Denver Hookups: A Sex Guide Based On Personal Experience

Hello, my name is Austin Backer, and I have been a pickup truck driver for several years now. I used to have problems with girls, but then I found a solution to this problem, and I am happy to share my experience. I am a fan of sex tourism. I visited different countries, but my friend accused me of knowing little about girls in my native country. So, I had the idea to start my journey through the small and large cities of the United States. Today I want to share my knowledge about Denver hookups with girls. I spent about a week here, registered on popular dating sites, and visited the most popular bars and nightclubs. I want to present my sex guide in Denver based on my personal experience.

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Why Did I Decide To Look For Hookups In Denver?

My goal is to travel to large and small cities across America and understand how the principles of hookups differ here. Today I want to tell you my sex guide Denver, but before that, I want to tell you a few facts about Denver that may affect hookups.

Denver is the largest city in Colorado, with over 600,000 people. It is a significant cultural, economic and scientific center of its region. A well-developed infrastructure has been created here, allowing you to find hookups quickly.

All 4 seasons are well expressed here, so I advise you to come here in the summer to enjoy the girls in miniskirts and relax. However, if you come here in winter, you will also find more opportunities to have fun and have a lot of fun.

Denver local fuck is possible with representatives of different races. They want about 70% of here to be whites, and many Hispanics, Asians, and African Americans live here. That way, you can start hookup in Denver no matter what race you prefer.

Suppose you love sports and hookups in Denver, no problem. There are 4 large stadiums where various sports competitions regularly take place. So, you can come, cheer for your favorite team and meet gorgeous girls.

denver sex guide

There are several large educational institutions in Denver, so many young female students come to the city. Usually, they spend their weekends not in the hostel but in bars or nightclubs. During the week, they experience stress, but nothing relieves it better than sex. In addition, students are not interested in a serious relationship, so you can quickly get hookup Denver.

When I went to Denver, I had mixed feelings. On the one hand, I understood that this is a big city that has every chance of becoming famous for sex tourism, but on the other hand, I did not find average Denver hookup reviews, so there was a feeling that a rather dull and measured life was going on here. However, I can confidently say everything is fine with getting laid in Denver.

Sites With Hot Denver Girls Or Women

Today, there are a considerable number of Denver hookup sites. All the platforms that I use in my hometown also have a very large audience here. In general, I have already mentioned that Denver dating sites are one of the most successful tools for finding hookups. It is great for guys who feel insecure around girls, but here you have the opportunity to think about your answers and be direct about your sexual desires.

Before going to Delaware, I met several girls and made dates with them. I didn’t have any problems with Denver casual encounters.

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison

Telling you about the best dating apps Denver; it is impossible not to mention this platform. It has excellent personal data protection, as it was created for married men and women, for whom the level of privacy is of the utmost importance.

Moreover, it has a very user-friendly interface and perfect navigation. It is the case when using the Denver dating service is simple and pleasant. The hookup platform with girls has a very convenient functionality, greatly simplifying the search for the ideal sexual partner.

I’ve been using this platform to find hookups with girls for several years now and have never had a problem with it. When you first register on the platform with girls, you get access to a free trial, but later on, you need to buy a paid subscription, which is quite expensive.



While compiling the list of the best dating sites in Denver, I decided to tell you a few words about this platform. It is a classic dating service but more like a social network. People register here who want to talk about sex and share their unusual preferences and experiences. The hookup platform’s advantage is that you can chat with girls or look for the best Denver to pick up girls.

This platform with girls has a very simple interface and many useful features, making communication more enjoyable.


Flirt.com main page

When I decided to review the best online dating sites Denver, I knew that I needed to mention this platform. It also reminds me of a social network where everyone is only interested in sex. It’s not suitable for a serious relationship, but I know guys who were able to build families here because they fell in love with girls who came to them on hookup dates.

This platform has rich functionality. There are 2 options – flirting and erotica. You can choose depending on your goals and mood. It will be easy to find a girl who will meet all your requirements here.



I love this Denver hookup app for its huge audience. There are over 10 million active users on this site in total, so I could easily meet beautiful girls for Denver hookups. When I first signed up for this hookup platform with girls, I thought it was too crazy, but then I realized that it could be a great tool for a hookup near me.

The hookup platform allows people with unusual sexual preferences to unite – LGBT, swing, fetishes, group sex, and many others. It’s also good if you’re looking for a Denver crossdresser (they have a big community here). If you want girls for sex Denver who don’t mind experimenting, the hookup platform is the perfect solution.



If guys want black dating sites Denver, this hookup platform will be the perfect solution for them. Initially, it was created for the LGBT community, but gradually the number of users here skyrocketed, and it turned into a huge first-class hookup dating site. It has a very handy feature that allows you to quickly and easily find your ideal sexual partner, no matter your preferences. I was surprised that the number of active users from Denver is really huge here.



If guys want casual encounters Denver, they should definitely sign up on this hookups platform. As the name suggests, this is unsuitable for building long-term relationships but can be beneficial for hookups. It has a very active female audience and many valuable features that make it easy to find the perfect partner. I have only positive emotions from this hookup platform, and here I could easily meet beautiful girls, not chatbots.



It is another hookup platform that was created for married men and girls, so there is complete anonymity here. You can use this when you want to get laid in Denver on a business or short trip. The platform has a very large community, which makes it very easy to find the right partner.

All in all, this is a good alternative to Ashley Madison and makes for some great competition.

What To Look For When Dating Online?

I am a fan of online dating because here, you can directly talk about your sexual preferences (even the most daring ones). Usually, there is a very friendly atmosphere here, and the air smells of sex. I like that everything here is as honest and open as possible. You do not need to pretend to be someone or persuade the girl to have sex because she herself is interested in this.

In addition, here, I can easily find hook ups near me if I turn on geolocation or specify the city of residence. The system will find a girl who shares my passion for sex and lives in the next block. Thanks to such hookup platforms, I can find a girl on any evening who will reciprocate my love.

Most dating sites have a very simple registration process; all you need to do is:

  • Enter your email and create a password;
  • Fill out a simple questionnaire;
  • Indicate what kind of girl you are looking for;
  • Pay a subscription (if required).

After the preparatory phase, you can view the profiles of different users and exchange messages. At first, it is strange that people are not shy about talking openly about their sexual preferences, but then you get used to it and realize that this is a manifestation of true freedom.

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What Bars Can I Safely Recommend In Denver?

The next step in my Denver sex guide is an overview of popular bars and nightclubs. Before going to Denver, I read reviews of several places and wrote myself a list of those that are definitely worth a visit. Upon arrival, I chatted with local guys, and they suggested a few places for hookups near me.

During the week, I visited several of the best hookup bars in Denver and am ready to share my impressions.

Reynard Social

This bar is located on the 6th floor of the Thompson Denver Hotel and offers perhaps the most beautiful view of the city and mountains. There is a vast space that can accommodate several hundred visitors. I like that there is a huge selection of drinks here and prices are not too high. There is a very relaxed atmosphere here; everyone enjoys the evening and socializing, which is good for hookups in Denver.

Fuel & Iron

It is in the style of a Pueblo, Colorado, bar. It is suitable for those who love Latin American cuisine and spirits. Many beautiful girls come here to eat delicious food and meet guys. Under the influence of alcohol, they become more sociable, so there are no problems with hookups. In terms of atmosphere, this is one of the best bars I’ve been to in the last few years.

Dew Drop Inn

This bar with girls is located at the Dew Drop Inn and generally resembles a first-class dive site. I was very captivated by the prices here (it seems that you are unlikely to find such low prices for drinks anywhere), while there are very good snacks here. This bar was recommended to me by local guys (although I was surprised that they go to hotel bars), but when I saw the prices, I immediately understood what it was about.

The girls here are very sociable and easy to persuade to hookups (it’s especially nice that it happens right in the hotel).

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Yacht Club

It is another first-class bar with low prices and beautiful girls. I liked the cocktail list (I was especially impressed by the amount of ice, it is very refreshing) and the large menu. There is also a very relaxed atmosphere here, as people come here to relax a little and chat.

The Crypt

It is an unusual gothic place with vegetarian cuisine. There are many vegetarian girls living in Denver, and this can be a good topic of conversation (even if you are not a vegan). It has a gloomy atmosphere you are unlikely to find in other US cities. Among all the places I have visited, this is the most atmospheric.

Five Nines

It is a very popular club where it smells like sex. Dancers dance on poles in the middle of the bar, and there are plenty of booths where you can hang out with a pretty girl. It is the perfect place for those looking for simple hookups Denver. Here I got a lot of pleasure, although usually similar establishments did not attract me.


This bar has its ice program, which a large number of girls from all over the city come to enjoy. In addition, there is a large cocktail list, which helps to relax and enjoy the unusual atmosphere. I understand why the local guys recommend this bar because here, the girls begin to meet strangers themselves and hint at sex.

What To Look For When Dating In Bars And Nightclubs?

Denver has a large number of bars and nightclubs, and I was only able to visit a few of them. I like that the girls here are open to communication, and after a few cocktails, they start looking for adventures themselves. There is always an amiable atmosphere here, which is conducive to hookups. I am sure that with a little effort, you will be able to meet several girls here who will definitely surprise you with their ingenuity in sex.

I can’t say that hunting in the above bars was 100% successful, but here I had an unusual experience, met beautiful girls, and generally had a good time. I liked that the prices here are very low, which does not affect the quality of drinks and snacks.

best hookup bars in denver

What Hotels Are Worth Staying At?

Compiling the international sex guide Denver, I understand I should tell you a little about local hotels. Many guys mistakenly make dates on dating sites right in hotels. Often this can scare a girl away, and she simply won’t come on a date. It makes more sense to invite her to a local bar or nightclub first, where you can build a certain level of trust. After that, you can move to a more comfortable place.

There are several hotels in Denver, but I liked these most:

  • Radisson Hotel Denver Central;
  • Warwick Denver;
  • Motel 6- Denver, CO Downtown;
  • Hyatt Place Denver Cherry Creek;
  • Homewood Suites- Denver Downtown Convention Center.

Some might say that the prices for rooms in these hotels for hooking up in Denver are overpriced, but comfort should come first. Of course, you can find cheaper hostels, but most likely, you will not get the necessary level of pleasure, or the girl may refuse. But, if you take care of the girl, the chance of getting hookups in Denver becomes much higher.

How To Pickup Girls (It’s Easier Than You Think)


Denver is a big city that is rich in entertainment and hookups. To be honest, when planning the trip, I did not really count on success, but hook up in Denver exceeded all my expectations. Incredibly friendly and very sexy girls who easily meet guys in bars and nightclubs live here. However, I received several rejections at cougar bars Denver, so I advise you to get to know beautiful girls on dating sites in advance; then, you can be sure that the evening will be very successful.


What Is The Best Way To Find A Hookup In Denver?

To find hookups in Denver, you should use dating sites or visit the nearest bar or nightclub. It has a developed infrastructure that makes it easy and quick to find places where you can find hookups.

How To Avoid Getting Scammed On Denver Hookups?

To avoid falling into scammers' hands, you should use good dating sites with good protection. Also, when you go to a bar or restaurant, you should not take valuables or large sums of money.

What Are The Most Popular Denver Hookups?

There are a lot of opportunities for hookups today. It all depends on your preferences. If you feel like you need more confidence when talking to girls, dating sites are better, but if you feel confident in bars or restaurants, you should immediately go to such establishments.

What Are The Best Denver Hookups For Seniors?

Seniors can easily find their perfect partner both on dating hookup platforms (BeNaighty, AdultFriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and others) and in various bars and clubs.

What Are The Best Denver Hookups For Businesses?

You can skip hookups if you're planning a business trip to Denver. Even if you have family in your hometown, nothing stops you from having a good time. So, you can register on the Ashley Madison or Jucydate hookup platform. Such services have an impeccable level of protection, so you don't have to worry about your reputation.

What Are The Best Denver Hookups For Tourists?

Sex tourism is prevalent in the USA. Today you can quickly come to Denver, rent a hotel room and visit the nearest bar or nightclub. In this city, you will definitely not have problems with hookups.

What Are The Best Denver Hookups For Locals?

Local guys know the clubs and bars where the most beautiful girls come. But, if you cannot find a girl for hookups here, I advise you to register on dating hookup platforms. Here it will be easier to communicate with girls.


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