Trustworthy Chatroulette Review – A Full Guide

People are always searching for quick and easy ways to get acquainted. The Internet offers excellent opportunities for this. Chat sites are one of those. This Chatroulette review will focus on the most interesting things about this platform. So, if you’ve been looking for a trustworthy review, you are just in the right place. 

What Is Chatroulette?

Chatroulette is one of the first and best-known chat rooms launched in 2009. It quickly became known worldwide, and since then, Chatroulette chat site has been used by many users worldwide. Chatroulette has video, audio, and text chats for every user who chooses this Chatroulette site.

The platform has an interesting story. The founder of this service was a young Russian student Andrey Ternovskiy, who encoded and operated his project at home. The Chatroulette website even became successful without the help of ads, as it was so innovative at the time. This aroused the interest of many Internet users in this new project. 

Several months after launch, the platform had about 1.5 million users (who were extremely active!). Moreover, Chatroulette became so popular that prominent personalities also used its services. They used Chatroulette to surprise people, especially their fans. Some people used Chatroulette’s services for advertising and became known thanks to this service. Nevertheless, websites such as Chatroulette cannot be compared with traditional dating sites or social networks, as they have too few functions for this. The use of the site is anonymous, and the probability of finding a partner, whether for a long-term or even a short-term relationship, is very low. Nevertheless, many people use the platform and similar websites to simply have fun, which cannot be underestimated. Is Chatroulette legit? Is Chatroulette safe? Is Chatroulette good? The answer to these questions is positive. Of course, for you to learn all the truth about Chatroulette, we need to take a more detailed look at its features and characteristics. 

Chatroulette main page

The Mode of Operation

So, what is, and how does Chatroulette work? Today, Chatroulette operates a little differently than in the past, when this site was first put into operation. The original structure with two small screens is not always used, with a chat box on the right side of the screen mostly dominating. 

Nowadays, webcam screens only are offered to users. Text chat, on the other hand, is no longer available. Therefore, those eager to have fun can only communicate with each other through video chats exclusively.

To use the platform, Chatroulette sign up procedure is not needed. Unlike many other similar websites, you do not have to enter a username or gender to create Chatroulette account and then follow Chatroulette log in procedure. All you have to do to utilize this chat site is turn on a web camera.

The chat site has a function that recognizes faces. In order to use the chat site, you must first smile at the camera of your computer. Only after you have gone through this step can you contact strangers through Chatroulette. However, it is important to mention that this measure is only taken at the beginning of the use of the chat.

Since the hookup site offers very few protection functions, it is often used by exhibitionists. It is not recommended to use this site if you cannot tolerate such content. Unfortunately, the service cannot control the behavior of its users. Few are services of this type that can control at least anything.

Despite the simplicity of the functions, the Chatroulette chat website attracted the attention of users as early as four months after publication. People liked using such simple communication service.

As we have briefly mentioned, many companies use this site as a platform for products promotion. Particularly noteworthy was the advertisement for the film The Last Exorcism. So, the Chatroulette user connected to a woman who initially looked a little shy until some cracks appeared in her eyes. And at the end of their stream, the advertisement for the mentioned film appeared. This film project went viral when users’ emotions and reactions were published on YouTube. Chatroulette reviews say people are happy because of the fact that no Chatroulette subscription is required, so nothing stops you from becoming Chatroulette member, as you won’t lose a penny. 

Pros and Cons of the Chatroulette Dating Website

Although the idea of a chat site looks pretty attractive, reviews say this chat site also has some disadvantages. Here are the benefits and drawbacks. 


  • The platform makes it possible to chat in an anonymous mode, which provides a complete security.
  • All users can meet men, women, transgender, and couples as communication partners.
  • It is an all-inclusive platform that takes into account the interests of the LGBTQ community.
  • People can exchange their personal data as soon as the site allows them to meet online.
  • Chatroulette’s security rules prohibit users from reporting, promoting, or exploiting illegal activities.
  • Security on the Chatroulette website ensures that any user can report any kind of abuse or violation that may occur during chat sessions.
  • No need to look for Chatroulette cost: it’s free!


  • Because of the fact that this chat site allows Chatroulette users to share personal information, the service is not responsible for its security after sharing this information.
  • A certain number of clicks that allow users to be changed is limited and cannot be updated.
  • The platform is in the continuous development phase, which makes it perfect. However, users may experience some errors.

Overall Rating 

Here is our evaluation of this chat site. 

Quality matches4/10
Ease of use10/10
Overall 8/10

Is It Legit?

The only possible scam on the Chatroulette chat site is that partners who meet other users may not be the ones they seem to represent. There is no risk of fraud because users do not provide their payment information or geographical location because they want to remain anonymous. The transfer of personal data is possible at the discretion of the user as soon as he decides to do so with his partners. However, voluntarily shared information is not protected by the Chatroulette platform. All in all, this chat site is fully legit: you have nothing to worry about.

Chatroulette page

Registration Process: In Detail

To utilize Chatroulette free chat, one does not need to register: you simply open the page and start having fun! It is not complicated to use the services of this website. The visitor has the opportunity to communicate with a random stranger via a video chat. You can interrupt the online chat at any time and chat with another random user.

To view videos and access users’ webcams, the service uses peer-to-peer technology and RTMFP protocol, which allows almost all information to be transmitted directly between users’ computers without using server bandwidth. No registration, but excellent features – pretty convenient, right?

User Profiling

Since the use of the website does not require registration, there are no specific profiles on the site. Only your chat window and your interlocutor’s window will be displayed. You do not use a username or any other information about your personality. Your interlocutor is called a “stranger.”

Some Interesting Facts About the Platform 

  • Site name: Chatroulette.
  • Paid or free: completely free.
  • Average sign-up time: no sign-up is required.
  • Paid membership pricing: the site is fully free.

Unique facts and figures:

  • Founded: 2009.
  • According to statistics, the majority of video chat users are people between the ages of 18 and 24. The second-largest category in terms of number is 25-35 years old.
  • The chat site has a fairly democratic policy: its forum actively discusses the features that users would like to see on the site.
  • A lot of Western celebrities use Chatroulette. Among them are rapper Eminem, actor Jason Statham, and Jessica Alba.

Are There Real Matches on Chatroulette?

What is Chatroulette, and can I find real matches there? The truth is that this chat site has only one communication channel – through a web camera. People cannot influence the choice with which users they want to communicate. The interlocutors are randomly selected. As a result, users who contact you can be of any age and gender. It follows that Chatroulette is not a really suitable service for the search for romantic relationships. If you are interested in having fun – it is just what you need.

Member Structure

According to a study carried out in March 2010, there is a probability that a random person comes from the USA is about 50%. 15% of users come from France. The probability of meeting a man is 89%. In 8% of the connections, you contact several people at the same time. And 1 of 8 connections contains inappropriate content. Incidentally, this is the main problem of the service. Unfortunately, many users of Chatroulette show explicit content or use swear words.

Therefore, it is recommended to use the website if you are at least 18 years old. Pornographic behavior is prohibited, but unfortunately, some users do this. It is possible to send a complaint that you feel offended due to content. If three complaints are received within 5 minutes, the user will be blocked.

Age of Users

People of different ages use Chatroulette. However, since it does not indicate the age of the users, it is sometimes difficult to determine how old your interlocutor is. We have already mentioned the age statistics.

Sexual Preferences

Every review of Chatroulette says that sites like this help people make new friends and even start relationships. But many users use services of this type to search for pornographic content. Such users use keywords such as “Chatroulette sex” or “Chatroulette porn” in search engines in the hope of finding explicit content.

In recent years, sites such as Chatroulette for homosexuals have also been created so that they can search for erotic adventures through webcams.

But the most important thing is that Chatroulette is not a dating site for sexual relationships but a simple live chat to communicate with strangers. 

Ethnicities and Nationalities of Users

Americans account for about 50% of users, as this site is particularly popular in the USA. But this site is also often used by users from France, Germany, Austria, and other countries.

Chatroulette: Ease of Usage

First of all, the main page of Chatroulette, which is also its homepage, is quite easy to use. The user interface of the Chatroulette online video chat platform offers two windows where random users can meet and chat. If you try to use the modern version of the chat website, you will notice there is no way to chat by text. However, it was available in previous versions. There is no Chatroulette app at the moment. Nevertheless, the site itself is perfectly adapted to diverse device types, so you won’t have any problems with it. 

What About The Website Navigation?

Chatroulette is very easy to navigate from a phone or computer. We can say that it can be used in all available browsers. You can navigate via switching between other users until you find an interesting interlocutor to enjoy a conversation with. It is also possible to report a user, which is pretty convenient.

Before the chat starts, users can adjust their settings to the filtered and unfiltered versions of the click. If you choose filters, no erotic content will be shown (for non-prepared people, it may become a little shock to see something like this). If you don’t want to use filters, be ready to see plenty of adult content. Here is what you can do:

  • Report users.
  • Switch users.
  • Mute yourself.
  • Hide yourself.
  • Like partners without interrupting conversations.

All in all, Chatroulette chat website offers pretty convenient navigation options you will definitely like.

How Much Does the Site Cost? 

As we have already mentioned, the service is completely free, and there is no paid membership. It is not necessary to log in or register. This means that users do not have to share their data. The service is completely anonymous, so the paid memberships would not make sense. People are free to pass on their data and information at their discretion. In this way, anyone with Internet access and a suitable device can access the platform from anywhere in the world without sharing their data and providing payment information. The service is based on the trust and loyalty of its users.

The lack of paid membership could therefore be seen as a disadvantage. But it also protects customers and gives them the right to privacy.

What About Free Features?

All features of the platform are free.

Customer Support Service

If you are facing any problems using the service, you are welcome to contact the support team via an e-mail: [email protected], [email protected]

Is Chatroulette Worth It?

By checking the platform, we could determine that it is a free service available to everyone around the world for free. Users do not have to log in and do not have to share their data. It is anonymous unless its users decide to share their data with partners. In this case, however, the service bears no responsibility. It enables intergender connections in particular, which is why it is an LGBTQ-friendly service. There is no payment service available because there is no paid membership. The main function is to enable people to meet random partners around the world and have conversations. One of the most valuable advantages is that all users can select filtered and unfiltered content on chat roulette where adult content is prohibited or permitted. So, it is definitely worth it. 


Are There Fake Profiles on This Platform?

Chatroulette doesn't really have a profile database. Self-registered users have no information about their accounts - except gender (optional) and nickname. So it makes little sense to discuss the legitimacy of profiles on this website. Anyone can pretend to be anyone, so users should obviously be cautious when chatting.

Is It Just a Hookup Site?

No, it isn't. It is a chat site where people can do whatever they want and communicate on any topic. Hookup is one of the options, but not the only one.

Is the Site Free?

It is. One of the greatest advantages of this chat site is that it is completely free of charge.

Is It Safe?

Your safety depends mainly on what you understand by security. From the technical point of view, everything is solid, which means that all connections on this site are private and secure. Since you do not disclose any personal or financial data, there is really no need to worry about data protection.

Is It a Good Chat Site?

Having researched this chat site, we can say that it is definitely worth trying. It may be a fun experience that will provide you with new emotions, friends, or even a partner for casual sex. Have fun!


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