Trustworthy Bumble Review

There are many apps that want to help us find partners for all types of relationships, from late nights to serious ones. Many users choose reliable adult hookup sites, working on a similar principle, where men are looking for women. But there is one cool adult dating site that has changed the game and that is Bumble. Many Bumble reviews note that its main feature is that women make the first step in it. It is also worth noting that it is very similar to the well-known Tinder, and this is no coincidence because its founder Whitney Wolf Heard was one of Tinder’s first vice presidents of marketing.

It’s worth pointing out in this review that this adult dating site is made extremely simple and user-friendly. This has allowed this amazing adult dating app to become the second most popular adult dating platform in the United States. In this review of Bumble, we’ll talk about what the prices are for premium services, what free features this adult site has, etc. You will also learn the truth about Bumble, so if you are interested, keep reading this article.

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What Is Bumble?

What is This is a well-known adult hookup site, which is designed for women who like to take the initiative in casual encounters. From many reviews, it has become known that this adult hookup site was launched in 2014, and now it has over 100 million active users in 187 countries around the world. Such impressive numbers give reason to believe that Bumble is one of the most popular adult hookup apps in the world.

Bumble is a modern take on adult dating that is similar to Tinder in many ways. But unlike Tinder, you can chat before you see each other, and unlike other adult hookup apps, you have full control over when you send a message.

Immediately after the first Bumble log in, you will see that this is a very convenient and effective adult hookup application. I find this useful when you have a busy schedule, and it’s important to make time for dates and not be too busy for dates. This adult hookup app has a lot of great features, especially if you have a lot of friends in the city or are trying to get in touch with someone specific.

Bumble was designed specifically for sexy women and makes it much easier to communicate with men. The girl can swipe right or left on the image, and she will get the text from the man’s Bumble account if they both match. She can then send him a message or refuse the message if she’s not interested.

This is very different from other adult hookup apps where you have to swipe right or left to send a message. On Bumble, a woman sends the first message, and if she is interested, she can select the next message. This allows her to send messages without fear of awkward silence or awkwardness.

The feature of Bumble that is different from Tinder is that your contacts are not your phone contacts. If you receive a message, you can view it or ignore it. If you click on a message, you can reply or send a private message to the person you want to chat with.

If you look at the right side of the screen, you will see the most recent messages from the person you are chatting with. This can help you keep track of the number of incoming messages. You can also click on the “view all messages” option, which shows all messages from the person you are interested in.

The Bumble app encourages all the people who participate to be sincere, giving each other the confidence to do the same. And with the growing influence of women in the labor market, it becomes clear why Bumble is gaining popularity.

People of different ages, lifestyles, cultures, and religions can find someone they can connect with and even fall in love with. If you’re an introvert, Bumble offers an environment to get out of your comfort zone. With Bumble, you have a wide range of options for meeting new people. Bumble is more than just a dating app. You may find new people with whom you can connect on a professional or social level.

Bumble features

Pros and Cons of the Bumble Dating Site


  • A really large number of active users;
  • Lots of handy features;
  • Unique technology for profile suggestion;
  • Quite comprehensive profiles for most users;
  • The ability to communicate in messages at no extra charge.


  • Advertising of paid services is too intrusive.

Overall Bumble Rating

Value for price9.8/10.0
Quality of member9.1/10.0
Ease of use9.3/10.0
Customer satisfaction9.2/10.0

Is Bumble Legit?

Bumble dating website is really legit and reliable. Thanks to this it is used by more than 100 million users around the world. It is worth noting that when creating this adult hookup site, the founder of Whitney Wolfe formed a partnership with Andrey Andreev, the founder of Badoo. The main condition of the agreement was the use of the Badoo infrastructure and Andreev’s advice. This adult hookup site is 70% owned by Andreev but is still run by legit Bumble Inc.

What Is The Registration Process?

Bumble sign up is simple and takes a few minutes. In order to join this huge sex community, it is enough:

  • Link your Apple, Facebook account, or phone number;
  • Add a couple of photos;
  • Location;
  • Get you verified(To do this, you must have a webcam on your computer, if not, you will be prompted to download a mobile app).

Some Interesting Facts About Bumble

  1. Site Name:;
  2. Average Sign-up: under 5 mins;
  3. Paid or Free: basic features are free, premium features are paid;
  4. Unique Bumble Facts and Figures:
  • Over 100 million users from over 180 countries;
  • Part of Bumble Inc.;
  • The company headquarters are in Austin, Texas;
  • A sex community where sexy women take the first step when looking for fast flings and other adult fun.
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Are There Real Matches on Bumble?

Bumble is a wildly popular adult hookup app full of single people looking to meet hot sexy girlfriends to have some great fun with and fast flings. The question I get most frequently is whether Bumble has any matches on this adult hookup platform and, if not, whether you should add them to your “matches radar”.

Bumble matches are generated and verified by the unique algorithm. There are two algorithms, the “match seeking” and “matchmaking” algorithms. When you sign up for the platform, you are presented with a “Bumble seeking” algorithm, which you can use to find and send the first message to a potential match. While Bumble is an extremely useful adult hookup app for those looking for sex hookups, I believe that it may be better used for getting to know other people. If you feel like you are having a good time talking to people on the platform, and you like what you are hearing about each other, then maybe you should stop being “shy” and start being “social”!

You can tell that the match you found was verified on Bumble by the green checkmark. If it’s green, it means that the person you’ve matched with has verified their account. If they verified, that means that they’ve either added a photo of themselves, verified their age, or listed at least three hobbies.

The Bumble website doesn’t currently send you a direct message (DM) from the person you’ve matched with, so you can’t directly ask for the person’s phone number or email. While this is a good thing for security reasons, it does mean that you don’t really know that person on a deeper level. When you are looking for one-night stands, the key to finding your sex partner is to meet as many hot girls as possible.

On Bumble, it’s possible to see the person’s username and profile picture in their bio, and this will let you easily look up the person in the phone book. I recommend that you don’t use this to stalk people on the platform, but to take your time and get to know people that you are interested in a bit better.

Is Bumble Easy To Use?

How does Bumble work? This top-notch adult hookup app allows you to match with a person based on mutual interests and shared interests. To begin using the app, you can choose the option that suits your situation best, and it will direct you to a page of available options.

If you are looking for a casual affair, you will have the option of a quick match, which matches the people that are in your network. It is easy to find someone with the same interests, and you can either get in touch with them through the app or through email.

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How Much Does Bumble Cost?

Membership/CreditsDuration/QuantityPrice per Month/One CreditTotal
Premium1 Day$3.49$3.49
Premium1 Week$1.99$13.99
Premium1 Month$29.99$29.99
Premium3 Months$20.00 $59.99 
Premium6 Months$16.67$99.99
Premium1 Lifetime$149.99 $149.99 

Are There Any Free Features?

  • Registration
  • Quick Message
  • Ignore Feature
  • Connection


For those who want to meet in person, this adult sex hookup app also has a sign-up feature. Registration allows you to register in places where you want to spend time, even if you are not actually there. This makes meeting easier when you are in different locations.

Quick Message

You can use the “Quick Message” feature on the mobile app to send a text or message to the sexy girl of your choice. If you look at the right side of the screen, you will see the most recent messages from the person you are chatting with. This can help you keep track of the number of incoming messages. You can also click on the “view all messages” option, which shows all messages from the person you are interested in.

Ignore Feature

The Ignore feature is for women, and you can send them a direct message. You can also send a “Do Not Show” message. This lets them know that you are interested and looking forward to meeting other sexy girlfriends. They can still match your account if they have friends and interests in common.


The Connect feature is another great feature of this adult hookup app. If you are an adult without children and want to use this app for casual dating, this is the perfect app for you. This allows you to be anonymous on this app and see where you can meet people in your area.

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Customer Support

Can Bumble users help out by answering questions or discussing their experience with Bumble? Yes. While I highly recommend chatting with other users of this adult hookup app and reading through the sex community for other advice, there are several ways you can help support Bumble.

On the main site, your profile, “about me” or “profile”, is where you can find your answers to common questions about the site and how to get started. If you ever have any questions about the app, try checking out the Help Center to find answers to many common questions. If you have any questions about the platform, how to use the platform to grow your business or any other technical support questions, you can always reach out to Bumble’s Support team at [email protected] The support team has been there for customers since 2015 and is more than happy to help.

Is Bumble Worth It?

This great adult hookup site was founded in 2014 and has since grown into a global phenomenon. This adult hookup service has an extremely friendly and conversational interface, users exchange personal messages that help to get to know each other better. It’s a dating app, and in some ways, it’s very similar to dating sites like Tinder. However, Bumble offers a very different experience. Because you need to review messages from potential matches before you can send a message to that Bumble member, you must be very careful with what you say and what you write in these messages.

There are several reasons why this platform is such a good adult dating site. It offers an incredibly friendly and informal interface that is also very talkative. In fact, the service is reported to receive over 15 million matches per day, and users send over two million messages every day. Because of the format, the conversations are much less formal than in other adult hookup services, so communication becomes easier and much more enjoyable.

Unlike traditional online resources, this adult site lets you send messages to matches without seeing them first. It’s like texting friends. Although the service is not suitable for people who are very interested in dating, it is ideal for casual hookups and other kinks. So if you’re not afraid to mess with the wrong person or just want to make new friends, this is the app for you.

Also, because the interface is very conversational and chatty, it provides users with a lot of content. Users can share photos and videos, as well as chat according to their interests. And there are more users than on other adult sex hookup apps, and they are more likely to stumble upon people from other countries. Therefore, if you are looking for a really worthwhile adult hookup app, then Bumble is the best option.


Are There Fake Profiles on Bumble?

We hasten to please you and say that all users are real people, so there are no fake profiles here. All this became possible thanks to verification during registration, and this is a big plus.

Is Bumble Just a Hookup Site?

According to a recent study, the Bumble site is now the fastest growing "hookup app" in America, and the founder and CEO Whitney Wolfe revealed that the main goal of this adult hookup site is to offer a solution to how relationships work today, something that is changing. along with how people have sex and relationships.

Is Bumble Free?

Most of the features of this adult hookup site are completely free, and it is worth noting that they are quite enough to find sex hookups and other kinks. There is also a great opportunity to upgrade from a standard membership to a premium Bumble subscription one in order to use the app to its full potential. The cost of a monthly premium starts at $16.67, there is also a super opportunity to purchase a Lifetime subscription for $149.99.

Is Bumble Safe?

Definitely, this great adult hookup site is considered one of the safest. This is no coincidence because this adult platform uses advanced caching technologies and a 256-bit SSL encryption system for personal data.

Is Bumble a Good Dating Site?

Is Bumble good? This adult hookup site is good cause it allows women to start to communicate with women and men. It has become quite a hit in the world of adult dating in recent years, as more and more people begin looking for dates online.


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