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It is a great idea to learn about hookup or dating site before registration. It is especially relevant to men and women looking for casual sex partners. Since many reviews on the internet concentrate mainly on simple dating. Luckily, our Happn review will tell all the truth about various unique features and advantages of the site. And will explain why many users consider this platform almost perfect.

We also considered the general characteristics of the brand, the registration process, and information about the work of customer support. Free features and paid services will also not remain without our attention. And, of course, we will objectively answer the most popular questions of new users. This review will give an honest assessment of Happn and allow the user to make an informed decision. main page

What Is Happn?

Many men and women want to diversify their sex life or find a hookup partner. And for this, although excellent, but still outdated methods are used. After all, a nightclub or a bar are great options for teenagers with a lot of free time. If an adult is trying to build a career or is just looking for quick and casual sex, online is the best option. And one of the best hookup apps nowadays is Happn.

This amazing dating application for adults appeared in 2014 in France. And one of the main features of the platform was a search for a potential sex partner based on geolocation. And to create a great product with unique features different from competitors, developers made it more romantic.

That is why the Happn account offer potential partners for a relationship, a date, or casual sex within 250m (about 800 feet). Or suggested those people with whom the user crossed paths during the day. This approach added the effect of surprise and adventure and finding a partner became fun and exciting.

Of course, first of all, Happn gained popularity among single adults from densely populated areas. Fans of one-night stands and casual sex especially liked the application. But later, the platform turned into something much bigger. After eight years since its creation,

new functions have appeared in Happn, and the client base has expanded. The platform helps to find friends, create serious relationships, and find partners for trips to the cinema or cafes. That is why more than a hundred million people use Happn.

Pros And Cons Of Happn


  • Quick registration using a Facebook, Instagram or Google account;
  • A huge user base (more than one hundred million);
  • Both the app and the desktop version are available;
  • Almost all features are free;
  • User-friendly design;
  • Profitable long-term premium subscriptions;
  • A large number of highly qualified moderators and administrators of the site/application.
  • One of the most popular dating apps.


  • It is difficult to find a potential partner based on various characteristics;
  • Happn app is less effective in sparsely populated cities;
  • The percentage of female users is 40%;
  • Because of the ease of registration, there are spam accounts.

Happn features

Overall Happn Rating

Category Score
Registered Users Base 10/10
Active users base 10/10
Free features 9/10
Good for hookup 9/10
Customer Support 8/10
Overall 9,2/10

Is Happn Legit?

The question of the legality of any dating site is relevant nowadays. After all, a considerable number of platforms enjoy the trust of customers without providing promised services.

Fortunately, Happn app users can rest easy. After all, the company operates in compliance with all legal norms. The head office of the dating site is located at 8, rue du Sentier 75002, Paris, France, EU. And web hosting is managed and operated from an office in the Republic of Ireland (Gordon House, Borrow Street Dublin 4, Ireland, EU).

Thus, when downloading the application or registering on the site, you can be sure of the legality of Happn. It is also worth noting that the company has proven itself as a reliable service provider for eight years of existence. The site’s reputation is almost impeccable, which is why more than one hundred million users trust Happn.

Happn Sign Up Process

As in many cases, writing a review without talking about registration is impossible. After all, this is exactly the process that can make both a positive and a negative first impression. Therefore, a few words about sain ap will not hurt.

It is worth noting that registration in Happn is one of the best in the online dating industry. And depending on your wishes, this process can take as long as 5 minutes or less than a minute. Firstly, a new client can create a profile using a Google, Facebook, or Instagram account. A Google account will come in handy if you use the desktop version of the site. And you will also need to indicate your gender and sexual preferences. The simplicity of the process shows perfectly how does Happn work.

The second option is classic if the user wants to create a unique profile, not related to any other. In this case, indicate your phone number and such typical data as: name, age, height, etc. Of course, you will need to add some photos and comments about yourself.

After creating a profile, you can use the application immediately. You click on Happn log in and start looking for a potential partner. The platform does not perform identity verification, which is both an advantage and a disadvantage. After all, on the one hand, registration is extremely fast. But on the other hand, it allows a certain number of fake or spam accounts to appear. Fortunately, the platform has a large staff of moderators and administrators who clean the site from such things. create account

Interesting Facts About Happn Website

  • Website name:
  • Free or Paid: Free app/website with some paid services
  • Registration time: less than 5 minutes
  • Free membership: instant after registration
  • Paid membership prices: starts from USD 21,99
  • Unique Chemistry facts and figures:
    • More than 100 millions users;
    • Founded in 2014 in Paris, France, EU;
    • Offer4.9 million messages are sent and received daily (based on Fall 2022);s 3 paid membership packages;
    • Was developed by FTW & Co;
    • 1.5 million new users every month (based on Fall 2022).

Are There Real Matches On Happn Dating Site?

Another massive advantage of Happn over most competitors is a large number of real users. There are few dating sites in the world today with millions of customers. And those with a user base of 100+ miles are less than a dozen. Fortunately, Happn is one of those elite platforms.

Therefore, there are a lot of real users of the application and the site. And therefore, real matches are also a frequent event. However, a handful of Happn reviews forget to mention that the chance of meeting a dating partner depends on several circumstances. Firstly, since the application is based on geolocation data, the more crowded places visited, the greater the chance of having a match. However, users living in rural areas also received a bonus. The algorithm offers accounts of potential partners located at a greater distance.

We also mentioned another nuance, which concerns the ease of registration. After all, the easier the sign up process is, the easier it is to create spam bots. The creators of Happn partially overlooked this nuance by implementing the “two likes” rule. Users can receive and send messages only when both have liked each other’s profiles.

In summary, this platform offers a huge number of real matches. And this is one of the main reasons for its insane popularity among adult clients.

Happn like and crush

Is Happn Good For New Users?

Happn is a great tool for finding a partner for a hookup. Regardless of whether the client is a novice or an experienced user. The platform’s creators made every effort to make the application easy and understandable. Moreover, perfect solutions were chosen during the development of three levels of product perception.

The registration process is simplified as much as possible. This level is essential for new customers who are not wholly convinced of the correct choice. And registration through, let’s say, a Google account allows you to create a new profile in two clicks. Almost effortlessly.

Secondly, the interface of the application and the site are minimalistic. The Happn users see a few basic functions on the main page, and others are in the settings. Thus, the main page is not overloaded with icons and is user-friendly.

And thirdly, searching for a partner by geolocation is a unique feature of Happn. Yes, we know similar programs, but not with such good performance. Add to that over a hundred million users worldwide, and we have a nearly perfect dating app. For these reasons and many more, Happn is great for new users.

What Is Happn Cost Ranges?

Term Full Price Price Per Day
1 month USD 21,99 USD 0,70
6 month USD 67,99 USD 0,36
12 month USD 90,99 USD 0,24

Happn chat

Happn Free Features

Happn is mostly free and partly paid. To maintain the high quality of the platform and increase its capabilities, developers use advertisements. The company chose this strategy since it showed high effectiveness in other fields. And the majority of successful adult websites rose to prosperity using this method. The app is free to download, and so are most of the services. Almost all reviews note that among the main functions, the following are distinguished:

  • the client can send an unlimited number of likes to potential partners;
  • correspondence with “crash”;
  • post statuses in the profile header;
  • viewing photos in the profiles of other customers;
  • turning on the invisibility mode;
  • send up to 10 “hello” a day.

The other great news is that the complete list of free services is much more extensive. Happn makes every effort to help adult customers meet a partner. And create ideal conditions for the realization of desires, including sexual ones.

Customer Support

Happn cares greatly about clients’ satisfaction while searching for a hook-up partner. So even if an adult person finds it difficult to describe one’s needs, the platform has a solution. Therefore, the site creators solved this issue in a rather interesting way. Because what is good at is assisting customers.

Firstly, when clicking on the “contact us” icon, the client is offered a list of the most popular questions and answers. This solution is very effective. According to the developers, 80% of appeals to customer support have solutions in the Q&A section.

If the desired solution is not on the list, the user is invited to fill out a special questionnaire. At the time of writing the review, there were seven lines in the list:

  • Name;
  • Email;
  • Subject (optional);
  • Device;
  • SMS login (optional);
  • How can we help you (here, you should briefly explain the essence of the problem);
  • Attachments (up to five files can be added).

The response period specified on the website ranges from two to four days, which is a fantastic result for such a huge company. From our experience and user comments, most responses come within amazing 48 hours. Every review of Happn agrees on one thing – the site’s customer service is objectively among the best in the industry.

Happn love stories

Is Happn Site Worth It?

This application will be an ideal helper for adults who want to find love or a partner for casual sex. The platform has a huge number of advantages over competitors. And that is why more than one hundred million users worldwide have trusted this resource.

While reviewing, it quickly became clear why 1.5 million adults register on the site monthly. After all, popularity and a good reputation begin to be justified from the moment of signing up. A new user is offered several options to create an account. And the whole process can take from several seconds to several minutes.

The interface and functionality of the application are user-friendly and designed to the smallest detail. Search by location is a key feature of Happn and therefore functions much better than in similar applications. It should be mentioned that the application and the site are free to download and register. The vast majority of features are also free. Adding professional moderators, administrators, and customer service to all of the above, it becomes obvious – Happn worth it.


Is Happn Member Base All Real?

This app/site is one of the biggest on the planet, with over 100 million adult users. As a result, bots create many sexy-looking profiles. One of the reasons for such popularity among spammers is the ease and speed of registration. And also the possibility of using Facebook, Instagram, or Google accounts.

The great news - the number of profiles of real people is numbered by tens of millions. And a massive staff of professional moderators is constantly working on blocking and removing fake accounts.

Is Happn Just A Hookup Site?

Happn is very popular for hookup and casual sex. But not only this attracts men and women from all corners of the planet. This platform gives its users a much more extensive range of positive emotions. After all, this platform based on geolocation will help people find not only a partner for sex but also just a friend by interests. In addition, clients can significantly expand their circle of communication. Shy or busy individuals can easily meet people they would otherwise never have met. For these reasons and many more, Happn is much more than just a hookup app.

Is Happn Safe?

Adult dating online has its challenges in protecting clients and their data. And Happn is one of those companies that is definitely among the safest for users. Firstly, it is a completely legal company with its main office in Paris, France. Secondly, the platform is one of the leaders in the dating site market. As a result, the application uses an exceptional data protection system. And thirdly, Heppn has a large staff of professional employees who carefully respond to user complaints and comments.

Is Happn Free?

This app is free to download and sign up. The absolute majority of functions available to the client are also free. And those paid ones have a very affordable price. So adult hookup seekers who prefer to get a Happn subscription will choose from three packages: one, six, or twelve months. An optimal choice for new users is considered a free trial option first and a well-balanced decision second.

Is Happn Dating Website A Good Matchmaker?

And the additional amazing feature is the selection of potential hookup partners based on geolocation. So the client may meet a date or a sex candidate close. In best cases match can reside as near as a few minutes away. Another great trait this website obtain is the flexibility of suggested options. Then potential candidates will be selected according to the client's preferences. Thus, for casual sex and new acquaintances, the application is ideal.


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