Trustworthy DilMil Review

Using a dating website to encounter Asians is not a new option. However, singles who want to meet gorgeous Asians now have the option to choose regions of Asia. With DilMil dating site, this awesome opportunity is finally available.

When most people claim they are attracted to Asians, they most likely mean beautiful and sexy South Koreans. Thanks to k-pop, we now know how beautiful singles from South Korea are. But DilMil is about something different and yet exciting.

The cool and modern DilMil app enables ex-pats from South Asia to encounter partners. This fascinating app connects singles seeking men and women from South Asian countries. The app can be used by ex-pats from Asia who want to date people from their country or from the country they currently live in.

This DilMil.co review focuses on all features offered by the website and its official app. The dating site is a perfect solution for South Asians, but it also has other convenient uses. 

What Is DilMil?

The convenient and well-constructed DilMil site caters to a specific group of individuals. It mainly aims at connecting amazing singles from South Asian countries. For example, you can meet attractive people from the following beautiful countries:

  • Bangladesh; 
  • Bhutan;
  • India; 
  • Pakistan; 
  • Nepal;
  • Sri Lanka; 
  • Afghanistan;
  • The Maldives.

It used to be typical for South Asians to arrange their marriages, but today, the world is different. Many South Asians have moved to different countries but may feel like trying to date their own people.

DilMil main page

The awesome DilMil dating website is a niche platform to start dating. It used to be a small platform, but today, it has around two million attractive and beautiful individuals using it. The best thing about DilMil is that it caters to the interests of ethnic groups from South Asian countries.

For example, this website is used by amazing people of Kannada, Sindhi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Malayali, Maharashtrian, Tamil, and Telugu descent. But what is DilMil.co exactly? Is it only for South Asians? This amazing website is useful for people from other Asian countries as well.

DilMil caters to the interests of Asians who want to date Asians or foreigners and vice versa. One can assume that DilMil is an international dating website.

Moreover, this amazing dating site is extremely useful for Asians who are currently in other countries and want to meet other Asians. For example, a lot of Asians study abroad. With DilMil, these amazing people can encounter other students and start dating. 

So, what is DilMil? It’s a niche dating site with amazing and useful features. It caters to the interests of singles from South Asia but is not limited only to these people. DilMil has a good-quality mobile app with all the awesome features of the desktop version. One can fall in love with a like-minded attractive individual on DilMil but may also find partners to hook up with. 

The most important and useful thing to know about DilMil is its precise matchmaking system. Anyone meets who they want on DilMil regardless of their views on romantic relationships. 

Pros And Cons Of The DilMil Dating Site

Most DilMil reviews are positive and claim the website is useful and convenient. However, every product has cons. Let’s start with checking the benefits of using DilMil. Then check out the small inconveniences of this amazing dating website. 


  • The site offers a well-structured website with a convenient menu and relevant categories.
  • A user-friendly interface so that it’s easy to use the platform.
  • A quick and simple DilMil sign up procedure.
  • High-quality servers. The platform is always performing well.
  • Several useful free features to test the app before purchasing a subscription.
  • The site has advanced analytics and learning algorithms that learn from the user’s behavior about what they like and prefer to predict perfect matches. 
  • Precise matchmaking.
  • The app is available for iOS and Android users.
  • The website has an efficient customer support team with polite and competent members. 


  • Lack of functions when using the dating site on a browser. 
DilMil vip dating

Overall DilMil Rating 

Check the overall rating of the app before diving into the detailed DilMil review. 

Ease of usage5/5
Support & help4.8/5

Is DilMil Legit?

Yes, and a few facts prove the site’s legitimacy. First, and the most important fact, is the Internet connection. An SSL protocol protects it. The website has an ESET SSL Filter Certificate to ensure user safety. What does it guarantee?

The safety certificate ensures your data is protected and safe. It’s a protection against phishing attacks. It’s a critical protection measure given users have to share their credit card data when buying a subscription. So, with a valid SSL filter, users can safely make purchases within the website.

The second important factor is the ratings. Most reviews of DilMil are positive. Moreover, DilMil also has a relatively high rating on the Play Market and the App Store. It’s safe to say that the app is reliable and offers quality services.

As mentioned, the DilMil mobile app is available on the App Store and the Play Store. It means the app meets all the requirements of these platforms. As some people understand, unreliable apps wouldn’t go through these platforms. Additionally, DilMil has an effective customer support team to solve any issues. 

DilMil create account

What Is The Registration Process?

New awesome members can get started easily by clicking the DilMil log in button. Click on “Create an account” to initiate the process. Then fill out the application form and submit your answers.

DilMil requests an active email address. The system automatically sends a verification link. Click on the link to become a fully accepted member of the amazing DilMil community. Once you have an account, check the profiles of other people.

The dating site enables users with accounts to see all profiles. Check out whether you like people on DilMil, test free features, and then consider buying a subscription. The paid subscription has a reasonable price (check the table further in the article). 

Some Interesting Facts About DilMil 

The awesome DilMil website is new but has already gained recognition among daters worldwide. The dating pool is more than two million active members! Check some interesting facts about DilMil:

  • Paid or free: it has a few free features but requires a paid subscription. 
  • Average sign-up time: around two minutes to create an account and less than twenty minutes to set up a dating profile. Members can skip the profile set-up part to check out profiles of attractive DilMil members. 
  • Paid membership prices: one month’s subscription costs $34.99. Longer subscriptions offer discounts (check the pricing table).

Here are some other interesting facts about this amazing app:

  • The app was released in 2014 in the U.S. 
  • The worldwide release of the app was in 2015. 
  • DilMil has over two million active members. 

The DilMil free features enable community members to check profiles and test matchmaking. It’s like a free trial period. You can decide whether you like this dating site and buy a subscription. 

DilMil blog

Are There Real Matches On DilMil?

Yes, the truth about DilMil is that it aims at learning from members’ behavior. Suppose a member is a man from Bangladesh who keeps contacting women from Bangladesh (or of Bangladeshi descent). The system sees a man who wants to meet a woman from Bangladesh. So, from that moment, the amazing DilMil app offers profiles of beautiful Bangladeshi women. 

It’s a simple example, but the system is more advanced. DilMil’s matchmaking considers your tastes to ensure you get the best quality matches. Note: a typical DilMil member is from India. Even though people from other Asian countries use this amazing site, it is mainly preferred by Indians. The good thing is that foreigners who are into attractive Indians can start dating them online on DilMil.

Members can expect to be matched with people from South Asian countries. The majority of the awesome DilMil community are ex-pats. However, the app attracts the attention of users from the U.S, Europe, Canada, and Australia since they want to date Asians. 

Is DilMil Easy To Use?

Yes, the desktop and the mobile versions have user-friendly interfaces. The screen is adjustable, and it’s easy to navigate on the dating site. Pretty DilMil users report that using the app is like using any social media. Message people you like, use icebreakers, like their photos, etc.

DilMil has one of the best matchmaking systems. Benefit from this matchmaking mechanism by revealing information about your tastes and preferences. Moreover, the more you use the website, the better the algorithm knows you. The dating site will offer the best potential matches according to your tastes. That’s why it’s so easy to use the app. Finding love on DilMil is almost effortless!

How Much Does DilMil Cost?

Membership TypeDurationMonthly PriceTotal PriceHow Much You Save
Paid Subscription1 month$34.99$34.99
3 months$23.33$69.99$34.98
12 months$16.67$200.04$79.92

Are There Any Free Features? 

Most DilMil.co reviews mention that the dating platform has a few free features. However, one has to purchase a membership to get the best value out of the app. Here are a few features that amazing members of the DilMil community can try free of charge:

  • registration;
  • likes every 24 hours (only ten per day);
  • messaging (but only if you match);
  • search filters;
  • matchmaking;
  • profile completion. 
DilMil features

Unblocking an affordable DilMil subscription guarantees access to a full package of awesome perks. Some of the advanced and cool paid features of DilMil include the following:

  • Unlimited likes and dislikes. The free version guarantees ten likes a day. 
  • Search nearby and by location. Members can seek other gorgeous members by specifying a certain location. This search makes it easier to find a wonderful partner in your current city. 
  • Boost user visibility. It’s a typical feature that enables amazing members of the community to attract more attention. This feature is perfect for finding partners quickly and without hustle. 
  • Match with friends. This DilMil feature enables members to check whether they are compatible with friends they met on the website. The feature is discreet, and you can check whether your friend matches you as a romantic partner without notifying them. 
  • See mutual friends. Another great feature. It facilitates the search for compatible partners. Moreover, it’s safer since your friends know this person. 
  • Rewind to the last profile. If you don’t like the match the system offers, use the rewind to get a chance to message a previous user. 
  • Reset all or specific dislikes. Users with free subscriptions have to be mindful when liking someone’s profile. However, awesome members with paid subscriptions have a bit more freedom as they can easily reset likes. 

The good news is that DilMil cost is rather reasonable. DilMil offers a few subscription types depending on members’ needs. The best thing about DilMil is that it has a paid and free subscription, without “Gold,” “Diamond,” or other similar types of memberships. The app is straightforward and offers features to find compatible matches nearby quickly. 

Customer Support

The support team is efficient and helpful. Contact any support team member by using a quick chat button or sending an email. The members of the support team are polite and eager to help. Typically, it takes less than 24 hours to get an answer. If a user has a simple question, they might get an answer within a few hours. The website uses great-quality chat bots to ensure every amazing member of the DilMil community has access to the support system. 

DilMil upgrade profile

Is DilMil Worth It?

If you are wondering whether you should create a DilMil account, rest assured that you won’t regret it. The dating website offers an amazing opportunity to fall in love with the right person finally!

The dating site is a perfect choice for individuals from South Asia. The use case of the site isn’t limited to matching South Asians. It enables users worldwide to meet South Asians. The site is also an amazing opportunity for Asain ex-pats to meet people of the same ethnicity. 


Are There Fake Profiles On DilMil?

Yes, any dating website, even the best of the best, has such profiles. The good news is that these users have to pay for the membership if they want to get unlimited access to the messaging feature. Users with free subscriptions have to match someone to message them. If you decide to unmatch them, they won't bother you. Moreover, the DilMil employees carefully monitor the activity on the site to ensure the best positive experience.

Is DilMil Just A Hookup Site?

It depends on a member's needs. Suppose the new member wants to hook up. They specify this in their profile. But if the user is interested in exclusive romantic relationships, they specify this option. The matchmaking system considers these answers before offering potential matches. Moreover, you need to swipe right or left to get a match. Note: the system still offers compatible matches to save your time.

Is DilMil Free?

DilMil has quite a few amazing free functions, so members of the awesome DilMil community can check how does DilMil work. New users get access to the site's options once they create accounts. Upon completing a short sign-up procedure, new amazing members get access to profiles of attractive people using the site. They may check out the matchmaking, search, and even message some awesome people as long as they match.

Is DilMil Safe?

The review of DilMil shows that the website has a safe connection to the Internet through an SSL certificate. Moreover, the employees of the website conduct regular checks of the user activity. The dating site has an antivirus to check whether the files users post are safe and do not carry any viruses. The DilMil app is available on the Play Market and the App Store, so it's safe to use.

Is DilMil A Good Dating Site?

So, given the information from the article, is DilMil good to use? Yes, especially if you are from South Asia or wish to meet someone from this region. The DilMil dating website has a reasonable price compared to other similar apps. One of the best features of the dating site is its compatibility feature. All matches are based on users' behavior and who they choose to message. As a result, members are matched with compatible and attractive users of the website.


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