If you are only seeking an arrangement with rich people for mutual benefits,  to satisfy your material pursuits, or to solve your own economic difficulty, you may have a  try on our top sugar dating lists. If you are a rich man who just wants to find secret arrangements with attractive, beautiful young women for fun, our rich men dating site also introduced some sugar daddy and sugar baby dating platforms, the aims of these platforms is just to satisfy your mutual benefits and there will be no strings attached for each other. If this described you, then try to check our top sugar dating lists to meet your sugar daddies or sugar babies.


Only Serve the Top 20 Richest Countries! 3000+ Daily New Members. is a great and fast-growing straight sugar daddy dating platform. With over 14 years of dating service, SugarDaddyMeet has brought 3,300,000+ active sugar daddy dating minded members. SDM is the only sugar daddy dating platform available for website, mobile, Android and iOS apps. SDM is also the only straight sugar daddy platform just for male sugar daddies and female sugar babies. In order to ensure the quality of website users, only serves the top 20 richest countries, users are mainly from the United States, Canada, Australia, Newzealand, and the UK. If you are looking for other types of sugar relationships, such as gay sugar daddy, or sugar mommy relationship. We recommend you to have a try on SeekingArrangement.



1 Sugar Daddy vs 4 Sugar Babies! (Millionaire + Sugar Dating)

SeekingArrangement is the world’s largest dating platform for sugar and millionaire dating. Established in 2005, SeekingArrangement has attracted 20,000,000+ members. This site supports straight sugar daddy relationship, gay sugar daddy dating and sugar momma (cougar) dating relationship. The gender ratio on this site is 1 sugar daddy: 4 sugar babies. SA has helped millions of sugar daddies and sugar babies, especially college sugar babies with allowance, gifts, and job opportunities. SeekingArrangement offers the Free Premium Membership for the university sugar baby, and over 4,000,000 college sugar babies have successfully registered on SeekingArrangement and have found sugar daddies and sugar mommies.



Meet 2,000,000 + Attractive Members!

Are you searching for popular and trusted sugar babies dating website? Perhaps, you are getting confused about where and how you can possibly find a wealthy man who will be willing to cuddle you monetarily. Well, there are literally thousands of sugar baby websites and the option may be quite overwhelming. To end up the quest, you may want to consider



4 Million Members, 3-Day Free Trial! (The Largest) was established in 2004 and is one of the most well-known sugar dating sites with 4 million attractive members. supports the 3-day free trial by submitting your credit card. You just need to cancel the automatic renewal by yourself or contacting the site customer support. It is a good place to investigate such an unconventional relationship.



Buy or Sell Your First Date In 3 Days! is a good dating auction platform, which was established in 2010 with the user-base 2,000,000+. The idea here is that it’s super challenging to find the right woman, so men can find amazing women here that will be reimbursed for the date. The idea of making or receiving bids on dates is super fun and unique. This concept has helped it reported by the leading media such as Forbes, Time and the Daily Mail.



The First Established Sugar Dating Site!

SugarDaddie.comwas found in 2002 and carted to wealthy men and women looking to be taken care of financially. The spectrum of this website is different because it focuses specifically on a dating experience that’s light, yet also super rewarding and interesting at its own pace. Of course, you can still enjoy your time and you have fun.



  • 1) Basic needs: As aforementioned, every individual whether rich or poor has some basic needs to fulfill. For a person who is rich and wealthy, money is obviously not an issue but companionship is. Whereas for a young woman, financial security is one of the most imperative priorities to look after. So woman basically joins these sites to meet sugar daddies who are known to take care of their sugar babies in more than one way. Sugar daddies can have the company of a young and beautiful woman whereas the woman can have a sugar daddy to look after her several needs. This mutually beneficial scenario has popularized sugar daddy dating sites.
  • 2) Advantageous: This is quite easy to comprehend. Most of the sugar daddies aren’t very young to begin with. They spend a larger part of their lives earning money. Therefore, for them to have a beautiful and attractive woman by their arm, joining a sugar daddy dating site is the best thing to do. in addition to this, for a young and an attractive woman; it is not easy to make the correct choice in terms of choosing a partner for a relationship. Sugar daddies with age on their side have an apt amount of experience to pass onto their sugar babies, and moreover, most of these relationships are quite straight forward which leaves no room for ambiguity, hence, an advantageous situation for both the parties.
  • 3) Ease of finding a desirable partner: This is one of the most basic advantages of joining a sugar daddy dating site. So, as the name of the site suggests, it is a site wherein you can myriads of men who ready to be sugar daddies. Therefore, only a few right clicks and you can find your desirable partner through these sites. So, this does make the overall situation easy and none of the parties have to beat around the bush anymore.

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