Lesbian Free Dating Sites in 2023

In general, the search for the right partner can be very stressful. It can be even more complicated for lesbians because of the narrow-mindedness of some people. However, true love exists, and it must necessarily come first. In this context, lesbian dating sites have been created to facilitate the task. 

Lesbian Free Dating Sites

Ashley Madison

If you are looking for your soul mate, chances are you will find her on Ashley Madison. You will be able to choose the age, the interest, the city, and even the sexual orientation. On the site, detailed profiles allow you to learn more about the personality of others. This way, you’ll have no trouble establishing a good dialogue to hope to take the next step with another woman. 

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison Features

Without a doubt, Ashley Madison lesbian dating platform is one of the best free lesbian dating websites. Indeed, it offers a real space to make wonderful meetings. In addition to the fact that this site has a beautiful design, it has many features that allow you to filter your search results according to your own criteria. In addition to the verification of all the profiles created on the site, Ashley Madison lesbian dating platform guarantees a safe exchange for the members of its singles network.

Pros & Cons

Pros 👍Cons 👎
Great security measuresThe site combines credits and subscriptions
Many users available onlineThere are some scammers hiding
The ease of useThe price is a bit high

Reviews of Users Who Use Ashley Madison

I tend to be picky with lesbians I am looking for, but Ashley Madison lesbian dating platform managed to keep going with lesbian dating sites free atmosphere. The search was a bit slow, but I knew I was going for something worthwhile. There are so many pretty girls here, and they converse in a natural manner. Truth be told, I’d befriend all of them if I could.



Jerkmate is not only the best lesbian dating site, but it’s also the one that allows you to find true love. In fact, it is a fast-growing online dating service. Mainly aimed at young people (18 to 25 years old), it also makes the older generation happy. Because this lesbian dating platform supports many different languages, Jerkmate is one of the most widely used dating networks in the world. It has some special features that it is known for. 

Jerkmate Features

Jerkmate lesbian dating platform has many features. This is one of the reasons why the site’s traffic is always increasing. In addition to being easy to use, you can easily meet local lesbians free. Whether it is for a live video, a partner search, or a chat, you have no worries about the number of tools available on the lesbian dating platform. Among others, you will find:

  • Communication options: public posting, private chat, or webcam
  • Flirting options 
  • Search filters: by connection, pseudonym, or recent date of membership… 

Pros & Cons

Pros 👍Cons 👎
Customer support available all the timeThe way cam-2-cam can charge you in huge sums
There are many customization featuresPrivate shows can depend on a model
Your payments are handled securelySignup can take for a while

Reviews of Users Who Use Jerkmate

Jerkmate sounded a bit weird to me as a name, but I decided to ignore it as my friends kept recommending it as one of the best lesbian hookup dating sites free. I talked to 5 girls or so, and all of them were cute. Why didn’t I stop on the first one? Well, I don’t rush things and tend to enjoy all of the cams. The atmosphere on Jerkmate is passionate, and I feel lustful there. 



LesbianPersonals is the best if you are looking for free dating sites for bisexual women. The extensive search filters of the latter allow you to find compatible matches. It includes lesbians over 30 years old and with a stable financial life. Above all, you will find girls of all lifestyles, ethnicities, and religions. 

LesbianPersonals Features

In order to take advantage of it at will, you will have to prioritize a premium subscription on this lesbian dating platform. Also, you can choose a paid subscription that gives you access to certain features: 

  • Invisibility: you can explore the site without being noticed 
  • Favorites: you have a better knowledge of your position with other users 

Pros & Cons

Pros 👍Cons 👎
There are many chatrooms to choose fromThere are instances of fake profiles
The sexual diversity here is hugeThe site can demand additional money if you want to come back after being inactive for a long time
You can connect accounts that are also in Friendfinder networkThere is no mobile version

Reviews of Users Who Use Lesbianpersonals 

LesbianPersonals lesbian dating platform is truly lit. If it wasn’t for my tight schedule I’d spend days here. I like how communication is straightforward and how I can find free lesbian dating sites no payment required. The rest is managed by customer support and they are always there to help me. This lesbian dating site is a godsend in terms of money and quality. 



Just like the others, StepLesbians is an excellent free lesbian online dating site for getting horny for women. The lesbian dating targets models and sexy women in particular. In addition, this site has advanced security measures. All payments are protected by SSL encryption. Finally, profiles on this lesbian dating platform are thoroughly checked for one or two days.

StepLesbians Features

If you are a non-paying member, you can take advantage of the “Live Action” tab to meet lesbians for free. With it, you can browse the live performances of the models, amateur webcams, and the main shows. Also, you have the possibility to browse through the adult chat rooms to fully enjoy sexual pleasures. 

Pros & Cons

Pros 👍Cons 👎
Great if you are into girlsNot meant for dating
Huge variety of content Some girls are slow to undress
Many models to choose fromThe quality of the show depends on a model

Reviews of Users Who Use StepLesbians

I had so much negative experience in free lesbian group chat, but luckily, StepLesbians is not part of it. It’s extremely comfortable and helps me dive into the pleasures of being with another woman. It’s a nice passionate space where lesbians communicate as to what each of them desires. Girls here are not demanding and are rather flirty.



AdultFriendFinder is one of the most visited free lesbian hookup sites in the world. Combining social networking and dating, this platform is the ideal option for expanding your circle of friends or finding true love. It has countless features and outperforms the algorithm of others. 

In fact, AdultFriendFinder gives you the opportunity to meet lesbians free according to your preferences and needs. By means of the feed function, you can get in touch with female users without the need for any match.

AdultFriendFinder Features

On this lesbian hookup free you must indicate your preferences for books, music, and many others. These criteria will help create your profile. 

In general, AdultFriendFinder is positioned as a free lesbian website. Potential partners on the site come from all over the world. Regarding the advantages of preferring this platform, we can mention:

  • The proposal of an extended search filter 
  • The creation of a photo album and the display of other members’ albums 
  • This is a free lesbian dating website

Pros & Cons

Pros 👍Cons 👎
The user base is hugeThe site abuses ads
There is an app versionPeople tend to say that it used to be better
It is extremely easy to find a person to have a date withIt is limited in its free features

Reviews of Users Who Use Adultfriendfinder

I feel like I’ve found a proper lesbian dating online free site. There is so much variety here that I can get lost here for days. Lots of communication options, with none of them overstaying its welcome. Lesbians here are kind and understanding, which creates an extremely comfortable aura. It might be due to customer support doing their job properly, not letting toxic communities in. 

free lesbian hookup sites

Free Local Lesbian Dating Sites vs Paid Local Lesbian Dating Sites

As you might have noticed, all of our listed sites tend to go toward paid subscriptions whilst offering something for free. What motivated us to go for this focus? Well, on a page, “free” sounds great but statistically, you cannot find absolutely free lesbian hookups. Results justify the price, thus giving you a quality experience. Let’s compare those two kind of sites with the help of a table:

Free dating sites for lesbiansPaid dating sites for lesbians
Offer a huge number of users due to availabilityLimits the user base to paid options but also restricts access to many fishy accounts
Some options can still be somewhat paid as no business can live on being full freeThere are different paid options to choose from if you don’t want some of those
There are likely to be many ads to help administrators maintain the sitePaid sites usually don’t have advertising on their pages as they get paid via memberships
There are fewer security measures, Part of the budget for the site is meant for a proper verification system with great protection measures

How We Ranked Lesbian Websites for Dating Free

Most of the tops show the list from less good sites to the best ones. We, on the other hand, don’t position this list as some kind of free lesbian sex sites tier list. We just want to offer you several various options for you to choose from. Although all of the listed options allow you to date lesbians, none of them are similar in the approach they take toward their users. Some offer a free online lesbian dating site, allowing you to save your budget for something else. 

5 Fun Lesbian Dating Sites 

Watch this video with the selection of top lesbian dating sites and get some lesbian online dating advice:

Conclusion on Free Lesbian Websites

We believe that online dating is a great way to chat with lesbians for free. With all these apps, websites, or social networks, you can find the perfect person for you! There is no need to stress about finding someone else because it is so easy with all these options. You just need to choose one and start using it – the possibilities are endless. What are you waiting for? It’s time for lesbian dating websites for free!


How do you choose the right free lesbian dating site for you?

Again, we recommend to chose free sites only if you’re short on budget and you’re in dire need of finding a lesbian right at this moment. Don’t go for sites that have many users. It might be an indicator that some of those accounts aren’t real with them just using others to get money. Rather ask your friends for recommendations or check the reviews of the site you are using.

What are some of the key features that make a great lesbian free dating site?

The first important thing is a good verification system that increases your chances to talk to a real person. Anyone can sit behind the screen, but it is less likely if the person is using unique photos and communicates like a normal lesbian.

How does using a paid versus a free lesbian sex site affect your experience and results on the site?

Using free sites requires much more devotion to check whether you’re communicating with a normal person that doesn’t seem suspicious. Plus, free sites tend to unite different groups of people so you might find bisexual people among lesbians or someone from the trans community. Using a paid site is easier and caters to your demands in an easier manner.

How can you tell if a particular free lesbian site is right for you, or not?

The main factor is your enjoyment. If the design of the site feels odd and people rarely chat with you there then the site is most likely not worth it. If you don’t seem to find lesbians on the site, then you are also best to move on. Create a set of demands you need from a free live lesbian site, and then check whether those demands are being realized.


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