10 Best Kink Dating Sites Worth Visiting

If you are one of many kinky people out there, then you need to read through the article. We will run through some of the best kinky dating apps available today. Many of you have a specific fantasy in the bedroom and would like to meet like-minded people with the same feelings. 

Best Adult Sites

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Kink Dating Sites

Thankfully you are never alone; you will always find others like you. With kinky apps, you have the opportunity to meet others and have some naughty fun online and in person. It does not matter whether you enjoy foot worship, watersports, or bondage. You will find a community of people just like you wanting to explore sexually. 

So we have decided to create a list of kink dating sites. These are some of the finest establishments you will find online. You are guaranteed one thing, and that is a fantastic time. It is certainly worth checking out some of these establishments for yourself. Kinky people that stick together have much more fun than everyday people. 


Feeld.co main page

When you use a kink app like Feeld you have the opportunity to meet others who are interested in exploring their sexual desires. It is aimed at polyamorous individuals who like to have more than one person in their life. There are over 2 million users globally, making it a firm favorite for kink lovers. With over 200,000 users using the app weekly, there will be no issue connecting to others. Now let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the kink app below. You always want to check out the good and bad of an app before committing to it. 


  • Many gender options
  • Users can search with filters
  • Sending messages and receiving is free


  • Need to connect via Facebook

As you can see, there are more pros than cons, which is a good sign. Review the current cost of using the kinky dating app.


  • Monthly $11.99
  • Three months $23.99

The prices to use Feeld kink adult site are fair and competitive. What is fantastic is the number of people using the application. You are sure to meet others seeking some adult fun with the same kinks as you. 


OkCupid app

This app was established in 2004, so it has lots of experience in connecting people together. It is not a kink dating app, but you are sure to locate people with a kink or two. You will be glad to know that the number of users on the app number 50 million worldwide. So you can imagine the number of things you could get up to with others here. Now to the pros and cons section that everyone loves to see. Remember to check these before registering on any website. Reading reviews is also essential in choosing the right app. 


  • Users are in the millions
  • You can search for your specific type
  • Sending messages is free


  • Not everyone is serious online

It is essential to understand the price of kinky dating apps, so we have listed OkCupid prices below. They have two prices; one is for the A basic list package, which is $4.95 per month. The other A list premium package costs $24.90 per month. So overall, when you enter OkCupid you have a wide choice of people to meet and have fun with. It has been serving people for years, so you can rest easy when using the famous kinky dating app. 


FetLife main page

If you love BDSM, you will adore this kink hookup. It is a brilliant site that connects people who love to play in the bedroom. You can do lots for free when you join the website, like join chat discussions and send messages. It also can be used as a social media site where you can meet new people. What is fantastic is that in 13 years, there are already 8 million users of the dating platform. We now need to explore the pros and cons of a site such as FetLife. 


  • You can subscribe for perks
  • Great online community of friends
  • Free access


  • No matchmaking feature


Let’s take a look at how much it will cost to get full access to the website. It is possible to sign up for different lengths of time.

  • 6 months – $5 per month – Total $30
  • 12 months – $5 every month – Total $60
  • 24 months – $5 per month – Total $120

With this kink hook up platform, you can’t go wrong. There are lots of users who would love to meet for some naughty action or just as friends to chat about BDSM. It is an excellent place to meet new people. 


Kinkoo app

There are 3 million clients connected to the kind adult app. It provides people with access to others who are interested in kinky games and role plays. The app makes everyone feel safe while online. It is free to use some features, but to get the best out of it; you want to pay. It works in a similar way to Tinder, just with less traffic. If you and another user both swipe right, you will be matched. It is one of the best kink apps out there in 2023. Now for the positives and negatives of Kinkoo in the pros and cons list below.


  • Millions of users
  • Simple and convenient access
  • One of the best fetish dating apps


  • Some fake accounts


Looking at the pricing of an app such as Kinkoo can be positive or negative. Let’s take a closer look at the cost. 

  • 1 month VIP membership – $15.99
  • 3 month VIP membership – $38.99

Kinkoo can get lots of like-minded people together very quickly. There are some cool features as we described, that can be used once you register. It is a place where you can meet an ideal partner for your sexual fantasies. 


KinkD main page

Is a rather new kink dating website that has come onto the market. It has only five years under its belt but has a million clients already. With KinkD, kink dating just got easier. You can sign up and choose the type of person you want to meet and what your location is. You will also give your gender before your profile is visible for everyone else to see. The swipe function works like Tinder, so users can be matched with others. There are some pros and cons, which we will explore below. We all have our preferences when it comes to dating apps. So if these pros are good for you, then you will love KinkD.


  • Safe app
  • Simple to operate
  • Users are often active online


  • Some time wasters


The cost of using the application is something we need to talk about.

  • 1 month membership – $14.99
  • 3 month membership – $35.99
  • 6 month membership – $54.99

When you use KinkD you are using one of the top kink dating apps. It can allow you to chat and meet other like-minded souls who are interested in BDSM and all types of other kinks. You can meet people for hookups or for a more serious and regular relationship. 


Alt.com main page

If you want to explore your dark side, then ALT.com is perfect for you. You can be into BDSM, Foot worship, or a list of other kinks; it does not matter. You can locate the most suitable people to have tons of fun with. ALT.com is one of the best kink app choices out there today. Users can have live video calls with other users. You can imagine what can happen through your webcams. There are adult chat rooms too. If you want to know if there are only positives, we need to explore the pros and cons list.


  • No time wasters
  • Good pricing
  • Good BDSM kink site


  • Not enough women members


Now we need to check out the pricing and see if it is a good value.

  • 1 month – $29.95
  • 3 months – $59.97 
  • 12 months – $149.97

For sex play, BDSM, and anything else you fantasize about, ALT.com is your best friend. You can get whatever you like from the kink site, no problems. The cost is fair, and you have the option of using many features for free. 


AdultFriendFinder home page

It is one of if not the largest casual adult dating platforms out there. It is, without a doubt, one of the world’s best kink dating sites. There are over 80 million users of the platform, which means more people to hook up with. You can find all types of kinks, mention what you like, and the search engine will locate the right profile for you. You can even watch adult movies if you want. What about the pros and cons of the kink website? Let’s check it out.


  • 20 years of experience
  • Millions of users from around the globe
  • Great features


  • The website could do with an upgrade


Now onto the cost of using Gold membership at AdultFriendFinder. Is the platform worth the price? Let’s find out.

  • 1 month – $39.95
  • 3 months – $80.85
  • 12 months – $239.40

Through AdultFriendFinder you can do it all. If you like to watch others, you can have kinky sex online. There are so many millions connected to the kink website; anything and everything is possible with AdultFriendFinder. It is similar to a kinky tinder, with lots of options and adventures to be had. 


KNKI app

It is an excellent place to find someone you can either dominate or be dominated by. On this dating app, you can enjoy whatever your kinks may be with open-minded people just like yourself. The kinks apps like these are super convenient and allow individuals to locate the correct person through age, location, and appearance. Those wanting dominatrix entertainment should enjoy the KNKI app. Let’s dive into the positives and negatives of the website. The list below illustrates what to expect.


  • Great for submissive action
  • Open minded members
  • Friendly community 
  • Free


  • Not as simple as other kink sites


We all like to know what the cost will be to use the dating platform. The good news is that the cost is free. It is paid through advertising which appears when you use the website. But do not worry; it does not have a negative impact on your experience. Overall we have to say that there are lots of brilliant things when you use KNKI site. The community is great to chat with online, and you get to meet all types of new friends. It is one of the best kink dating apps on the market today. 


Whiplr main page

If you are between the age of 20 and 30, you will have lots of company on the app. Whiplr has been around for five years helping kinky people meet others online. You can add adult content on the adult dating kink site and watch all types of adult material through the platform. The feature to video calls those you like is excellent, making it easy to have adult fun. It is one of the best kink dating app choices you can make. The pros and cons are essential on any dating website, so let’s look at Whiplr.


  • Just enough users, so it is convenient
  • Lots of BDSM possibilities
  • A video call feature is brilliant 


  • The best features are paid


Now onto the subject that scares some people off, the cost of becoming a member. Through the kink website, you need points, as these are used to access different features. So let’s look at these packages below.

  • $19.99 gets 50 points
  • $49.99 gets 150 points
  • $99.99 gets 500 points

These points allow you to become a member, which is called a Dekadom. It is possible to use Whiplr for free unless you decide to use certain features. The website is for those with fantasies and who want to express them with others. 


Kinkster app

A great dating app that can make dreams become a reality. It is a pretty new dating app that has been around for only seven years. You can block those people you do not like and check for those in your location for easy hookups. It is a quick kink app that ticks many boxes. There is the possibility to enter a live chat, which is always entertaining. Kinkster is a wise choice. The pros and cons are worth reading, so here we go.


  • Private profiles
  • Can report other users
  • Live chat feature


  • Can not pay anonymously 


  • One month $43.89
  • Three months $98.67
  • Six months $164.34

You can pay via direct debit, and you will need to cancel your subscription, or the cost will come out of your bank every month. Kinkster allows users to have privacy because only other members can look at profiles on the kink site. There is a good level of protection for clients on the platform. Payments are secured with SSL technology. If you have any issues, the Kinkster website has an email address you can send a message to. 


With any of these websites, you can have lots of fun with your kink. These platforms and apps are fabulous places to express your feelings and fulfill your desires. The best kinky apps are listed above for your convenience. Joining any of these platforms is simple and fast. Just make sure you add some details of yourself, add some photos, and you are good to go. Like-minded people are not always easy to locate. 

Thanks to platforms like these, you can easily find them. When you are a kinky soul, you want to find kinky friends. This is what you can do now. You will now find it easier than ever to locate the date of your life. You are then free to have as much kinky entertainment as you like. 


Is There a Dating App Based on Kinks?

All of the kink apps and websites we have described above are places where desires are fulfilled every day. You can express your kinks and connect with others who feel the same way. You can find the best kinky dating app online right here in the article.

How To Find Kink Dating Apps?

The best way to locate dating apps for those with kinks is to read through this article. We have listed the hottest establishments and apps available in 2022. You are only required to register and start having some fun. Like-minded people are only a click away.

Are Any Kink Dating Sites Legit?

They are all legit and legal. There are millions of other users who love to use kink websites like these to find their kinky another half. Dating platforms online are a huge business. When you want to be entertained with kinky play, join a site and let yourself go free.


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