Trustworthy EastMeetEast Review

New York in the US is the largest urban area in the US that is teeming with adult sex hookup services. Number 1 for the Asian diaspora is EastMeetEast. According to several EastMeetEast reviews, this adult hookup site provides its members with a variety of search options for finding potential matches, including general searches, searches by state, ethnicity, and hair color, as well as searches by sexual preference, relationship status, age range, and other criteria.

Members of EastMeetEast may create free accounts to meet potential partners, or they can subscribe to a premium membership to increase their chances of engaging with gorgeous people in the United States. This review will go over all of the features of this excellent adult hookup service, as well as reveal the truth about EastMeetEast.

What Is EastMeetEast?

What is Emehive.co? This is a top adult hookup matching service specially designed for Asians who live in New York and other US cities. In this review of EastMeetEast, it’s worth mentioning that this adult hookup site was launched in December 2013 by Mariko Tokioka. Mariko Tokioka, a serial entrepreneur, created EastMeetEast out of her enthusiasm for meeting Asian singles based on distinct cultural factors. She was co-founder and COO of worldwide mobile education company Quipper prior to starting EastMeetEast. Mariko graduated from Oxford University with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and an MBA.

Dozens of Emehive.co reviews point out that an important date for the development of this adult sex hookup platform was August 2014, when DeNA took part in a seed funding round. In addition, the EastMeetEast online resource recently raised an unnamed second round of funding from Mercari CEO Shintaro Yamada, East Ventures, 500 Startups, iSGS Investment Works, and DeNA (TSE:2432).

EastMeetEast main page

Thanks to these important events, the number of registered users increased seven times compared to 2014. Another factor that allowed this adult hookup site to grow was targeting specific users. This adult hookup site specifically targets Asian migrants from East and Southeast Asia, including China, Korea, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

The main users are men/women in the age group of 25 to 35 years. Most of them are in their 20s and are said to enjoy their visit to the site immensely. It’s also worth noting in this Emehive.co review that this adult app has been voted as a place to meet someone who shares the same experience or culture. Even if the EastMeetEast member refuses the service once, he usually returns again within an average of three months. This indicates the high trust and effectiveness of this adult online service.

Another testament to the strength of Asian diaspora collaboration on this adult hookup site is when EastMeetEast hired a Japanese engineer who used to work for a well-known corporation in San Francisco but moved to New York solely to work there. The decisive factors were the concept of the company and the members of the original team, all of whom were Japanese.

Pros and Cons of the EastMeetEast Dating Site


  • Scope of making a free profile;
  • Global access for making friends;
  • Instant access is a boon;
  • Simple but feature-rich chat system;
  • User-friendly and customized options;
  • Strong customer support;
  • User comforting and navigation friendly website;
  • EastMeetEast uses a strong GPS: users cannot create a fraudulent location here.


  • The site is not available in some regions.

Overall EastMeetEast Rating

Value for price9.1/10.0
Quality of member9.3/10.0
Ease of use9.1/10.0
Customer satisfaction8.9/10.0

Is EastMeetEast Legit?

It’s a great genuine adult hookup site, and it’s where you should go if you want to locate the right sex partner. EastMeetEast is also dedicated to assisting you in being safe online. This is one of the few adult hookup services you should ever use since it is absolutely safe for both of you.

You do not need a credit card to enroll since this adult site is completely free. It’s an excellent choice if you don’t want to pay for anything on the site and want to meet possible mates at any time. You also have a great opportunity to view people’s profiles and rate their photos.

If you want to meet sexy Asian individuals in the United States, there are plenty of them waiting for you to join this adult hookup service. You may simply narrow your search to certain regions or build your own. You may also search by age and gender to ensure that you meet the appropriate man for you.

Other areas that are a nice addition include a mobile app and a comprehensive events and activities section. It’s the ideal location for you to meet your companions for hookups and other adult activities. 

why EastMeetEast better

What Is The Registration Process?

The registration process on EastMeetEast is much easier than in most similar adult chat rooms. All you need to EastMeetEast sign up is to join using Google or Facebook social networks, and then fill in a few fields, namely:

  • Gender(male/female/trans male/trans female/non-binary);
  • Looking for a(male/female/trans male/trans female/non-binary);
  • First name;
  • Ethnicity;
  • Preferred ethnicities(American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian, White, Black or African American, Hispanic / Latino, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander);
  • Occupation;
  • Birthday(day/month/year);
  • Zipcode.

After filling in the fields, click the “Sign Up” button. By clicking on the button above, users confirm that they are at least 18 years old and have read and agreed to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Some Interesting Facts About EastMeetEast 

  1. Site Name: EastMeetEast;
  2. Average Sign-up: under 5 mins;
  3. Paid or Free: the site is partially free, premium features are paid;
  4. Paid Membership Pricing: $11.99 per month;
  5. Unique EastMeetEast facts and figures:
  • Founded in December 2013, The Company is located at 347 Fifth Ave, Suite 1402-195, New York, NY 10016;
  • Part of East Meet East Inc.;
  • A good mix of people seeking local hookups and other kinks with Asian singles in the US.

Are There Real Matches on EastMeetEast?

When you visit the EastMeetEast dating website, you will enter a highly safe atmosphere where everything you input is kept absolutely private. This adult hookup site also claims to simplify your dating life by offering options that other dating services do not, such as the ability to filter out matches based on geography and age.

When you initially sign up with EastMeetEast, you can create your own “wish list.” Simply told, it is the location where you will save your top matches. You may also add your favorite real sex hookup matches to your favorites list and get informed when they go online.

The EastMeetEast site’s innovative matching algorithm considers factors such as shared interests and hobbies. This adult hookup service also allows you to search for women depending on your age, region, and even if you’re looking for a local lady. If you don’t have time to look for matches, you may be paired with a random gorgeous female or search for profiles that reflect your personality.

The biggest feature of this adult hookup service is that you may communicate with your matches without leaving a note or email. This also means that you may get to know them a little better and not simply use their photos as profile images.

EastMeetEast girls

Is EastMeetEast Easy To Use?

How does EastMeetEast work? This is a great adult hookup sex dating site where you can meet all the girls of your dreams. You have complete freedom to communicate with people from your local environment. You can search for girls all over the world, no matter where they live. If you are a single Asian migrant living in New York looking for hookup sex with hot Asian girlfriends around, then hurry up to join EastMeetEast. All you need to do is create your EastMeetEast account. With a huge membership base, you can easily find the hottest Asians who are horny and ready for fun.

When you check-in for the first time, you’ll know which features are perfect for using the EastMeetEast. You may change the previously selected settings at any time in both the PC version and the great mobile app. If you’re looking for a one-night stand, you can include this relationship type in your profile. With this app, you may choose your friends and interests or go directly to your location.

Furthermore, as scores of EastMeetEast reviews have pointed out, when you use this adult site, all of your personal information is transferred and stored on a server in order to give free chat. This means that your personal information is kept fully confidential on this adult hookup network. This adult site is regarded by many active users as the greatest location to find online sex dating and other perversions. Furthermore, EastMeetEast may use cookies and other tracking technologies to provide the best possible experience for its members, develop the site, and give information about the site. So, if you’re seeking a secure and simple adult hookup app, the EastMeetEast app is a perfect choice.

How Much Does EastMeetEast Cost? 

Here are the basic prices for a premium EastMeetEast subscription. 

Membership/CoinsDurationCosts / MonthTotal
Premium1 Month34.99 USD34.99 USD 
Premium3 Months22.99 USD 68.97 USD
Premium6 Months17.99 USD 107.94 USD
Premium12 Months11.99 USD143.88 USD

Are There Any Free Features? 

  • Speed Dating;
  • Messages;
  • Facebook and Gmail Verification.

Speed Dating

One of the most significant aspects of EastMeetEast is speed dating. That is why you must be able to meet someone with whom you may fall in love and spend time. Speed dating allows you to rapidly determine who you might be matched with. There is a strong probability that you will meet someone who is certainly suitable for you on EastMeetEast free adult site.


The messages on this adult hookup service are a really useful free feature. That is why it is a terrific method to meet new people. You will be able to locate someone who is suitable for you and has a good possibility of becoming your friend or, at the very least, your partner if you use an online dating service.

Facebook and Gmail Verification

You may EastMeetEast log in using a variety of additional methods. If you wish to start with your pals, you can utilize Facebook or Google. EastMeetEast allows you to join up with your email address as well as your social network profiles. You can even log in using your phone number and text message if you want to start looking for someone right away, and the software is available for both iOS and Android.

EastMeetEast real time romance

Customer Support

EastMeetEast has created a “Help/FAQ” section where you may get answers to commonly asked questions and troubleshoot typical software difficulties. You may search for a specific question using the website’s search box, or you can browse the various entries that provide solutions to questions. You may also contact the support team through social media. Send EastMeetEast a direct message on Facebook Messenger, describing your situation as thoroughly as possible. The help page provides an overview of the features as well as other important details. The request might take anything from a few minutes to 24 hours to process.

Is EastMeetEast Worth It?

East Meet East Inc. is in charge of the EastMeetEast website, which has been up and running since 2013. This is a superb site for sex junkies since it brings together a huge community of evil-minded people in one spot. This adult hookup website has a lot more useful information. You will most likely encounter many of the kindest and most open individuals on the internet who like sex and just want to have fun. If you are one of them, you can be assured that your efforts will be recognized.

EastMeetEast brings together those who wish to pay for sexual services. Due to the large membership base, you will encounter gorgeous Asian folks who prefer sex hookups and other fetishes. It’s similar to breaking into a specialist field, especially if you’re looking for girls of a different race. If you prefer to have sex on the first sex date, this is the adult hookup service for you.

You may be as sexy or as relaxed as you like. EastMeetEast is the greatest place to start if you’re looking for a one-night stand or a young passionate lover. You are not required to do anything other than sign up and establish a profile. You’ll have your own dashboard and profile where you can upload photos and videos. 


Are There Fake Profiles on EastMeetEast?

This x-rated site is incredibly popular with millions of members, in part because most of the profiles here are real people. All this became possible thanks to the excellent work of the site's employees, as well as a reliable system for verifying the accounts of new EastMeetEast users.

Is EastMeetEast Just a Hookup Site?

Yes, this top-notch adult platform focuses on local sex connections. With such a vast membership base, you may develop a variety of connections and potentially find a partner with whom to start a family. However, it should be highlighted that the vast majority of users are true sexaholics who like depravity and other fetishes.

Is EastMeetEast Free?

This great adult app provides a number of valuable services, most of which are free. Free registration, a search bar, message sending, profile browsing, and other services are available. You may also use this adult resource in private mode on a regular basis, and all free services will be available to you.

It is also worth mentioning that you have the option to upgrade your basic membership. This adult hookup site is costly, but it comes with a number of perks, like VIP support, your profile always showing at the top of the search results, and unlimited photo and video gallery browsing, among others. When compared to the advanced choices offered, a VIP subscription starts at $11.99 per month.

Is EastMeetEast Safe?

There is absolutely no doubt about that. East Meet East Inc.'s #1 adult hookup service is a legal and secure online resource. This adult connectivity platform uses innovative security technologies to encrypt users' personal data, allowing them to relax when purchasing a premium membership or engaging in other activities. Top programmers from Japan, Korea, India, and other sophisticated IT countries work for the organization.

Is EastMeetEast a Good Dating Site?

Is EastMeetEast good? Although this adult hookup service was started in 2013, it is still quite popular. Registration is straightforward, communication is active, and all of the elements for a fun activity are in place for attendees. As a result, it assists in the arrangement of genuine sexual encounters, and the platform's concept is identical to that of other analogous organizations. As a consequence, EastMeetEast is unquestionably a wonderful adult app.


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