Trustworthy BlackPlanet: A Full Guide on Using the Site

Nowadays, the options for finding partners via the Internet are endless. There are dating platforms for different purposes, making people find soulmates in different parts of the world. BlackPlanet is one of them. This review will focus on all the things you need to know about this platform. Is BlackPlanet good? How does BlackPlanet work? Is BlackPlanet legit? You will learn everything here. 

What Is BlackPlanet?

BlackPlanet is a social network that offers matchmaking services to African Americans. Moreover, one can find a job with its help. This site is a favorite of African Americans and has helped many find a job and helped thousands of couples come together.

BlackPlanet was founded in 1999, but the currently known version was released in 2001 by an Internet analyst named Omar Wasow. BlackPlanet was developed to offer more opportunities for African Americans by creating a place where African Americans can connect on the Internet. With such a strong and socially conscious topic, BlackPlanet began to record a massive increase on its website when African Americans stormed to the one place on the Internet where they could feel “at home.”

BlackPlanet dating site is jointly owned by Benjamin Sun and Omar Wasow. Wasow, an Internet analyst, led New York Online, a pre-web community he founded in 1993 in the living room of his house in Brooklyn. When the opportunity arose, he worked with the CEO of Community Connect Benjamin Sun to create BlackPlanet. It was designed as a social media site aimed at members of the African American population. The website has grown to 20 million users. The truth about BlackPlanet is that this site is a reliable dating portal you are welcome to utilize without worrying about data leakage or other unpleasant things. BlackPlanet reviews are pretty positive as well.

BlackPlanet main page

Pros and Cons of the BlackPlanet Dating Site

To get a better understanding of what we are going to deal with, here are some benefits and drawbacks that are highlighted in the majority of reviews. 


  • BlackPlanet dating website provides job postings for members of the African American community.
  • Unlike other dating sites, you do not have to be a paid member to use the functions of this dating site, e.g., sending messages to your favorite profiles. The BlackPlanet dating website has diverse members from different backgrounds, which is a huge plus.
  • This site is an oasis for African Americans and serves as a cultural refuge. It has a mobile app.
  • It has an excellent customer service team.
  • The profiles are very informative and well-structured.


  • BlackPlanet site uses the best security standards to ensure that no fraudsters and fake members are part of the website. However, with such an extensive database of consumers, you may encounter fake profiles and fraudsters, as some BlackPlanet reviews suggest.
  • Another major disadvantage of the Blackplanet website’s dating website is that it does not have a toll-free customer service number. Users’ questions and complaints are handled by e-mail.

Overall BlackPlanet Rating 

Once you have successfully gone through BlackPlanet sign up procedure, you are welcome to use the website immediately. As a member of BlackPlanet, you are free to choose between two options, either as a paying subscriber or as a free user, both of which have their special advantages and disadvantages. Once you have completed the registration, take advantage of the numerous functions that the website offers its users and the interaction with any other BlackPlanet member. 

BlackPlanet features

BlackPlanet is also unique because it is more than just a money robbery (like some unreliable platforms). It is a large family or community that aims to offer users great benefits at prices that do not affect a user’s financial performance. Just follow the regulations, and you will definitely have a good time. No discrimination or bigotry is permitted on this website. Anyone who does something about bigotry, sexism, or activities that violate the terms of use of the website and rules and regulations in any form will be excluded from the website without warning. Indeed, BlackPlanet website is worth taking a look at. Here is the overall rating.

Quality matches9/10
Ease of use9.5/10
Overall 9.7/10

Is BlackPlanet Legit?

So, what is Be sure that this hookup site is not a scam. The BlackPlanet app has more than five thousand reviews, most of which are positive. Real people use the site and leave feedback. The growing audience of the dating website is another argument against the assumption that it is a scam.

This dating service provides all the necessary information about their work, owners, history, success stories, and contacts on their website. You will also find billing information, subscription cancellations, and user security. Indeed, BlackPlanet takes the legal aspects of its work and the comfort of the member seriously. The provider does not allow racism, violation of human rights, and fraud. If you have any problems, contact the company or read more reviews. The latter leaves you no reason to doubt the legitimacy of the platform.

What Is The Registration Process?

Most the real dating sites are available in the desktop mode, and BlackPlanet is no different. Access the page in your browser, and you will be redirected to the registration page. The registration page contains a form with a list of sections that you fill out as part of the registration process. These sections contain the following.

  • Your intended username.
  • Your valid e-mail address.
  • A password of your choice.
  • Your gender.
  • Birthday.
  • Your postcode.

When you have entered the required information, click the “Login” button and proceed to your newly created BlackPlanet account.

Your profile does not contain much information. For some reason, the profiles here focus more on contacts than on information about the person behind the profile.

BlackPlanet create account

Some Interesting Facts About BlackPlanet 

  • Site name: BlackPlanet.
  • Paid or free: the site is free to use, but those eager to try extra features can go for a premium membership.
  • Average sign-up time: 3 minutes.
  • Paid membership pricing: prices start at 15 dollars per month.

Unique facts and figures:

  • Founded: 1999.
  • More than two million messages are sent per day.
  • It is one of the largest communities for African Americans.

Are There Real Matches on BlackPlanet?

To interact on BlackPlanet, you must use the search function to search the numerous profiles for a person that suits your taste. Alternatively, you are welcome to search for new friends on the homepage. You will see many posts of other website members on your homepage. You are welcome to comment and introduce yourself or click on a profile you like and use the chat function to send a message.

Remember to be polite; if you are rude to someone, they have the right to prevent you from seeing their account. 

How To Search For People on BlackPlanet

To find other users on BlackPlanet dating website, you must use the search button. As soon as you click on this switch, a list of potential matches is displayed. You are welcome to make your choice. Once you have found a profile that you like, review it and possibly send a message to a person who owns the profile. You are allowed to filter your search results, which makes the overall process much easier. The search results can be filtered by online address, gender, age, and postcode. So, real matches are easy to find.

Deleting your BlackPlanet account is child’s play. Take a few minutes and write down your reasons for terminating the account. Make sure you really want to do this. If you are convinced you wish to leave, scroll up in the user profile area and click Settings. Scroll down a little and then click Permanently Delete Account.

BlackPlanet Users: Member Structure

The dating website has a huge community of over 20 million users. This is incredible, considering that this site serves only a tiny percentage of the American population. Although the dating website only serves the African American community, it has managed to survive and thrive. It is still active and continues to grow.

  • BlackPlanet was developed for African Americans, so the exact geographical location the majority of users reside is America. Understandably, you can join the site if you don’t live in America. The only thing is that it may be difficult to find a match that wants a long-distance relationship with you. So this dating website is best enjoyed by people who live in America.
  • The age range on this dating website is very different; there is a rich mix of people of different ages from 18 years. However, you must be at least eighteen years old to access BlackPlanet log in procedure. Individuals under the minimum age are not accepted on this website. This is to prevent underage children who have no experience with online communication from talking to adults on the Internet.
BlackPlanet page

Is BlackPlanet Easy To Use?

As you already know, it is a dating site that focuses on dating for African Americans. Since access to the service is free, this is more of a social network than a simple dating platform. The people here exchange the news about the black community, exchange thoughts, chat, post photos, and address various topics. You can meet new people during the discussion about the latest events or turn to the pretty person you see in stories. The functionality of the dating website is broad and excellent. No other free dating service offers such a wide range of features, which makes this dating website extremely easy and enjoyable to use.

How Much Does BlackPlanet cost? 

BlackPlanet is completely free to use. You have free access to the functions of the website without having to pay a penny. The founders earn their money with ads, so there are very few ads. So you enjoy talking to anyone you want without being distracted by annoying ads. 

However, there is an updated premium version with some additional features. The price differences are as follows:

One month15 dollars
Three months35 dollars
An annual subscription88 dollars

Free Membership

The free subscription on this website is one of the best subscriptions available on the Internet. For no money, you can use really great features on this website. It’s as incredible as the expensive subscription for other dating sites. Pretty generous, right?

Paid Membership

The paid BlackPlanet subscription offers you additional features that you usually do not have with the free option. You get access to search filters that allow you to narrow your search results to the smallest details, such as hair and eye color.

You will access the blog and the weekly newsletter of the website. The highest-rated profiles only are suggested to you. In addition, the ads disappear completely. The best part is how improved the chat function is. You can send voice notes, make video calls, and send videos and pictures.

Are There Any Free Features?

BlackPlanet not only offers its services free of charge but also offers some outstanding features that attract users even more. Those are as follows.

  • You can post stories or read messages.
  • Send “notes” – a private message with photos.
  • Browse the feed that consists of the user contributions.
  • Follow people and make friends.
  • Have fun on the discovery page.
  • Play games.

Users report the similarity of the dating website to Facebook and claim that they are not absolute competitors but pictures of how different concepts allow the separation of communities.

The latest massive update of the dating website produced new exciting games that can be enjoyed on the platform. Currently, users can try two such attractions called Varmandia and Fishdom. The first is an agricultural arcade where you grow animals and plants. You can invite friends to help you earn tokens in the game. Despite its direct name, “Fishdom” is not about fish but about aliens. You will receive a personalized alien that you can customize and care for, like a Tamagotchi. There are many other perks, so visit the site to explore all of those. The fact that BlackPlanet free mode is available to everyone is pretty persuasive, isn’t it?

BlackPlanet app

Customer Support

Is BlackPlanet safe? We can say for sure it is. The provider gives you an understanding of what information and for what purposes it collects. You can read all the details to make sure that your privacy and account are protected.

Numerous BlackPlanet reviews show that the company does not share the information (including name, photos, and links to other social media) with third parties. The dating website collects cookies to analyze better how people use dating facilities. However, you agree to this when registering.

In terms of user security against fraud, the site fights bots, as all persons must use the reCaptcha services during registration. The moderators work enough to eliminate the fraudsters from the community. Only official team representatives can create group chats and then control their audience.

If you feel uncomfortable if you communicate your rights to the person or person at any time of using the website, be sure to report this user and contact the support team. Click on the help link on the registration page for assistance from Blackplanet technical team. Review of BlackPlanet show that customer support is pretty helpful and helps cope with different problems.

Is BlackPlanet Worth It?

So, what is BlackPlanet? Reviews give you a clear understanding that you can trust this dating website and use it as a leading platform for black dating. Their philosophy is to spread awareness of the problems and news of the African American community and to unite like-minded people worldwide.

There is no place for hatred or racism. People seem friendly and ready to welcome new arrivals to their online homes. This prominent social network has millions of happy members and success stories. The rich functionality and the long history show that you should give BlackPlanet a chance. The game is worth the candle!


Are There Fake Profiles?

The Blackplanet review has shown that the website, like any other dating site, has some fake and fraudulent members. Nevertheless, if you are careful enough, it won't be a problem for you.

Is BlackPlanet Just a Hookup Site?

It's a website focused on connecting like-minded individuals, so it's not only about hookup. It is specially designed for black people.

Is It Free?

BlackPlanet cost is the first thing potential users are interested in. The answer is positive: all the essential functions are free, which makes the dating website truly unique.

Is It Safe?

Your safety depends on you, first of all. Although it is a reliable platform, you must be careful when communicating online not to run into suspicious personalities. Speaking about data protection, the dating website performs it excellently.

Is BlackPlanet a Good Dating Site?

The answer is yes. It is a dating website you can rely on. With a huge number of users, convenient design, and a variety of features, it makes your chances sky high.


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