Tips about how to date a rich woman?

While the world is well used to the terms “sugar daddy”, the “sugar mama” syndrome is a lesser-known phenomenon. But if you are fortunate enough to have your place in it, the experience can be endlessly rewarding. Dating a wealthy woman can give your life an edge and open up opportunities you have never dreamed were possible.

If you happen to be lucky enough to be dating a rich woman, it’s important to remember that it is not the capture that is difficult. In fact, it’s all about keeping her interested in the relationship. The benefits of doing so are seemingly endlessly; you gain an emotional companion to spend time with and enjoy all the adventures you would like to participate in together, whereas finances which are often the breaker of a relationship, will never be an issue or of any concern at all. You are free to relax and enjoy the experience of dating a rich woman, free from the usual pressure of romantic liaisons.


This piece is meant to treat and give you a few tips to follow to be able to successfully handle and manage a relationship with a rich woman if you ever find one.

  • Date rich women by learning to love horses, find an exclusive stable or riding club and join up. This doesn’t mean you need to have a horse of your own to learn to ride. Riding and maintaining a horse is expensive, especially English riding. Well.. you get the picture.
  • While we all understand that financial reward is one of the major perks of dating a rich woman, you should always make her feel that there are other reasons you are being with her. No one likes to feel taken advantage of, and at times when their moods are low, even the most generous of sugar mamas may feel insecure. Constant reassurance is the key.
  • If you like hanging out at the beach or near the ocean, many yacht clubs will allow you to join without having to own a yacht or boat. This is a great way to meet a rich woman so you can be present at the various social functions the club holds. You will get a chance to rub elbows with plenty of rich women there.
  • In College towns, libraries are excellent meeting places for soon to be lawyers and doctors and other assorted professional types. Ideally, you should be in the University library as opposed to the public one. This could necessitate enrolling in one course to get the card entitling you to use the library. Take something fun and easy.
  • Join a gym or spa in a very exclusive neighborhood. You can meet tons of rich women at these places. Upwardly mobile women oftentimes want to stay in shape. Staying fit is competitive, just like a business. What better way to get in shape and meet a fascinating woman of substance?
  • These days there are many websites online that greatly increase your chance to date rich women. You will meet successful women looking exclusively for love that doesn’t necessarily need you to be wealthy to court them. They can take care of themselves can usually do not have much free time to play the dating game.

Meeting the rich women isn’t really the issue here as now, keep a successful relationship with rich women is the real deal, you can have a shot at it and see where it leads.


Education: Sexologist
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Rory Pollard is a sex-positive person who sees a fulfilled sexuality as the glue of the relationship. He has always been fascinated by sexuality in all its facets - so much that he studied it. This knowledge and his experiences as a person who has survived many ups and downs make him a professional sexologist. He is a specialist who can change his clients' views on relationships and sex. Rory also writes exciting blog posts on family life, marriage, dating, and personal development.