How to Make Money Online: Be a Dating Site Partner

Under the great influence of COVID-19, many are unemployed and dependent on government assistance. This is not a good idea, because it is not a long-term solution. Many people still can earn a decent income by taking part-time jobs online, like being a partner on a dating platform. Precisely because of the COVID-19 impact, online dating increased a lot. It’s the high time and good opportunity to be an affiliate of the matured dating platform, which can make you easily get you wanted.
Today we recommend two famous rich dating platforms, MillionaireMatch, and SugarDaddyMeet, both of them have established since 2001, both of them have over 4,000,000 attractive and high-quality singles, and both of them offer a high commission to their partners. is also a partner of these two platforms, we have earned over $5,000 /month commission. The payment will be sent out at the beginning of each month with a $100 minimum. MillionaireMatch offers $80 per premium member you bring. SugarDaddyMeet offers $140 per male sugar daddy premium member and $60 per female sugar baby premium member. 

Promoting Methods to Earn the Commission?

1. Upload a video to some video platforms, such as Youtube, Instagram., this is from a sugar daddy partner’s sample, she uploads her video to youtube and adds the tracking link to the introduction, in the last she brought over 30 profiles every day and earned over $6000 per month.
2. Promote it on some social platforms, such as building a page on FB, upload images or videos to Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, share the post to FB group and so on.
3. Advertise your tracking link on Google or Bing, this is the most conversion ratio methods, many partners advertise on google and got over 100 upgradings per month.  check the sample
4. If you have a site with great traffic, you can add a link or banner
5. Remember to leave your tracking link on every platform and ensure it can be clicked.

Reminder: Do not bring sugar daddy dating profiles to MillionaireMatch, they will be removed. MM is only for a serious and long-term relationship. For more information, please visit their partner links:

If you are just looking for dating & relationship here. Just feel free to click the following links:

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    1. Dear Kazi,
      Thanks for your comment! Are you looking for a serious, long-term relationship for marriage, or looking for a sugar daddy? If you are looking for a man for marriage, we recommend, if you are just seeking sugar daddy relationship, will be your good choice. Both two sites have over 4,000,000 attractive members, and they will never disclose your privacy!

      Best regards!
      The WealthyDatingSites Team

        1. I am interested to be your superman and to make you my superwoman. If you are interested then add me /message me I am eagerly waiting for your response there.

  1. Thanks for your recommending, yesterday I became the partner of millionairematch, I uploaded a video to tiktok and brought 10 profiles, today I get two premium members, I have earned $160, thanks very much!

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