an excellent place to look for local hookups. 

Even though it is possible to use the app to discover your future spouse, its most excellent appeal is the ability to speak with any user, even if you haven’t matched. It includes checking who is online and in your area. In addition, finding online daters who are similarly not searching for anything serious isn’t that tough because of the ease of contact.

Additionally, you can indicate in your profile that you’re seeking something informal, offering you a simple opportunity to get to know someone before meeting up. Finally, there is a tab where you may swipe through prospective matches if you do feel like screening a bit before saying hi. Plenty of Fish is among the best legit hookup sites near me. 


  • It is easy to contact members
  • It is free to adjust your search radius to a global scale


  • It is relatively expensive

What Users Really Think About Plenty Of Fish

“I have flirted to my heart’s content on Plenty Of Fish, and I love that I am able to hook up any day of the week, thanks to the plenty of quality profiles on this site. I have met both slim and curvy women of all races, and I must say, this is a sexual adventure site wind wonderful surprises in the form of exceptional partners.” 

Fletcher P.

“I love POF because it never lacks partners who want to hookup. There is no dry season or low season on this site. I have hooked up with multiple partners from January to December, and I love the fact that dry spell is never an issue in my life anymore.” 

Allison G. 

8. Feeld

Feeld main page

According to hookup culture, in some cases, a hookup involves more than two people. However, finding folks who are up for a threesome is not always easy. If there is one of the best adult dating sites that will provide you with the best threesome experience, Feeld is one of them. 

You can select from more than 20 different sexual and gender identities, match your profile with your partner’s, express your wants, and start group chats in chat rooms. Therefore, you’ll be able to focus on precisely what you want.

The program is sexually explicit without having a malware popup appearance. To engage in consensual polyamory, you can sign up for Feeld as a couple or as an individual. Feeld is among the best free dating sites you can enjoy for free. 

However, the majestic membership, which costs money, offers extra features, including seeing who liked you, desire-based filtering, sharing private photographs, and anonymous surfing.


  • It has a variety of communication methods
  • It provides a safe environment for users to look for partners


  • It lacks a mobile app

What Users Really Think About Feeld 

“Feeld got me on a hookup rollercoaster that I loved so much. I am forever indebted to this site for such amazing hookup experiences. Join if you want real and quality hookups.” 

Shania K.

“After a series of disappointments with hookup sites that turned out to be scam, I finally found Feeld and my series of disappointments ended. I experienced and still experiencing the best hookups here.” 

Tequan J. 

9. Zoosk

Zoosk main page

 If you want the best legitimate free hookup sites that will give you a memorable experience, Zoosk is there for you. However, you must upgrade to a paid membership to get the most out of the site. Zoosk has a flirtatious “pick up and go” mindset regarding online dating. 

Therefore, they won’t force you to answer a tedious series of questions about yourself. Instead, Zoosk tracks your online behavior and tries to match you with better matches based on what you already enjoy. Therefore, if you prefer the concept of putting out little effort, Zoosk is among the sex sites you should consider. 

Giving specifics about the age range and gender of the companion you seek does little to reduce your selections. That might work for a strict hookup, but finding something beyond friends with benefits will take a little more work. The site frequently displays users who reside thousands of miles away. Therefore, it is perfect for local hookups. 


  • It provides users with a reliable customer service
  • It is safe to hook up with other


  • The free version is limited

What Users Really Think About Zoosk 

“Zoosk got me going crazy because I couldn’t believe I could hookup with such fly babes. I have experienced orgies, threesomes and one-on-ones not to mention many one-night stands here on Zoosk. This is a hookup site that never disappoints!” 

Miguel R. 

“I have never felt this excited and this satisfied about hooking up. Zoosk offers the best experiences. The site is easy to use and all the profiles I have connected with are genuine so far!” 

Charles W. 

10. OneNightFriendFinder


Most casual sex sites are not entirely free. However, no strings attached dating site is close to that. It even provides its users a seven-day free trial to test the platform. 

Everything from this platform has points to one-night-stands, as the name implies. This hookup site has been running successfully for years and offers many alternatives. Your every movement on it will be covert.

You can have a virtual affair or locate others who are single, married, or in a relationship who are looking for more. You can be sure that you won’t have any trouble discovering one-night-stand adventures and achieving all your sexual desires due to the popularity of this site and its success among its users. 

It is one of the best online dating sites to find a local hookup and make your sexual fantasies a reality. 


  • It provides users with a free 7-day trial
  • It provides the members with a live webcam for effective communication


  • Free members have limited communication options

What Users Really Think About OneNightFriendFinder

“This is indeed a one night stand zone because I have experienced the most mind-blowing sex here. I always hookup with people who want to give their best and receive the best in the bedroom. I am satisfied every time I get on this site and find a hookup. I am never going anywhere else!” 

Maurice V. 

“I have no words to describe just how happy I am. I walk with a spring to my step because I can get laid anytime I want. In the past, I have had to work too hard to get the attention of someone I wanted to bed. That is now a thing of the past because, with just a few clicks, I am able to get a partner at OneNightFriendFinder. Such an amazing site.”

Juanita S. 

11. AshleyMadison

AshleyMadison main page

One of the most well-known sex sites with incredible features is AshleyMadison. It offers free and premium subscriptions, which have extra advantages. Due to the many opportunities and hot interactions, you are sure to find a hot sex partner to satisfy your sexual thirst. This platform allows you to express your sensual side without any limitations. 

On the AshleyMadison dating platform, casual dating, long-term relationships, and online sex occur. You can interact with members who live nearby or travel from other countries. Here, you can experience being turned on and having your carnal wants satisfied. AshleyMadison never lets you down and will provide you the chance to meet gorgeous people with whom to enjoy earth-shattering sex. 


  • It has a vast user base
  • The website ensures it verifies all profiles


  • It is a bit expensive

What Users Really Think About AshleyMadison 

“I have wanked myself silly on this site because the photos and the video streams are so hot. I love the profiles too where most of them have provocative images that always get me turned on. I just love AshleyMadison because it is just what I need in my life.”

Marilyn D. 

“I have met the kinkiest, most loving, and most skilled lovers on AshleyMadison. I love the diversity of the people on the site and the easy process of hooking up. It is a wonderful place, and a song in honor should be written about how great this hookup platform is. Maybe I will write one, I happen to be a songwriter”. 

Penny L.

How We Came Up With These Legit Hookup Sites Points 

We conducted detailed research on legit hookup sites. We read reviews, sign up on the sites ourselves, and got an actual feel of what each has to offer. We found most of them to be genuine, and those that were not did not make it to this list. 

We studied the features and the requirements, and from that, we concluded on the ones that deserved a mention on this list, and that is how we came up with this list of eleven. 

Top 8 Hook Up Websites and Apps!


Sometimes in life, you should free yourself from any attachments and head on a journey to sexual adventure. There is no better way to have a sexual adventure than trying out casual encounters with random people. The internet has made it easy for people to find such encounters through reliable hookup sites that are legit. 

Most of the above websites are popular legit hookup sites in America. In addition, anyone around the globe can use them to live their sexual fantasies. Therefore, there is no excuse for you not to have new experiences and take your sex to greater heights. You can be sure that these legit hookup sites free you from the sex boredom you have been having. Therefore, they are worth your time and effort. 


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