Trustworthy Afrointroductions Review

It is now clear that the days of having to meet face to face in order to date are long gone thanks to technology. There are sites that have had amazing success stories with people finding their true loves and enjoying fulfilling long-term relationships. For those interested in short-term relationships all they need to do is sign up and indicate their preferences while the ones interested in long-term love can also indicate so in their profiles. One such platform is Here is one of the honest Afrointroductions reviews to help you understand this platform and make the best of it. 

What Is Afrointroductions? 

So what is This is an amazing platform for anyone who looking for a lover of African descent. Owned by Cupid Media, Afrointroductions is dominant with African singles looking for lovers or long-term relationships from all over the world. The platform has been created to help people connect and create lasting bonds. It is a platform that clearly believes in love and has tried its best to create a thriving community of people who believes in love and would love to find a long-lasting one with the right person. Afrointroductions has over 250,000 active members which make it a very popular online community of like-minded daters. 

The site’s layout is very easy with very useful features. They have a pleasant and easy registration process which is free and once you have successfully joined the platform, you get access to explore the site and link up with genuine like-minded individuals and whatever orientation or culture you are from. You will meet plenty of singles from all backgrounds. Just make sure you upload a photo that is attractive and write a detailed description of what you are looking for.

 Afrointroductions encourages its members to make their profiles as attractive as possible. The more romantic you seem in your profile the more chances you have of meeting someone you like. Afrointroductions has a free plan and a paid plan. 

AfroIntroductions main page

Pros And Cons Of Afrointroductions Dating Site 

Here are the pros and cons of 

The Pros

  • A very modern-looking but simple site with an easy registration process and uncomplicated features. 
  • The platform has various tools for customizing your profile and making your profile complete and attractive. 
  • You have the option of changing any wrong details on your profile or improving it to suit your current needs.
  • Finding someone who matches your preferences is easy because profiles are very detailed making searches easier.
  • The security levels on this platform are high and you can be assured that your information will not be shared to third parties, it is also difficult to find a fake profile here. 
  • The site has an Afrointroductions app which is very simple to use. 

The Cons 

  • If you have a free membership, you will experience frequent ads whose only solution is paid membership.
  • Only members with paid memberships can message other members. 

Overall Afrointroductions Rating 

Category Score 
Quality Matches9.7/10
Ease Of Use9.8/10
Support 9.5/10
Cost 9.7/10
Afrointroductions how it works

Is Afrointroductions Legit? 

Afrointroductions has existed for close to two decades and for all those years it has been connecting people to date. Most profiles are real and many have met the loves of their lives here. According to numerous reviews, this site operates genuinely and it is one of the most successful dating sites from the string of dating platforms created by Cupid Media. 

It offers safety, has few scammers, and is worth every dime you spend here. The profiles are genuine and even when you don’t meet your perfect match the first time, you will eventually meet them because there are thousands of active users. 

The truth about Afrointroductions is that it is legit through and through. 

Afrointroductions Registration Process 

One thing that has greatly contributed to the success of Afrointroductions dating website as every review of Afrointroductions says, is the easy registration process thanks to the simple but sophisticated design. All you need to do is visit and then click on the “find your match” button which will generate the registration section. 

You will need to fill in the following during the Afrointroductions sign up process.

  • Your first name 
  • Your gender
  • The gender of the partner you are looking for
  • Your age
  • A legit email address 

After filling in the above information, you must then agree to the Afrointroduction website’s Terms of Use and the privacy policy. After that, you will be free to enjoy all that this site has to offer because now you have your own Afrointroductions log in details and are officially and Afrointroductions member.

In case you happen to own a Facebook account, you can link it with the Afrointroductions account. Still, if you want, you can still sign up at the platform using your “join with Facebook” button. If your Facebook photos are attractive, you can go ahead and import them from there into your dating account. 

It is one of the dating sites with the easiest registration process, something that has greatly contributed to its popularity.

Afrointroductions create account

Some Interesting Facts About Afrointroductions 

  • Site name: Afrointroductions 
  • Average sign-up time: 3-5 minutes to complete the whole registration process.
  • Paid or free: It has both free and paid memberships. You can always upgrade to a gold membership. 
  • Paid membership pricing: The Afrointroductions subscription cost has both the gold and platinum membership and the prices cater for people with different budgets from the VIP membership which could be as high as $34 monthly to the other memberships which can be as low as $10 monthly.

Unique facts and figures of Afrointroductions:

  • The platform is owned by the Cupid Media group which owns various other popular dating platforms.
  • The website has more than 250,000 active users majority being black singles.
  • The website has existed for close to a decade and continues to offer one of the best online dating experiences thanks to its useful features and the smooth and easy-to-use platform.

Are There Real Matches On Afrointroductions? 

Afrointroductions has existed for a long time and this means the platform has been doing something right. With over 250,000 active users with real profiles, the chances of finding real matches on the Afrointroductions website are high. Make sure your profile is real and complete to attract other genuine matches. You can also increase your chances of snagging a genuine match if you have a Gold or Platinum membership. 

Having a paid membership is good because it makes you trustworthy. Profiles under the free memberships are the most suspicious which is why you will seem serious and attract equally serious and legit matches with a paid membership. There is no doubt that there are thousands of real matches on Afrointroductions. You just have to package yourself well to find real memberships. 

Is Afrointroductions Easy To Use?

So how does Afrointroductions work? This platform is one of the most well- niche dating sites with all the relevant features to make your experience pleasurable. Being a Cupid Media site it closely resembles the others created by this group in terms of easy functionality. 

It is easy to talk to someone, the platform is obviously backed by good servers, which means it loads quickly and all you need is a fast internet connection. Every feature in Afrointroductions is easy-to-use and makes the overall site experience easy. 

If you are expecting any clunky features, there is none that exists. The site was designed to accommodate all Afrointroductions users and hardly will someone get stuck when using it unless they have device or internet connection issues. 

Overall, we can say that Afrointroductions is an easy site to use and if anything about this site puts you off it will not be because it was difficult to use. 

Afrointroductions success stories

How Much Does Afrointroductions Cost?

As far as the Afrointroductions costs go, you only have two options. You can decide to use the site for free or opt to pay for membership. You don’t have to pay for membership if you are not ready for it. But it is advisable to pay for membership if you want to experience the exceptional features of the site. 

A few dollars will give you a better experience and will improve your chances of connecting with the love of your dreams. However, before spending money on the Afrointroductions site, why don’t you find out what the membership costs and decide for yourself whether it is worth it? 

Afrointroductions has two premium membership options which are Gold and Premium. The gold membership is the first membership option after free membership. 

The Gold Memberships opens up new features apart from basic matching. It allows you to do the following: 

  • Easy communication with all members. 
  • Instant Messenger and Live Chat features.
  • You send and receive messages from members. 
  • You can anonymously browse profiles 
  • You can hide your profile.

With a Gold membership, you will not experience any ads when using the site. 

Well, the Platinum Membership has even more features than the Gold Membership. Here is what the Platinum Memberships are all about: 

  • You will rank high above the other members on the site 
  • You have the option of doubling the information on your profile. 
  • You get the VIP profile highlighting. 
  • Access to the language translation feature
  • Advanced matching algorithms. 

Here are the membership costs that you need to note. 

Duration/Credits/Coins Cost Total Cost
Platinum Membership 
12 Months $12.50/Month $149.99
3 Months $23.33/Month $69.98
1 Month $34.99/Month $34.99
Gold Membership 
12 Months 10.00 USD / Month119.98 USD
3 Months 20.00 USD / Month59.99 USD
1 Month 29.98 USD / Month29.98 USD

Are There Any Free Features In Afrointroductions?

There are some free features on this platform and they are as follows: 

  • Free profile customization tool 
  • Free basic matching 
  • Free views of other profiles. 
Afrointroductions app

Free Profile Customization Feature

The site offers the ability to make your profile to suit your needs. You can upload photos, create and add the relevant information to your profile easily. Information such as Education level, whether you have children, drinking and smoking habits, your occupation, religion, physical details, the qualities of the partner you want, and a detailed description of yourself can all be highlighted in your profile thanks to the site useful profile customization feature. The feature allows you to have a detailed profile to allow potential partners to understand who you are first before making contact. 

 Free Basic Matching 

You will also get to match with a few users, especially those that you are compatible with. You can get to see the people you have matched with and send a like. 

Free Views Of Profiles 

With free membership, you can look at the profiles of other members but you can’t send them a message because that will require a premium membership. 

Afrointroductions support

Afrointroductions Customer Support 

This site has very helpful customer support that addresses any arising issues promptly. Contacting them usually means that you have concerns or help with a certain feature on the site. They might not respond immediately but they will definitely reach and help where necessary. 

You can also peruse the customer help section which features tips and answers to various inquiries. You can always check if your question is among them and find answers without having to contact customer support. 

If your issue does not appear in the help section, the next step is getting in touch with customer support through messaging or call. Ensure that you contact when during the working days which are Monday to Friday. You can always get answers to your concern when you contact support within the working days. 

Is Afrointroductions Worth It? 

Afrointroductions is a niche site for black singles that is worth signing up for if you are looking for black singles to connect with. It has thousands of users amounting to more than a quarter-million active members who make it so easy to connect with the special someone that you love. This site is mostly for people seeking long-term relationships and if this is your agenda then you will feel at on this platform. 

The simple layout, the ease of use, and the affordable membership make this dating platform better and absolutely worth signing up with. 


Are There Fake Profiles On Afrointroductions?

Like with most online dating platforms, you will find a few fake profiles. However, the platformโ€™s moderators are always keen and watch out for such profiles. Any suspected fake profile is immediately disabled. Afrointroductions has done its best to protect its members from having to encounter these fake profiles which are obviously up to no good. One main characteristic of fake profiles is that they hardly have any information or any activity in their account. Reporting such accounts to the customer support center is also a great thing.

Is Afrointroductions Just A Hookup Site?

No, this site is not just a hookup site but it can be called a marriage site because many have gotten hooked here and eventually ended up marrying and experiencing rewarding relationships. The success stories of people who have met and are happily married from Afrointroductions. Most members who sign up are black singles who want to connect with people interested in long-term relationships. You might find a few hookup opportunities but for hookups, it is important that you go the various specific hookup sites and enjoy your hookups moments.

Is Afrointroductions Free?

Afrointroductions has both free and paid membership. To enjoy the best features of this platform, it is advisable to pay for a premium membership which could either be gold membership or platinum membership. These premium memberships unlock advanced features to give you a better experience on the platform.

Is Afrointroductions Safe?

This dating site has been around for almost two decades. This means the safe is safe enough to operate as a dating platform. It could actually be one of the safest dating sites around. According to Cupid Media who are its creators protecting users is their first priority which is why there is a team of experts always on the lookout for suspicious accounts and protecting the privacy of the users. Most of the profiles are legitimate because most of them have detailed information on their profiles which is very unlikely for individuals with fake accounts. With great chances of connecting here the safety of this site seems to be the number one issue.

Is Afrointroductions A Good Dating Site?

This is actually one of the best dating sites that will give you a great experience thanks to its numerous features as we have seen in this review. It is a great dating site with genuine profiles and renowned for quick connections once someone joins and is actively seeking a mate. All you need to do is create an impressive profile that will make you attracted to that potential partner. Most things about this site are positive right from the design to how you actually meet that special person and enjoy the great communication. So is Afrointroductions good? Well, from the information above we can say it surpasses good.


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