Trustworthy Hookup Review

With more people preferring short-term relationships and getting comfortable with casual sex and one-night stands, and not preferring long-term commitments, it is only natural that many hookup platforms will spring up. Many of them offer hookups, but not many give the best experience, and not all of them reach the standard. But there is one site that has never disappointed, and that is Hookup.com.

Many hookup.com reviews have lauded this site for its convenience. The platform has met the hookup needs of its huge user base. Thanks to its ability to match horny singles with others from within their locations. So what is hookup.com? This review of Hookup will clear all the cobwebs and about this site that offers one of the best experiences. 

What is Hookup?

Hookup is not the cliche hookup site. It is an extraordinary platform best for people who are seeking romantic and sexual experiences without the commitment that comes with those relationships. Anyone interested in casual sex and fulfilling certain sexual fantasies will find the hookup site very resourceful. 

Hookup.com is a platform where singles and married people seek entertainment and fully satisfy their sexual desires without shame. The site is some kind of community where everyone is free to approach anyone they fancy and the ones fancied are ready to hook up. The site makes it easy to meet singles in your area and have the best fun. 

Hookup boasts more than 5 million active singles registered on the portal. Everyone who signs up has one goal, and that is meeting the needs of their sexual partner and getting their own met. For years this site has continued to give every Hookup member an opportunity to seek out the pleasures of sex. The site owners keep renovating it and introducing new features to give the Hookup users the best experience. Features like cams and the improved matching ability make this platform so popular for its great hook-up services.

Hookup.com main page

Pros and Cons of the Hookup Dating Site


  • New Hookup users receive a free trial to help them get acquainted with the site. 
  • There is a very convenient free Hookup app to arrange a hook-up on the go. 
  • The Hookup sign up process is very simple and takes under 10 minutes. 
  • The Hookup website design is smooth for easy navigation and has an appealing design. 


  • There are fake profiles on the platform
  • A good number of inactive user profiles exist 
  • Pricey monthly Hookup subscription

Overall Hookup Rating 

Quality Matches9/10
Ease Of Use9.8/10
Cost 7/10

Is Hookup Legit?

Hookup is as legit as they come. Many Hookup reviews have attested to the legitimacy of the site. Many singles have had their desires quenched, and many have not complained about it as a waste of money. Instead, many users of this site have said a Hookup sign-up was the best thing that happened to them. There are actually real people behind the matches, all eager to get laid. The site has done its fair share of efforts to ensure that no scammer or fraudster makes their way into the site. 

Members are encouraged to report any suspicious activity or any profiles that seem off. Any reports made to the site management are usually taken very seriously and dealt with immediately. 

HookUp.com features

What Is The Registration Process?

So how does Hookup work? At first glance, the Hookup homepage is quite appealing. The look is stylish and modern-looking with all the right connotations of sexual promise. There is a suggestive image that leaves you no doubt as to what you are signing up for. The visuals on the website make you kind of want that hook-up match as soon as possible. 

Well, you can’t get yourself hitched if you haven’t registered on the site yet. Thankfully the registration process is very simple and quick. You will only register for free which takes less than 10 minutes. If want to take even the shortest time, you can download the Hookup app, which will take an even shorter time. 

After gaining the password and username, a Hookup log in shouldn’t be difficult because now you will have to fill in some information to complete your profile, and the information is as follows: 

  • username
  • email
  • Password
  • The partner you prefer and their gender 
  • mobile number (optional)
  • zip code
  • birthdate
  • Country

After filling in this information you need to agree to the site’s “Terms and Conditions” and then click on the sign me up. After completing the first registration process, an email notification will come where you must click on the link and change the password to have full access to your activated Hookup account. 

Some Interesting Facts About Hookup

  • Site name: Hookup
  • Average sign-up time: below 10 minutes to complete the whole simple registration process. .
  • Paid or free: It has both free and paid memberships. You can always upgrade to the paid subscription to enjoy the features and amazing casual sex connections.. 
  • Paid membership pricing: The pricing is very a bit on the higher end but worth every dime. There is a gold and silver subscription.

Unique Facts And Figures Of Hookup 

  • The site has over 5 million profiles of horny singles in various regions. 
  • The site has singles of all sexual orientations including the LGBTQ community. 
  • Since its launch years ago, the site management keeps improving it to suit the needs of singles on the platform. 
HookUp.com page

Are There Real Matches on Hookup?

During registration on the Hookup site, everyone who registers tries their best to fill in as much information as necessary, and the system requires the users not to leave any field blank. Still, Hookup does not have a way of very of verifying profiles with ID cards which means that majority of the users might not use their real names. Fake profiles will always be there, but one thing will always be a fact. Hookup will never give matches that are not real. Most matches always turn out to be real. 

Many who put out the kind of partner they need on the site found matches that suit them. You just need to describe what you need. If you, for example, need a gay partner or transgender from a certain ethnic group and with a certain physique there is no way that you will fail to find a match in a platform with millions of people who want to get laid. 

The fact that there are fake profiles should not faze you. That doesn’t mean that you will meet fake matches. The chances of that are very slim for such reputable hookup sites like hook.com. You will meet a real girl or boy who wants a sexual adventure just as badly as you do. Besides, if it is a fake match, you will tell right away from the way they are communicating. People happen to be very candid when speaking at a hookup chat room. If you suspect any foul play, you can always break off the conversation and perhaps report the profile if you really feel the need to. 

Is Hookup Easy To Use?

Hookup is a modern dating platform and it has strived to give users a friendly environment to shoot their shots with their partners. There is the chat, instant messaging, video call, and chat options which make using the site easier. To make your experience easier these are the features that are available on this site.

  • Hookup has this amazing feature that enables you to track the site’s frequency of usage by other members. This will help you view the statistics of a partner’s visit to the site whenever you wish to. 
  • There is also a sex dating site that has the compatibility indicator which will display whether you and the partner you met are matched with each other. 
  • There is also a match personalization feature to help make your searches more productive. 
  • There is an array of communication features with obscene connotations that will help make the conversations lively. 

The site has also made it easy for users to find a partner on this platform. After the registration is complete random profiles will appear at the home page and you can look at them. A simple click of the photo is all it requires for a profile to appear. If you like a profile then you will only need to contact them. 

There is also the geolocation function that makes it so easy to find a partner within your area of residence. But if you would love to use search filters, you will need to have paid the membership fee. The filter allows you to search by age, location, physique, sexual preferences, and so on. You can filter the information as much as possible until you find the ideal match. 

HookUp gifts

How Much Does Hookup Cost?

Hookuup doesn’t say anything is free, and neither do the other reviews. You will need to pay for everything you use on the site except when signing up. Most communication features require membership. With communication so important, you cant get the best out of the site without communicating. There is no way you will establish a relationship if you cant communicate with one another. 

As for the free membership, the only thing you get is a registration and a three-day trial period to test the feature. All the functions come with a free trial, and if you find that you love what the site is offering, you can pay for the membership. 

As for the premium features, they are worth the payment. You will get all the functions of the site which comes for $69.00 and can be charged over a period of 90 days. 

There are other packages that you can pay for depending on your budget. 

Here is the membership pricing. 

Duration/Credits/CoinsCost Per MonthTotal
Gold Subscription Pricing Plan
3 Day Trial$1.95/day$5.85
One month$34.95/month$34.95
Three months$23.32/month$69.96
One year$12.95/month$155.4
Silver Subscription Pricing Plan
3 Day Trial$1.95/day$ 5.85
1 Month$29.95/month$29.95
3 Month$19.98/month$59.94

Are There Any Free Features? 

Yes, there are features that come with the free memberships and they are as follows: 

  • Profile customization 
  • Winking 
  • Flirting 

Profile Customization 

With a free membership comes the perk of being able to create a profile on Hook.com in whatever way you wish it to appear. You can freely say what you need in a partner and find your match. There is a three-day trial before you pay for memberships so you can enjoy the match-making scenarios and even get yourself laid before the 3 days are over.

Winking And Flirting Feature 

This is a feature where you chat up your potential matches with a wink and a flirt to show your interest in them. Anyone who wants to get laid will never ignore a wink, and this will improve your chances of getting hooked up. 

Hookup.com app

Hookup Customer Support

The Hookup site lacks a contact tab on the home page, but they still have customer support which is effective in handling issues. Customer support is available from Monday to Friday from 9 am-6 pm. Customer support responds to issues at an average of 15 minutes. You can ask them any about the service, assistance on anything that is not clear, and if you have any second concerns about a match or if you just want to report suspicious activity. 

Is Hookupworth It?

The Hookup dating website is one very impressive platform. It has an impressive number of profiles ranking in the millions. On this site, many have made happy acquaintances and experienced the wildest sex along with the happiest memories of their lives. Even though scammers and fakers exist the site has done more than good for millions of people’s sex lives. 

It is a hookup social network with interesting rules and necessities which this Hookup.com review has hopefully answered. You can begin your hunt for your best sex adventure on this platform, the features are worth it, the people you meet are worth it and the money you pay is worth it. It is worth signing up with Hookup.com because where else can you be so candid in matters of sex and actually get all your sexual fantasies to come true.


Are There Fake Profiles on Hookup?

Fake profiles are with most platforms. It is common, especially in a platform so popular as Hookup.com. There are people who would always have bad intentions. The good news is that measures are in place to curb the increase in fake profiles. The site management is more vigilant and on the lookout for such which is why the number of genuine profiles keeps increasing daily.

Is Hookup Just a Hookup Site?

The truth about Hookup is that it is mainly, Hookup is a hookup site but many users have ended up finding lasting relationships which have led to marriage. It is a thriving community of people who love hooking up but it is also a place where friendships and fulfilling relationships have happened not to mention the most spontaneous and unforgettable hookups.

Is Hookup Free?

There is a free option but it is limited and will not allow you to enjoy the full experience that comes with all the functions of the site. It is not a free site because there are two subscription plans where there is the gold premium subscription and the silver premium subscription. You can always try the free 3-day trial and decide for yourself whether the premium payment will be worth it.

Is Hookup Safe?

Well, safety will begin with the user even though the management of the site has done its best to ensure the safety of its members. Most dating platforms are filled with β€œfake” profiles that are even paid for but in reality, they are targeting innocent victims to commit fraud against them. Remember when you post your profile everyone will see it because it is out there on the internet. Don’t reveal too much information about yourself because someone might use it against you.

Beware of profiles that look too good to be true. Stay guarded when communicating with people and at the slightest doubt withdraw from the conversation and search for someone genuine.Β 

Is Hookup a Good Dating Site?

Hookup is no doubt a great dating site too because many have met the people who changed their lives and have enabled the fantasy of their dreams. Many have met on Hookup and gotten married. Some have become lifelong lovers or friends. It is a great place for meeting and love so, is Hookup good? Yes, it qualifies as not only as a good dating site but a great dating site.


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